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  1. Its Lonely On Top Guys! Still #1! Hahaha
  2. it would have to be my 7 iron
  3. best- Tiger beautiful- Geoff Ogilvy ugliest- Sergio Garcia
  4. Yeah right! Bring it on!!!! lol
  5. #1 BABY! you know... its hard to be humble...
  6. joined up, and picked my team. I'm ready fellas.
  7. ApplebyFan


    I just wanted to know everyone's favorite line from the greatest movie ever. Mine being: "This is good stuff. I got it from a Negro. You're probably high already and you don't even know it." - Spaulding and "You're rather attractive for a beautiful girl with a great body." - Ty Webb
  8. I know I talk about the Apple alot, but I think that he is a great person, as well as golfer. Not only is he just awesome on the corse, but off the course as well. He gives loads of money to charity. The past Aussie open for example; He gave $2000 for each birdie he made. He ended up making 19 birdies! That's $38000! I think that he is just a real "Class Act". What do yall think?
  9. I have a subscription to Golf digest, but I usually buy GolfWeek
  10. It's got a bit heated since the last time I checked this thread!
  11. I have no way to realate to yall, I live just outside Montgomery Alabama. I went to the driving range about 7 last night in blue jeans and a t-shirt.
  12. ApplebyFan

    Warm Up

    I'm not trying to brag, but I'm pretty confident in my putting. I usually putt maybe 5 balls, but that about it(the only reason I putt those is to see how the greens are that day). I mean, I don't worry about my putting much. My biggest concern during warm-up are my mid and long irons.
  13. He took the words out of my mouth, I totally agree.
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