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  1. im getting my putter off of ebay kia ma daytona 2010. i called taylormade and they said these putters have adjustable weights and to adjust the weights, i have to have the r9 adjustable tool. well what if i want to make the putter heavier? were do i get the weights!!
  2. i JUST bought a kia ma daytona 2010 putter. amazing soft feel on putting and you can buy a weight kit for the putter to make it lighter or heavier! good looking! yes its around 300$ but you can find it for cheaper. just try it out!
  3. i am looking for the kia ma daytona 2010 model and i don't wanna buy it for 300 but i am willing to buy for 250$ with the headcover. does anyone know any sites online or anything? and would also have fast shipping? thanks!
  4. i hit down already on the ball but this trapping the ball feeling was way different, my pro helped me out one day. but for some reason i lost that feeling of being able to trap the ball, like i know people say do drills and whatnot but i did it within like 5 shots doing what he told me. i can't repeat this feeling! someone give me advice. i know i don't have to do drills etc its just something simple but i forget what it was!!
  5. can't go wrong with penta, great spin just as much with the pro v1 (seriously) and putting feels so soft but in a good way
  6. i just called taylormade because i know alot of people have been wondering if this putter has adjustable weights.......IT DOES!! the guy said it goes from 1 gram to 16 grams. i love this putter but i wouldn't mind putting in a little heavier of a feel! this is great! if anyone is thinking about this putter now that it has adjustable weights, its well worth it
  7. 81 in my last tournament. at one point on 12 at plus 1. uhhh i have to work on my mental game for pressure but i don't know how!!!
  8. 240 yard par 3. in a tournament and nervous, hit my 3 iron hybrid and stuck it 3 feet!!! down hill by the way
  9. Tiger woods marks the golf name. we all know and for one the competition is tougher. so what if good old jacko didn't have the technology. The courses are much longer and tougher and more international play! guys from all over the world
  10. i am currently in highschool, on the golf team.
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