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  1. By saying that you take away from what Team Europe accomplished. Capitalizing on mistakes is part of the Ryder Cup (and sports as a whole) and deserves recognition. I'm just giving credit where it's due.
  2. What a comeback! God, I love the Ryder Cup. Well played Europe!
  3. It's ridiculous.They are nearly a half hour behind schedule... EDIT: Finally, as soon as I submitted this they went live. Bout time.
  4. @forza & johnnym http://www.masters.com/en_US/index.html
  5. Well that's good news, at least I'll have something to watch in about half an hour. Tiger also birdied the par 3 4th and moves to +1. It's good to see him off to a solid start, hopefully this momentum can carry him through the round and not fizzle out like it did yesterday. The 'Amen Corner' is now streaming live as well for anyone that is interested.
  6. Man, I wish they would just broadcast from start to finish for four days so we don't have to miss ANY of our favorite players. I have to wait till 12:30 EST just to stream online and even then it only follows 2 pairings, Amen Corner, and a couple other select holes I believe. Then it doesn't come on T.V. till 3:30 EST and you end up missing have the round. UGH... I'm assuming Woods and Schwartzel will be one of those featured pairings, or at least I hope they are. On a side note I noticed the amateur Kelly Kraft is playing by himself. He teed off first at 9:15; I bet it's weird playing
  7. I edited the options to where PGA events are only 2 rounds long and shot +11 in the first round of The Masters and ended up missing the cut by 8 strokes. :( I was then sent to the Nationwide tour...haha Tour Pro is tough and I'm terrible at putting. I hold The Sand Trap CC record for double bogeys in the Country Club stats. :(
  8. I too found The Sand Trap CC and joined, hopefully I get a chance to play with some of you. On another note, I consider myself a veteran of Tiger Woods and I find this new swing mechanic extremely tough. I buy a new Tiger game every other year because I don't feel like they ever change enough to condone a purchase every year and I don't know if it's because I didn't play 2012 at all, but I find this game very difficult. I started my career on Tour Pro so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not, but I ended up shooting +6 to earn a second place finish at the Midwest Classic (firs
  9. Ha, yeah it took about 30 minutes for me and then spit out this creature that I sure as hell didn't recognize. I swear my guy looked like a burn victim...the skin complexion of the face didn't match that of the neck and was overall just awful. I don't know why, but I decide to be persistent and upload two higher quality pictures and am trying it again in hopes of it making something a little more realistic. If it doesn't work this time then I'll end up just trying to do it manually or making some random buff Hawaiian dude who rocks a mohawk and flip-flops. :)
  10. Oh, nice. Is this on the Xbox, PS3, or Wii. I bought it for Xbox. Just kidding, saw the cross-platform post. Hopefully this is the case. I'll search for it, after my photo game face is finished... it's taking forever -__-
  11. Just picked up the game about 30 minutes ago, someone should start a new thread so we can get a TST Country Club going. The Country Club feature seems pretty neat.
  12. Haha I hear ya. I live in the Austin area and all they televise are the stinkin Astros. These noon games against Detroit are the only ones i've got to watch besides the home opener.
  13. You need confirmation from a buch of anonymous people online to tell you that taking something that isn't yours is bad? lol YES, you did the right thing...?
  14. Rangers started off hot, though the recent injury to Josh Hamilton has me a little worried...6-8 weeks on the DL?! David Murphy is going to need to pull through and I think he is capable of doing so. What the hell is going on with Carl Crawford and the Red Sox? They were making a joke on ESPN earlier saying, "Crawford use to destroy the Red Sox when he was with the Rays and now he is destroying the Red Sox internally." haha
  15. Didn't see a thread where people could discuss the 2011-12 MLB season, so I thought I'd make one! As a Ranger fan I'm pretty excited for the season. With the acquisition of Adrian Beltre I think we have one of the best hitting lineups in the leauge and with an above average bullpen I think the AL West should be ours without too much trouble (I hope haha). Is anyone else excited for their team and the upcoming season?
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