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  1. Lower back exercises: deadlifts, good mornings, back extensions/hyperextensions. Squats aren't really a lower back exercise, but they pretty much work EVERYTHING in your body. You have to make sure that you're doing these lifts with proper form however. It's crucial. Deadlifts and squats are great exercises, but doing them wrong can mess you up for a long time. On th P90X note, I did the program a year or two ago and it is really good. However, I really have to mention that people may not be painting the clearest picture here as to how hard it is and how much dedication it takes. This progra
  2. Just started at the beginning of summer, so 3 months now? I'd say I've spent roughly $1,000 so far on clothes, lessons, range sessions, and green fees. Haven't even bought any clubs yet. Will likely be close to $2,000 by the time winter roles around...
  3. Well this is definitely not too encouraging... I'm looking at buying my first set of clubs at GolfTown soon, so I don't really have any irons to compare them with (been renting/borrowing clubs and won't be able to have any when I go to the store). Comparing clubs in the store to each other on the screen, does that work (as far as how straight and far the shots go), or is that totally bogus too...? Thanks!
  4. Maybe it's just me, but some of you seem a bit too easily distracted and annoyed. No? I agree that kids running around (to the point that they could get hit by your club) or picking up balls on the range (dangerous) is one thing, but if it's just background noise... Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's the place for a family outing, far from it, and I think it's disrespectful to other people, but isn't this what happens at public ranges? Have you guys seen the public tennis courts recently? Not sure about your areas... but here people are playing topless, screaming, throwing rackets, hitting
  5. So how should one rely on these screens when comparing clubs in store (i.e., GolfTown)? :/
  6. I've been using a baseball grip so far... but I think I'm going to give the overlap a try. Maybe it'll help my hands work more in unity. I'll see how it goes! Cheers,
  7. I'm heading back to university soon, so I'll have some time in the mornings/afternoons before or after class and while I'm not working part-time or studying, but now it's much less of a "finding the time" problem and much more the "finding the money" issue... Cheers,
  8. I say if it's not a hassle to bring them and you think you'll enjoy yourself more, then go for it. Who cares if you're not a pro? Everyone's been there and I doubt they'll hold it against you. You'll probably get a lot more congrats than nay-sayers. Cheers,
  9. Too bad I have to pay those damn taxes and duties when they ship to me in Canada
  10. No pro here, but that stance seems a bit narrow to me
  11. As people have said, I wouldn't really change your swing (or start thinking about it too much) the day before a tourney. You're a 5 handicap for a reason, so just go out there and play your game. The comments you did get about your swing (putting aside those other skeptical/rude ones) seem to be pretty spot on. I'd say play your tourney and enjoy yourself, you no doubt have a good golf game. After that, post a better video (maybe not through a closed door) showing your club/hands at the top of the swing, as well as a face on view and a video we can slow down (not Youtube?), and you'll probably
  12. I try and get a lesson in about every 2 weeks or so. My instructor had me start out with a 7i, then 6/5i, then 5W, then 3W, then did some chipping, then putting, now I'm back to perfecting my swing with the 7i and working on more specific details while still practicing the other stuff on my own time. Definitely Ben Hogan's book is going to be useful for you, so you can go your route and read it first before getting instructions. Bear in mind that every instructor has their own methods of teaching, but the stuff Hogan covers in that book seems to be pretty well accepted as standards. Do what
  13. Hey I like Guinness! Not for golf though.. It's more of a dark pub feel. I usually have one beer during the front and one for the back. Nothing like a cold beer on a hot day while playing some golf :) I wouldn't have more (or at least not much more) than that though... Cheers
  14. The App is free :) I definitely want to purchase the software too, but the only reason I'm hesitating is that this is my first season playing (and not nearly as much as I'd like), so I don't feel like buying the software, using it 2-3 times, and then having to pay for an upgrade next summer (instead of just waiting to buy the full thing next summer). Opinions? It looks like a great tool though! Thx! Cheers,
  15. You can also upload your videos to swingacedemy.com. They have an online analysis tool where you can draw on your videos. Cheers,
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