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  1. I'd like to see Thomas get it.
  2. The comments were not what a captain wants to see from the guy on the bubble. Even if what Knox said is true, calling out Westwood and Kaymer was foolish as it would impact team unity.
  3. Knox thought he should be the first captains pick, he can't be happy.
  4. Welcome! Long Island, NY here, though I have played a fair amount of golf in Northern NJ (Crystal Springs, Deer Run, Fiddlers Elbow).
  5. Externally I subscribe to that thought and do not show anger when I play poorly but internally it's a different story. I realize that at a 20 index I'm going to have some blow up holes and they shouldn't be a surprise when they happen but it doesn't ease the sting when they happen at bad times.
  6. Prescott is 20, CK is 40 .
  7. I've heard Crestron offers support for a lot of different devices but it's a bit pricey and requires professional installation.
  8. I'm curious during the same time you cited an improvement in your putting average what was your GIR% and was it higher or lower than the 5 rounds preceding your AP Express training?
  9. It's possible. I've spent more time thinking about Kaepernick today than I have his entire career so I'm over his protest and comments at this point. Once the regular season begins and Gabbert is starting no one will care where or when he sits on the bench.
  10. Why isn't Kaepernick protesting black on black violent crime, lack of responsible male parents in inner city families, gang participation and lack of emphasis on education in inner cities. The police are a small part of a much larger problem that no one seems to want to address so they just point their finger at the police.
  11. They are normal people that have the ability to heavily influence less intelligent and easily impressionable people. I feel there is some level of responsibility and obligation that goes with supporting and promoting a cause, of which accurate information is essential. He's bringing awareness to something he claims to believe in but unless he lived in a vacuum he's about a year behind protesting police violence. What does he do with the awareness and energy he's generated other than to rile people up and potentially incite more riots? Does he have a fund for people to contribute to (that he's contributing to)? How about funding an outreach program in his community to repair the relationship between LEO and the people in the community? Making black people and other minorities angrier at the police is not going to result in a solution it's going to make the problem worse. I see him as a guy just protesting for the sake of protesting who is likely going to be the reason another kid gets killed or cop gets shot and nothing good will comes from his efforts.
  12. In practice you use them much less than you think when you are trying to justify their purchase. Half the time in my old house it was either get up to get the home remote or just hit the light switch. Most today have phone apps so if you are attached 24/7 to your phone you might get more use out of it.
  13. My dad and uncle were in the military, they think he's an asshole but don't consider it disrespectful. I believe in the Constitution, so I respect his right to protest, or others rights to free speech and to own a gun. I think he's a great athlete (not a great QB) but think he's missed the mark here, just as Beyonce did during the VMA's and Superbowl. Seems celebrities these days use these sensitive issues to promote themselves and gain additional attention but really have no desire to resolve the problems.
  14. It's an unwritten rule that dads with helmet nachos do not have to stand. You're okay. This is the first time I heard he sat for the 1st game so if that's the case then clearly he had pre-meditated his decision to protest before the start of the season though I still question why he didn't speak out about it sooner.
  15. RIP, very funny guy who made some great movies.