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  1. Probably old news to some and certainly not a huge deal to some but I have found "my" key to playing good. TEMPO! Huge difference distance + control. (No over the top, still no draw but hey?) Feeling :-D
  2. I'll check those out but was just coincidence that I quit pulling it left? Or could there have been something else I may have been doing while trying to clear my hips?
  3. I think 90% of my coming over the top was not clearing my hips faster/sooner. I started working on that today and wow! Straight and a lot longer. My only question is can I have consistent swing at firing my hips that fast or should they just start turning sooner?
  4. Probably a dumb question but do u mean at address and just swing normal without manipulating the club face at impact?
  5. [QUOTE][/QUOTE][quote name="mvmac" url="/t/69863/the-new-ball-flight-laws-question-what-about-my-feet#post_894529"] Correct. Part of "swinging right" is having the weight forward at impact. Most golfers that "come over the top" straighten the left leg too soon, sending the path across the ball. Not only does the weight forward help with the path, it also helps improve contact. Here are some videos/drills that should help. Also make sure the left foot is turned out about 25 degrees at address, allows the left knee room to flex over the left ankle. [URL=http://thesandtrap.com/t/61376/5sk-v
  6. This may be something that is an individual thing but how do u feel or put the club face in a different position than your swing path on purpose? I do it accidentally but would love to know a feel or trick to doing it intentionally.
  7. So I aim the body at the target, aim the club face a little right and swing farther right? I think the biggest thing is thinking about swinging right but having the face different from the path. Does that make sense?
  8. A little but honestly not a lot. I'm having a hard time grasping this. All these years of aligning my feet was for nought? Apter question, do u just guess at the 2 degrees and 4 depress or is there a trick to doing that? This is all very interesting to me
  9. Probably been addressed on here before, but being totally new to these new laws. I have one question. I now about club face and path but where are my feet pointing?
  10. Absolutely. No frustration except the double on #7. :-)
  11. Went out this morning and matched my personal best. 75. Didn't think about swing mechanics just wanted to hit the ball. Didn't hit it as far but much better.
  12. If you're truly ready to quit, you're probably ripe for trying some decent instruction! That's one of the problems, in my area there are no true instructors. Every time I think I've got something really good. I mean I shoot in the mid 70s and then the next time, you'd think I've never seen a golf club. I don't have a one way miss during these times neither. I realize I'll never be as consistent as the pros but I'd love to have something I could count on. How would I lock some thing in,be it a draw or fade and nail it down?
  13. Where would you start? Because right now I'm so inconsistent I want to quit!
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