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  1. Well by the looks of things not getting any better!! This is Tiger best finishes this year so far 4th in the Masters 4th in the U.S. Open 19th Memorial Tour 23rd British Open 46th AT&T; Now 78th in the Bridgestone Now I see a trend going on here!!!
  2. I wouldnt say this last weekend I would say the last 4 outings!!
  3. So who still thinks Tiger the best golfer after this last weekend finish at the Bridgestone open. Tiger placed 78 out of an 80-player field and finished 30 strokes behind the winner Hunter Mahan. I still say Jack is the all time best golfer; Tiger will need to get it together mentally to become the all time best golfer. Look at Tiger best finishes so far this year it has been going downhill since his so called come back. 4th in the Masters 4th in the U.S. Open 19th Memorial Tour 23rd British Open 46th AT&T; Now 78th in the Bridgestone Now I see a trend going on here!!!
  4. This is funny the topic came to life; I was just talking about losing several balls to a golf buddy the other day at our club. Our fairways are bermudagrass and in excellent condition, but just off to each side of the fairway they cut the grass by the looks of it maybe an inch higher than the low cut fairways which you wouldn’t think is all that much, WRONG!!! Every time you hit a ball just off the edge it takes you a month to find your dang ball in that grass, the ball settles right down in the grass you practical have to walk on top of the ball to find it. Does anyone else have this problem?
  5. What dont you understand!! you keep on talking about everyone else, Who cares about the rest of the pro's this is only between Tiger & Jack you keep on getting hung up on that. Read the topic "Jack or Tiger: Who the greatest"
  6. You gotta be kidding me about your statement, Did you ever use wood drivers/fairway woods, well I did when I first started golfing back in high school that is all we had and there is no comparison to my current set I have today. How good of a golfer would you be if you were using wood drivers, irons that were far less forgiving than today’s irons, balls that will NOT give you more/less spin on a drive or on the greens, state of the art putters, I could go on and on with the advancement in technology within the golf industry. Yes, I would agree with you Jack had inferior equipment but it does
  7. That is like apples to oranges, how can you compare the two guys. Look at the golf equipment used in Jack days compared to today’s high quality equipment, not even close!!!! Put today’s high quality Clubs/Drivers in Jacks hands when he was playing prime golf and see what the outcome would of been, I believe Jack would of broke all the records in the book. Now let Tiger play in real time with Jacks clubs from that era and I am sure we would see a whole different Tiger. No comparison at all……only my opinion
  8. Amen Brother Senorchipotle, I am 100% behind you on this one, you just made my day with a good laugh....lol Dang Pastor!! the guy was only telling us he just hated that kind of BS wives try to lay on you about golf, he not looking for a marriage counseling. The worst part about your statement is when you say “pm me to discuss rates” what kind of pastor are you charging to help others out because where I come from pastors dont charge for helping families out.
  9. Let me ask you a question, if you found out John Doe was paying less dues for the same membership as you, what do you think you would say to the country club? I already know your answer. Most private clubs will not negotiate membership fees because there would be an up roar within the club if one guy paid this much and another guy paid that much for the same apple to apple membership. At my club that information is open to all members, I would be pissed if I found out John Doe was paying less than me for the same membership. Now there is exception to that rule because there are different rat
  10. I am sure glad those years are in my past, been there done that. I feel for you :)
  11. Dumped the 3 iron several years ago and replaced it with a 3-hybrid, Never really liked the 3 iron; I would use the 4 iron more than anything. But I will say I love my hybrids.
  12. I know there is some good stories out there so lets hear them.
  13. I hate the guy who uses a tee on the fairway. I have played with a few guys over the years that did that exact thing. I would just laugh especially when they talked about there low score in the club afterwards.
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