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  1. Thats cool I just played there(qtown) on the same day as that pathetic display of coaching by the Steelers (sans Dick). I played the front nine lake and back nine river. Loved it. Although the 10 on River is all I recall. My best scramble for a par involves 2 seperate occasions on par 4's, both drives went hazard and then I was able to chip or putt in for par after a re=tee.
  2. well i played yesterday and hit nothing but hooks after the 1st hole. Hooks alll damn day. Yea I need work on one thing, driving. I forward press my irons, but nothing like this. For instance on 2 different par 5's, I was 100 yards off the tee and finished the hole with a 6 foot par attempt on both. Both were uphill 520-40 yrd par 5's. Sadly in that video, i hit one slight hook and 10 well hit balls. I got some work to do.
  3. regarding the backspin,,,i have no idea. I guess you had to be there, its happened more than once. The ball leaves low and just cruises at the same elevation for over 100 yards, then rolls out at least 50 more. Maybe 200 was a little much, but the distance overall was 250 on moist fairway in 45degrees. Could have been 180 190? The cat post was funny as hell, yea I get those reactions. Notice the first club, tees were set 3.5 inches high, people get freaked out about that too. The outfit was vintage Turkey day comfort clothes, my son and I had a limited window to film, it began to rain as soon as we walked into the field so I had to rush a little. The swing looked slower than my normal, I didnt stretch or warm up and it was a little cold so I was feeling stiff. Without a doubt 10 balls carried over 250.. 1 was topped and were 2 small hooks and 1 low traj if my memory is correct. I know the field its an adjacent park and Ive measured the tee to woods distance, my son said one went into the woods, like the 2nd one. The woods are over 290 easy. I would guess I was swinging 110-115, the last two I was a little winded. Ive never seen the swing on video, but no doubt its ugly. A scratch friend of mine said its a miracle I even shoot 90's, let alone high 80's, I guess I see why now.
  4. charging the camera,,,it has video. I will tee up 14 shag balls in a line and hit 7 w new driver 7 w old driver...so no editing will be needed. maybe an hour cuz turkey time in 1:20 its done and loading....the wife said its uglier on video than in person. here is the video...yes ive heard it all before
  5. I go in cycles...for 2 months i didnt pick up a club I have played 5 times in the past 3 weeks. tomm will be 6x and sunday 7times. Im a binge golfer When my business is "busy" i dont play unless its a scramble or tourney for business. I also coach my kids teams so those are times i dont play
  6. Maybe my wifes digital camera has a video option...I will do that today since its raining on the EC....ill use the 2 diff drivers and hit 10 shag balls across this field...
  7. i swing too fast for anything softer than the x...also, as a note. This is a borethrough head so its slightly stiffer im told. I played the club for 6 holes on Saturday after the shaft was switched and hit one ball 180 yards carry...get this ...the elevation never exceeded 5 feet. My dad says it never got over 3 feet I landed in the fairway and rolled another 60 yards. I still have not figured out the directional tendencies of this driver yet. With my other club I had to make all kinds of adjustments to make good contact, this club doesnt need that so much. Playing tomorrow at Bulle Rock (lpga mcdonalds championship). The rating is 73.4 and the slope is 139? This course is the reason I made the switch, its very unforgiving off the tee.
  8. well I played a round today....14 holes were teed off with the new freak club..... as a note...I hit about 12 balls at the range and with a crosswind of 15mph i was carrying 260 270. traj was high but it didnt appear to balloon.....45 degrees today,,mushy fairways On the first hole, i pushed one right carried 240 high traj 2nd drive hole hit a solid mid traj. down the middle about 280 (carry was unknwn) 4th hole hit off the heel and lined a low drive 220 left 5th hit a solid 250 carry medium traj(hit trees dead stop) 6th hit solid high traj right about 240 carry into tree kicked back 7th low traj carry 200 but 40 yards roll (almost topped it) 8th drive was a duck hook 210(birdied the par 5 too with 3 solid shots) 9th drive was a slower swing and high traj. 240 yard carry 10 yard roll 10th drive was a high traj bomb carry at least 270 out to 290 11th was a duck hook(tried to unload on it) 220 left 12 drive duck hook left 210 13 drive slight hook 240 14 drive low traj line drive 200 15 drive pull hook 220 left. On the range I didnt hook one ball, but as the cold day went on, i began to struggle more and more....overall the 15 driver is a safer club than my old driver and the shaft is -1.5inches so its been a bit of an adjustment. So far the experiment worked, not one ball was topped hard into the teebox...I can tell distance will be lost some on the better hit balls, but its keeping me in play off the tee, after the first round.
  9. awesome question...having started 3 years ago, I find it a respectable task to achieve. Its the one sad aspect of a golfers dream to become a tour pro. UNless your Ricky Fowler dont get involved too much with women that dont understand golf.
  10. got the club today. for kicks i went to golfsmith and made some swings with the R flex shaft... the results were acceptable in my eyes. Swing speed were 115ish. The carry's were 270 up to maybe 280. The shaft is 2 inches shorter than I usually play and R flex,,,, I have no idea what will happen when they swap the R with the X flex and the x flex is an inch longer at least. The launch angles were 12 to 14 with the 15 degree head. I couldnt get a spin number, wasnt paying attention.
  11. I hit a few balls today and it was low 40's at golf galaxy an no kidding the balls lose a ton of distance
  12. when i have hit a ball that carries good(260+), the trajectory is still the lowest in my group and there is ample roll if it hits fairway. I play with 20 yr golf veterans that usually drive 240 to 270. The swing has produced a slice 1 out of 10 maybe, but more hooks with hard spin left(4 out of 10). When i hit one long usually no side spin and yes sometimes i see the ball float out at the end a little,,,,but mostly the ball takes off like a SAM and just goes (3 out of 10). The other two out of 10 are worm burners that go out 100 yards and hit rough, once i hit across a 110 yard pond without going over 5 feet in the air. I think the extra 3.5 degrees will possibly make more backspin but add to carry (on average) just trying to limit the shorter shots a bit.
  13. yea thats it. but the highs would still be high...just the lows will not be worm burners "as much"
  14. sig isnt updated,,and maybe it wont. I went from a 9.5 to a 11.5 and that helped last year. just a theory
  15. 200 would be a low line drive...290 would be a shot that actually has some fair trajectory, no tailwind the last round i played 14 drives resulted in a duck hook on the short end and a 260 and 30 in roll in 50 degree no wind wet fairways...I dont have the time to take lessons...if i devote time to the game I would rather just go play and shoot my 90 to 96 and have fun. I have driven greens on the fly that were visible from the tee on numerous occasions... number 4 moccasin run, pa....number 11 spring ford, in royersford, pa. number 3 rising sun, MD and number 4 and number 12. only 12 had a dogleg. I have hit balls over 340 lasered, google earthed...etc. THEY are not an average they are an example of the potential only.
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