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  1. Your practice routine is good except I would practice more with your shorter clubs and especially your putter. You aren't going to use your driver nearly as much as your wedges and short irons especially as a beginner, mostly because you aren't going to stick the green from 125-150+ shots as an average beginner. With that in mind, practice accordingly, focus more on the clubs you're going to use more often.
  2. No idea if this is good or bad, probably just means I'm really fat, but I have a BMR of 2479.6. Does that mean I can take in that many calories and still lose weight? That doesn't seem possible, because I know that 2479.6 is a lot of calories.
  3. Anyone know a good amount of calories to be taking in? I'm 5'10'' if that helps.
  4. I swear this game likes to mess with your mind... don't know about you guys, but when I'm driving the ball well, I could kick my iron shots further, if my short game is clicking, I might as well just drop a ball 50 yards into the trees, my tee shot is going to end up there anyway. Anyone else experience this on a regular basis? It really makes you respect what the Tour pros can do week in and week out, even if their not playing their greatest golf.
  5. Is it just me, or all of the OP's posts reading "a"? Did he edit them because he realized he was completely out of line?
  6. Thanks, I read these and I'm leading towards a Sun Mountain after doing some research, partly because it'll keep me happy for a long time, partly because I found out a local golf store has SV1s in stock.
  7. Grant, I pm'd you so we can continue our conversation there, and as for anyone else who walks with a push cart, any recommendations? It doesn't have to be top of line, just solid enough so that I won't have to replace it next year. Also, what stores can you buy/find them in? Should I be looking at online stores, golf stores, sporting goods stores, or all of the above?
  8. I just found a PING ball playing a local course, and like sean_miller says, they are two-tone, and terrible... The one I found was pink and white, I just tossed it to my Grandma(who hits anything), and said "it's yours".
  9. Nice to see another downriver resident on the forums Matt! I live in Taylor on the weekends when I go to my Dad's house, and during the week when I'm with my Mom, only 10 minutes from Lake Erie, and it's a great course, really fast greens though.
  10. Hey guys, It sucks to admit this, but I'm pretty huge(fat)... It impacts me in more way then one, and I feel like I should make a change now in high school while I still can. I love golf and see it as the perfect opportunity to help me shed the pounds, I think combining a game I love with a goal I feel really passionate about will be that magic formula for weight loss everyone looks for. I'm just looking for tips and maybe some support, thinking about starting a journal in this part of the forum to help document my goal. I'm about 5' 10", any idea what a good weight to shot for would be
  11. You don't have to hit the clubs just ask the pro to pull one of the irons off of the rack so you can see how it looks at address. Then when you know which looks you like, try to find a demo day on a non busy day. At least then you will know what clubs you want to hit.
  12. Not to flame or anything, but you play once a year and shoot low 80's with a 1 handicap? Something doesn't add up correctly man, once again not trying to be a troll or a flamer, but if you want to ask for advice, you don't have to hide behind a veil, we are all golfers here. In respect to your question, I'd say head to your local golf store and ask to demo some irons, everybody thinks their own way and sees things differently, so an iron that looks the way you described to one person might look completely different to you, and if your clubs were stolen years ago, it might not hurt to play gam
  13. I kid you not, I read this thread 2 days ago, then yesterday, kissed the last 2 holes of my round goodbye because I ran out of balls, I really need to stop being a hacker...
  14. Man, you're fine, the place I go to practice I've never even played the back 9, only the front 9 twice this weekend, but I've practiced multiple times. If you really feel bad about it, buy a bucket and hack away at the range, then practice chipping and putting, that's what I do. I know where you're coming from, I'm a fellow hacker, and am taking the lessons route, I figure it's better to shell out the cash on lessons, then on frustrating rounds that do nothing for you but make you angry. Good luck in the future and I hope all goes well!
  15. Hello, Just wanted some friendly advice, my birthday is coming up in around 2 months, and I wanted to get a new putter, the putter I have right now is a box set putter, and I just don't like the putter, end of story. It doesn't look right at address for me, the shaft doesn't look like it was put in correctly (I'm right handed, and it comes out of the hosel to right, correct me if I'm wrong, but it just doesn't look right), and because of this, I have no confidence in the thing. I was shopping around, and the new Methods with the red insert really got my attention, it felt great on the
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