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  1. Thanks for the help guys.... I went into my local store yesterday and made my purchases. I tried out a couple hybrids intending to buy a TM rescue, but ended up falling in love with the Callaway FT-iz, this one was a 24*. That may be a bit more loft than I want on the club, but it felt and hit great for me. I haven't seen a lot of buzz about this hybrid on the board, anyone else try it? I may still pick up a rescue since a nice one can be had for under $100. They didn't have any TM 4 woods, but I was really happy with the TM Superfast 5 wood. It sure felt like the ball took off without much effort in the swing. It has a bigger clubhead so I think it will be easier for me to hit. Also was fitted for my Ping G15 irons. I was very pleased that I could be fitted to cater the irons to my advantage and am really looking forward to getting this set in my bag.
  2. Hello everyone, New guy here in town that came looking for some help filling out my bag. I haven't had any new clubs for 7 or 8 years and have finally had enough and am ready to get some nice sticks. I am currently a very inconsistent player and have some work to do.... As for irons, I think I have decided on the Ping G15 clubs. I am also considering the Callaway X24 Hot Irons but it seems like the G15s will suit my unpredictable game better. I really like the look and feel of the X24 set, but it seems like these G15 are going to give me the most help with my inconsistent swing and are a smarter buy. I hit the TM 09 Burner Driver that a friend of mine had and immediately decided to get that. I am struggling with what to do as far as fairway woods and hybrids go. I don't feel it is really necessary to get several fairway woods in my bag. What would be the ideal combination of woods and hybrids be? I am thinking of getting a 4 wood and then also a hybrid in the 22* range. I haven't hit any woods or hybrids, but since I like the TM driver and the TM name has a good rep for woods and hybrids, I am going with TM here too. Any thoughts on the Ping G15 woods series as compared with TM? I would really appreciate some advice on what woods and hybrids I should get in my bag. I appreciate all of the helpful advice on this forum and look forward to hearing back on what to do!
  3. My good shots are few and far in between for a round, but I did drop a 7 iron within 3 feet of a par 3 the other day!
  4. College student here looking to head on to Medical school! Doesn't leave much time to hack the small ball around!