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  1. i had the face and back portion separate on my old FTI Tour Driver. After this happened i went down to Dick's and picked up a FTI-Q Tour. A couple of weeks ago it develops a serious rattle inside the head. (owned the driver around 6 months) i took it back to Dick's and after speaking with Callaway they ended up sending a brand new FTI-Z Tour Head to replace the busted FTI-Q head (I-Mix Shaft). After reading this thread i'm hoping that my new driver doesn't take a dump on me... though i am a righty...
  2. getting Maiya back... haha... i'm so game for that to happen... for the meantime i'll keep rooting for carling...
  3. i'm driving a 2010 Ram 1500 Quad Cab. It's big and roomy and the only thing it hauls are my clubs... plus i got my 2003 Harley XL883H... fun bike... the slowest bike i've ever owned but so much fun (sold my 2001 hayabusa because i wanted a harley).
  4. i don't have them however i think they look pretty goofy... almost as goofy as i look when i shank one into the trees so who am i to judge based on looks... i'd say no purely for the following reasons: 1. bunkers... sand in your socks or under your feet for 3 1/2-4 hrs... irritating to say the least. 2. some safety concern... 3. don't think there would be as much support as a well designed closed toe shoe...
  5. I'd use my 2i hybrid... i get about 160-165 out of my 6i
  6. this is what i tend to do as well... my putting has been pretty decent the last couple of rounds out (low 30's per 18).
  7. I'm currently playing the Callaway HX Hot Bites right now (AAAAA Mint from GolfBallNut)...
  8. Started the year at around 35 and am now at 14.9 after this past weekend (according to oobgolf)... My goal at the beginning of the year was to shoot a consistent "bogey-ish game". Since i've reached that a little early i'm now shooting for a 10.0 by the end of the year. Still making too many doubles and not enough pars... note: i've only missed 1 weekend since late december (i play at least a round a weekend).
  9. yup... even though i play with my close friends most of the time and not strangers, we all shake each others hands.
  10. I have a friend whom i play with who does this as well. If he hits it in a bad spot he'll just move the ball till he has a clear shot at the fairway or green (e.g. behind a tree, lands in a divot, etc.) the best is when he's putting though. we play with a "if it's inside the shaft of the putter you're good" rule most of the time. however, not for birdies or pars and someone must say ok (e.g. "it's good", "you're good", etc.) he just picks up the ball sometimes as far out as 5 feet. not to mention the crazy stroke count he does...
  11. man i wish i waited for these to come out. i purchased X22 tours at the beginning of the year and like them but the X24's look killer (yes looks matter to me... haha)
  12. i have a SC Red X but only have it because my mom purchased it and didn't like it. i had no idea at the time that it was such an expensive putter (probably wouldn't purchase one with my own money just due to cost).
  13. i purchased Cleveland CG15's in 52 and 56 this year and love them. i've tried several of my friends various wedges: vokey's, rac's, etc. and i just liked the way the CG15's felt.
  14. i use my 56 degree CG15 about 99% of the time; with my 9i, PW, or 52 degree filling in the other 1%. i really want to start experimenting with various clubs around the greens though...
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