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  1. On hole 7 par 5 big dog leg left@ 515 yards on the local course. Had a great tee shot that got me past the dog leg going left, second shot put it 6' from the pin...made the put for my first ever Eagle. What a great hole! Great weather out there tonight also.
  2. Out on the local 9 hole par 36. Golfed a 49. Not that great, but always have a good time. Beer in hand, sun shinin' and swingin' the stick. Tough to beat no matter how bad the day was at work.
  3. frogman

    Pickin balls!

    Agreed! I would rather not be in there..but typically every ball I shank, I can find 1 or 2. If we play scrambles and the wait is long for the next hit, then I usually stroll through the thick stuff. The junk balls I find usually go in the lake in my back yard. Just go tee up when no one is out there and see how far they will go.
  4. Last week was out on a work golf outing. Had a 200 yard 2nd shot and used my rough relief wood. Put it 2' from the cup. It was a feel good shot!
  5. Played a scramble and ended up even. 3 over on the front and 3 under on the back. :( yikes.
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