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  1. My improvement in putting came from when I went away from straight back and thru thoughts to more of a natural swing the putter head approach They key to this approach is to swing on an arc and pendulum at the same time with peoper rhythm relative to the length of putt. Again, any putting approach is fine if it "works" but I believe you have the best chance at long term consistency if you putt according to how the putter is constructed... If you are having trouble with putting consistency, Id recommend experimenting with combining an arc and pendulum at the same time. It has made a big differnce for me
  2. Start processing backswing as counter-balance action of raising your arms (up) as weight moves to the ground (down)..This should start the process of unwinding simply moving the glub around a steady, or turning body in left to right fashion
  3. Face angle is key assuming you are lined up correctly, but if you don't have correct rhythm sequence relative to length of putt, the face angle may be thrown off at imapct.....Therefore, id suggest understanding and mastering the rhythm of the putting stoke according to how to balance the putter head, knowing a consistent rhythm sequence will provide proper face angle for any length of putt.
  4. I am a stock, futures and options trader....