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  1. None, no matter what glove I get the palm area on the bottom of my hand always wears away.....I bought two Callaway Warbird gloves (I know a cheaper glove) but after less than a month they both have dime sized holes in the same spot......Maybe I just have ruff hands?
  2. I love this ball......it flies off the clubface and wedges make em dance.....no durability issues here.....I am hell on golf balls and this one just takes it.....I played other balls in this category and they seemed to scuff a lot easier.......not sure if it is equipment or swing issues that cause the scuffing for some more than others.....I love when I see the 15 pack for 20.......3 free balls...WOO-HOO!!!
  3. I had that shaft on my IQ-Series driver and loved it......had to really swing it to get distance and height.......but a very solid and stable shaft!!!!
  4. That's like playing with fire! If Tiger wins then Rory looks stupid but if Rory wins then hes the man! Tiger 14 majors - Rory 0, I think Tiger is still the winner no matter what happens at the Ryder Cup....
  5. Besides how do they get an accurate measuremnet when the face is taped? How can they detect spin rate effectively......I think its stacked in your favor so you buy the damn club! Heck works for me almost everytime, LOL...
  6. Don't think they are very accurate either. It had me hitting a 4 wood consistently over 300 yards.....
  7. My thoughts exactly. I hate choking down or half swings. I would rather take a nice full swing and feel comfotable doing so!
  8. I used an overlap for years and swithced to interlock and have never looked back. Seems to help keep my hands together as one unit and I am able to work the ball with much better results...... I say try them all and see how they feel....
  9. I figured it out last night and tried the fix this morning at it is better. I was getting the club too much in my finger tips with my left hand (rightie) and this was causing my right hand to not fit together with my right hand. I prefer more of a palm grip than a finger grip. I have very strong hands so it works for me. Had an epiphany (spelling?) last night in my living room when I grabbed a wedge then my driver and I could feel the difference in my grip. Went to the range and it is flying again!
  10. Welcome to the club, I just did the same last week......now life is really gonna be tough living up to that, LOL.......Scared to play again. Played monday and shot an 81 so not too bad. started off with 2-3 putts so I was a bit rusty you might say!
  11. I can't agree more. I find it almost impossible to hit it straight anymore, LOL, I am always trying to work it left to right mainly and then right to left when needed. I am much more accurate trying to fade one in there rather than hitting it straight.
  12. Hey it's still a 6 pack eh? LOL....... Besides your a 4 hdcp. so you win!
  13. LOL, it's like a disease anymore. At the beginning of the season I was hitting my 3-wood like it was my job. 265-275 with a nice slight draw and now I am lucky to even make good contact. Never hit the driver great but that too was working and now it is just taking up space in the bag. Don't even get me started on the hybrids. My new hybrids (Power Play 5,000's) should be at home tonite when I get there, gonna go steel shaft and see if that helps with that problem any.
  14. Ok everyone, lately I can not hit anything with a graphite shaft at all. I mean I am not even making good contact. It's almost like I am swinging different or something. Lately I have been hitting 4-irons off the tee just so I know I will hit it out there 210 or so....more with a good roll..... The biggest problem I have been having is my grip. Not sure why I can't seem to get a comfotable working grip when it has a hybrid, wood or driver head on the shaft. I tend to grip normal with my left hand (rightie) but strong with my right hand and it is impossible to get the clubface square at impact
  15. I'd go 50*, be able to hit it futher if needed and lay off as needed. My PW is 45 so I carry a 50*, 54* & 58* You can always have them take the 50* back to 51* or the 52* up to 51* too.......
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