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  1. The smaller states would still have the same number of electoral college votes it's just a matter of how they are allocated. The proportional vote should eliminate the entire concept of swing states. While the states have some power today in the POTUS election, a states power is in representation in the House. Any power that the States feel the receive from candidates during an election is the type of corruption we want to eliminate. Candidates shouldn't be allowed to promise states support or special considerations for ensuring the electoral college delivers all their votes to them.
  2. While it's different, what's the harm is apportioning the electoral college votes based on percentages of popular vote. Why wouldn't we want our states electoral college votes to reflect the true desire of the people?
  3. That club head speed is amazing given his size.
  4. I have a $1500 Gitzo that I'd never use for this but have some cheaper Manfrotto's that would work well with it. For me it's as much about storage room as it is price. My wife already complains that my golf and photography equipment takes up too much space. Thanks for inviting him, it's worth asking.
  5. It's fact that about 20% more people turn out to vote in the years with a Presidential election than mid-term elections, so changing the electoral college vote assignment would encourage more people to vote.
  6. I disagree, when 51% vote for X and 49% vote for Y and X gets all the votes it makes all those that voted for Y feel their vote has been marginalized. What if Y party pushed for Y supporters to move into their state by offering them entitlements and tax breaks so that Y party would become the majority in the state. Is that how the system is supposed to work?
  7. I'd like to see them offer it without the tripod. As a photographer I have at least three tripods I could use with this and the bulk of the cost (beyond R&D) has got to be the tripod.
  8. That's my point, individuals votes should always count, no matter what party you support and state you live in. I disagree, Gary Johnson wasn't invited to the debates because Trump and Clinton didn't want him there and polling data (15% polling threshold) didn't earn him a spot. It's a chicken and egg problem and neither the Democrats or Republicans will make it easy for a 3rd party candidate because their campaign funds are so much better financed.
  9. There are a lot of useless devices out there, but a majority of decent devices get put in a closet not because they aren't effective but because most golfers are always looking for the silver bullet and don't give any device a long enough effort to help. I've been working with the Ledbetter Swing Setter and it's helped my swing and timing but as Erik said, you can't just use it a few times and then forget about it. Old habits are quick to come back and I can tell my swing speeds up when I go too long without working with the Swing Setter. The Tour Striker is another device that works but people think once they can hit the ball in the air with it, they don't need to use it anymore.
  10. Nothing scientific but most of the people I know who live in NY and are republicans understand their vote is worthless in a Presidential election here, we vote mostly for local representatives. I think the all or nothing (except Maine and Nebraska) is understood by most though they may not understand it's conducted through the Electoral college. I would think most republicans in CA realize their vote is worthless in a POTUS election but I could be wrong. We're many years off from a 3-4 party system because the two main parties seem to only agree on one point, that the addition of a 3rd party would not be in their best interest. It would take someone that is moderate, with huge public appeal, like Reagan, to attract enough voters from both parties to make a 3rd party viable. Gary Johnson is pulling 10% from the Republicans, hardly a threat to either party overall but he will make it near impossible for Trump to win.
  11. With the benefit of history to review the decision I'd say they got it right. A larger hole size would make putting easier and place even more emphasis than there is today on the long game. Pretty impressive when you consider they designed this game without any concept of the equipment we would have available to us today but that over the last 6 or more decades the scoring hasn't changed significantly.
  12. There are many trainers out there like this one, Ledbetter has the Swing Setter and there are a bunch of others. The Gabe device seems to require a long pause after the back swing to get the bearings to the grip, much more than I'd want in my swing and much longer than Ledbetters trainer.
  13. I don't think many understand the inner workings of the electoral college, they just know that if your political affiliation is different from the majority of your state (and you don't live in Maine or Nebraska), your vote doesn't really matter. A democrat in Texas might feel discouraged to vote given the states history as being a republican state and knowing that even if 49% of the state vote democrat the republican candidate gets all the electoral college votes. Where the votes matter most are purple states (battleground states). When you look at where both campaigns are focusing most of their time, 11 states votes are all that really matter, the rest are basically determined.
  14. If i live in a voting district that has 1M residents eligible to vote and 1M residents not eligible to vote that voting district is allocated electoral votes based on 2M people, which means the 1M voting have a vote that counts 2x more than a voting district that has 1M eligible voters and zero residents that are illegible to vote.
  15. They only hit you up with a small surcharge ($1.25 or so) if you don't have a membership and order online.