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  1. Pretty sad Peter is trying to cash in on his brothers fame and good fortune by being an selfish idiot. If the Europeans do lose, a big fat finger is going to be pointed at Danny and his brother (though likely the article will have nothing to do with their loss) for firing up the Americans. I also expect Danny will get some extra heckling from the fans thanks to his brother.
  2. Shot a season low 89 today and it should have been lower if not for a few stupid mistakes. While I didn't have any major blow up holes I did have one OB and and a few mishits that cost me some strokes. Overall I hit 67% FIR, 22% GIR and had 35 putts. My scores have been trending lower so I'm hoping I can put a few more round in the 80's together.
  3. I side with Trump as well, 44% compared to Johnson at 39% and Shillary at 13%
  4. I agree, no one waves through a group just because they can play faster if there isn't a place for them to go and the net effect is it makes the round longer for the rest of us.
  5. Hillary better maintained her composure, she hit her key points, she kept Trump on the defensive and forced Trump to look flustered and unprepared.
  6. You can be biased towards a candidate but evaluate the the debate with minimal bias. I won't ever, ever, ever vote for Hillary Clinton (unless it's to move to Syria) but I felt she won the debate last night.
  7. You're right, had Kerry on my mind from a previous conversation. Thanks.
  8. Makes sense for golfers, I'm not sure it will for the course. If everyone starts out on 1st hole that's a lot of wear and tear on that part of the course compared to the rest. If they don't start out at 1, I see potential for issues with golfers playing 18 watching a carts driving passed them worrying that they were going to slow up the course.
  9. I believe the technology in new clubs benefits the 8 - 24 handicapper the most. Higher handicap players have such an inconsistent swing their problem isn't likely the clubs. As you get below an 8 your swing is probably consistent enough that you could play with any clubs and have decent results.
  10. Trump did not win, he won the first 20 minutes, after that he was on his heels, playing defense and counter punching. The comments Hillary made about the potential reasons he wasn't releasing his tax returns hit him hard and he never recovered. Those that are claiming a victory for Trump are doing so based on the fact this was his first real Presidential debate and Hillary's 8th and the fact that he held his own (but didn't win) was in itself a victory. It's like telling a minor league baseball team that lost 9-1 to a major league team that they won because they didn't get shut out. Obama lost his first debate to Kerry much worse than Trump lost last night. We'll find out if Trump can learn from his mistakes and improve like Obama did in the 2nd debate. Trump needs to hit her harder on having been a part of the problem for over 26 years and having been unable to solve problems she now claims she can solve if elected. He needs to press harder on her e-mail server, poor handling of classified information and her questionable practices as SoS while raising money for the Clinton Foundation. I was shocked that he didn't push back on those issues more when she attacked him personally. He also needs to release his tax documents as her speculations regarding the reasons he's not releasing them did a lot of damage.
  11. I agree, that's why I responded as I did. The ball isn't available to find because Player B hit the ball. I had something similar happen to me last year, the only twist is the amount of time spent looking for Player A's ball.
  12. I guess on some courses you can see a gap 3 holes ahead but on mine, there's only a few holes where that's possible. If a single or twosome wants to skip the next two holes to get to the gap that's their prerogative but if I'm keeping pace with the foursome in front of me, I'm not inclined to let you play through at my expense.
  13. Was the ball Player B hit Player A's? If so doesn't he get to drop the ball in close proximity to where Player B mistakenly played it?
  14. People (not Hillary) don't understand how the tax laws work and are easily duped by statements like the ones Hillary made. One can make $250,000 in their investment accounts, buying stock, but not pay a dime in taxes because the profits only get taxed when you sell the stock. Wealthy people own investment accounts, businesses, real estate that bolster their net worth but aren't taxed on that net worth until they sell them. He's been audited every year for the last 15 years, if he was doing something in violation of the tax laws and not paying he'd be in jail. Paying the minimal amount of taxes possible in accordance with the laws is smart business and you're lying to yourself if you think Bill and Hillary don't do the same. I laugh at all the wealthy people democrats quote who feel they need to pay more taxes but hire the best accountants in the world to make sure they pay the least. Anyone is welcome at any time to write a check to the IRS as a gift if they feel they are not paying enough taxes, so which liberal billionaire will be the first to write one?
  15. He pays payroll taxes, sales tax, state tax and most likely plenty of federal taxes throughout the year. When you make that much money the IRS doesn't like to wait til April to collect, they make you pay quarterly. So on his April tax return form he might not have owed anything but that doesn't mean he didn't pay. You can show all the gifs you like, but Hillary is at least partially responsible for the problems we have today and now suddenly she claims to have the solutions, how can you not see that she's full of crap.