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  1. I played a course called Cobb's Creek outside Philly and I have to say it was the most unique golf course to date. The front nine was quirky doglegs, blind shots, and a near impossible par 3 off a mat with a tree guarding it. Then for some reason the back nine gets incredibly long with multiple 450 par 4s. One green had on oak tree overhanging it and there were a million acorns over the green! I remember hitting a great chip and 20 feet short it bounced straight up in the air.
  2. Used in moderation there are studies showing that THC has anti carcinogenic properties. A vape and a beer every keeps the doctor away. Also, I've been around weed for about 15 years now and I have never seen, now heard of anyone getting weed "laced" with something else. If you believe bad weed is a significant problem, it only goes for the legalization argument. During alcohol prohibition bath tub gin hurt a lot of people. Right now maybe the worst drug is meth because anyone can make it, but it is terrible for you.
  3. Using marijuana on the golf course is super lame. What are you guys stuck in the 70s or something? Now me, I do bath salts all round long.
  4. Someone give Furyk a long putter. Watching him freak out over his putts is painful and unnecessary. I feel for the guy but damn you can't anchor a chip shot.
  5. I've always thought we play golf backwards. A right handed golfer will stand on the left side of the ball and use his left hand as the dominant hand throughout the swing. A strong shot goes left, a draw goes left. Are we doing it wrong? My strong hand in putting is my right. I think maybe I should be playing lefty and putting righty.
  6. How about the stance Tiger had for his second bunker shot! I've seen some weird stances from those deep European bunkers but that was unreal. Too bad he made triple.
  7. Has there ever been a study to show that anchoring a putter results in more accurate putts? I don't believe that it gives you any sort of advantage. The best players in the world putt traditionally and I think they always will. Can you imagine Tiger being any better with a broomstick?
  8. It doesn't matter how many games the man won for PSU or how good a guy he seemed. He was a very bad person whom we should shun to make sure more people in the future don't act in the same manner. PSU needs to suspend their football program or the NCAA will do it for them and the death penalty will be detrimental to the long term program.
  9. I love my laser but I will say the downside is that not all courses have pins with the prism things on them. It becomes rather useless to use when on level ground at that point. Iacas said it best about the battery life though. A 9V battery will last a very long time.
  10. BMac0223

    Golf fashion ?'s

    I think dressing good lowers your handicap 1 stroke. Golf is a game of confidence and when you step up to the first tee feeling like a badass, you are setting yourself up for a good round. I think Rickie Fowler's swag helps his game(and bank account as well).
  11. I've got the Rocketballz 9 and from my experience fooling around with it the higher the loft the more the ball will leak to the right(I'm a righty). I have it set up 9.75 and it pretty much totally straightened out my draw. The lower the loft, the more the draw comes out. I am coming off a R9 460 and am finding it harder to work the ball with the RBZ, but it's so damn straight I can't complain at all.
  12. That could be the worst thing to think about when going for a "hero" shot. When I take those shots I say there is literally no chance I will hit the tree(even though there obviously is). If you are scared as you take that shot you will be more likely to hurt yourself. This type of shot may be the most exciting shot on the golf course for me. The worst break I can think of is hitting the staff on our severe back to front 1st hole and having 30 yards in for my 3rd.
  13. That's very true. The driver is the only club in the bag that is a one-size-fits-all for every type of player at every skill level with every shot shape.
  14. My grandfather was a top notch golfer who won 3 New York State Ams and played in the Masters twice and he never had a hole in one in his entire life. He had 7 albatrosses though. The hole in one is a mysterious animal. I'm still waiting for mine!
  15. I remember at the last Open Championship at St Andrews someone went off as a single to lead off the day and he played in less than 2 hours. The next group finished nearly 2 hours after him. I understand if you are in the final group on Sunday taking as much time as you want but these guys should play faster.
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