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  1. Myself is guitar teacher, I know the huge differece having lessons or not having lessons. It is all a matter of time, you eventrully figure it out if you smart enogh. But take you forever if no one tells you whats the trick. Anyways, I want to know how much does lessons usually cost. I am paying $60 per hour for the head-of-pros at the biggest golf club in town. I thought it is really cheap. So I basiclly see him every week for an hour. And I started this season with a Max Handicup (130+), now I am a 100. It is not even 3 month.
  2. I am a mid-high handicap. And I don't like play with low handicaps. I alway thinking " shit, I got hurry up! run forest run! they are all watching..." That makes my shots even shittier. I like play with people slightly better than me, so we are pretty much share the same speed and also I can learn a few things from them.
  3. Finanlly, I recieved my custom fitted Ping i15. Went to driving range for couple hours last night. I love them. Forgiving, but easy to work with (I am only start learning fade and draw). Long irons are bigger and more forgiving. I hit some really good shot with 5-iron, which never happend before. For far, I got my Callaway Diablo diver, Nike SQ 3 wood, Ping i14 irons and G15 hybrids, couple Cleveland wedges, all I need now is better putter and lots of practice~~ :)
  4. What I am thinking is, I practice a lot. And I see a quick improvment in my game, I am thinking may be in the near future, I can "work the ball" too. A set of irons are expensive. Why don't I just get a set of i15. I may get frustrated once a while, but in long run, save me some money and improve quicker. What do you guys think?
  5. What is "Workbility"? What is "Work the ball"? I hear that a lot. I am trying to decide if I am going to go for PING i15 or G15. I can strike G15 better. i15, I miss sometimes. I am willing to gain a little more "workbility" if i15 can help me. But what the is that?
  6. Thanks guys. I appriciate all the advise. They are all great advise, but I am still confused and don't know who to listen to. So I decide to go for some lessons... I just bought a 5 lesson package from a highly recongnized instructor here in town. Lets see what pro is gonna make me work on.... Thanks again!
  7. Thanks guys. Those are great points. I did put a lot of focus on driver and irons. I haven't really work on short game at all. I need to start doing that. And keep up the striking practice. I am getting PING i10 irons and some new Hybrids. Hope that helps too. I am currently using "Alien", the cheapest set you can find. Whole set including from driver to putter with bags and everything, for $200 bucks. Brand new. I actually like them because I am not afraid hit the ground with them. They are not forgiving at all. I have to hit them perfect to make the ball fly.
  8. This is my second year, I am pretty consistant being inconsistant. So far I played 5 or 6 games, they are 107, 106, 103, 112,107. Typical me on a 400 yards par 4. I can tee off of a 230 yards, iron to close to green, pitch on to the green, add another 2 putting. That is when I don't screw up on any of those shots. BUT, I constantly screw up this or that~ like, tee off into the woods, pitching from one side green to another side, 3 or 4 putts on the green.... I saw most of you guys are in the range of 70s - 90s. That is really cool. I would like to be able to that. But It seems I need to wo
  9. My first game 150..ish.. over par. This is my second season, my first game is 107, 2nd - 106, 3rd -112 (rainning), 4th -107.
  10. A tee off of 300 yards with a pink lady's ball I found in the woods.
  11. I am a accountant. When I am not working, I play golf, when I am working I catch up on sleep and read about golf.
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