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  1. It wouldn't bother me, I wear noise cancelling headphones whenever I have to fly. I started wearing headphones 5 - 6 years ago when I was forced to listen to a baby behind me cry the entire 5 hour flight. I understand the pressure on airlines to allow cell phone use, some business people spend a lot of their time on flights where they are unable to communicate so it makes sense.
  2. For people not seeking fame and wishing to sign up 1000's of random followers, it's easy to stop bullying, just make your profile private only to family and friends and require people request you as a friend. if they "bully" or harass you, you simply unfriend them. If your profile is public it's open for positive and negative comments, you can't expect the social media companies to edit much beyond what's considered hate speech.
  3. Okay, so how do you stand up to bullies on social media, do you post a nasty comment back? Do you report the post? There's no accountability on social media, your account gets frozen you create a new one. I know people that have at least two different facebook and instragram user names. I don't support bullying in any way, in person or cyber. I don't personally know anyone that's ever been bullied on social media. I told my kids before we gave them permission to have social media accounts that they shouldn't put anything on social media that they wouldn't want their college admissions office or potential job interviewer to read because once it's out there, it doesn't go away. My daughter posts about Islander games and music she likes. My son hardly posts, he isn't big into social media at all. If I posted a picture of myself in a thong I'd expect to get razzed pretty hard about it. The only solution is that Facebook and other social media sites have to have stricter terms of use policies and enforce the policies better once reported. You and I agree, but we're not going to stop Paige from getting nasty comments written under her pictures.
  4. I mostly agree with you, Paige should be able to post pictures of herself wearing whatever she like and ideally people would view and move on without the need to make nasty comments. Unfortunately that's not the world we live in, social media is a breeding ground for cowards who hide behind their keyboard and say things they'd never have the guts to say to someones face. We also all know the pro's and con's of participating in social media. Facebook and Instagram are like the wild west compared to this site, when you put yourself out there, you have to expect to take some heat because there's no one moderating comments and posts like there is here.
  5. The sad part is that many drunk drivers in NY are repeat offenders and have already lost their license due to DWI so they drive without a license or insurance. There's no way to stop those individuals short of putting them in jail.
  6. You believe someone can put themselves out in the public eye via social media wearing provocative outfits or having provocative/controversial opinions and they should only expect praise and kudos, nothing negative? If that's the case then Obama, Trump and Clinton are all victims of cyber bullying. What separates a Paige Spiranac from a Brandel Chamblee, Tiger Woods or Hank Haney who have been ripped pretty hard on this site at times? What's the line between criticizing / voicing opinion and bullying (obviously death threats and wishing someone would commit suicide is bullying)?
  7. It's not acceptable. No one should be bullied and if her life was threatened or someone wished her dead she has every right to speak out. When you put yourself out there on social media and dress and pose in a provocative manner you have to expect to be called out, critiqued and maybe have your true intentions questioned. There's a fine line in society right now, men are frequently accused of objectifying women but isn't that the intent when a woman posts pictures of herself wearing minimal clothing? She's not posting her golf swing or anything golf related, she's objectifying herself to self clothing and/or gain followers / popularity on social media.
  8. Someone who has been drinking is the least qualified of all to determine how capable they are of driving. I've had drunk friends tell me they don't feel a thing then watched them stagger to get another beer. I'm not sure if it's ego or delusion but drunks never like to admit they're drunk.
  9. Golf is a personal quest that can be very social and interactive through it. Another extension of finding out how good you can get is to see how good your game is under the pressure of competition. I have always strived for personal improvement but like the increased intensity of competition, whether it be in the form of a marathon or golf tournament.
  10. That will change once the hoarding stops. I'm also not sure if it's 2 per membership total or 2 per membership per order.
  11. I said in my first statement, it's about "money and politics" I'm fully aware of the impact of money and now politics which is why I don't fully trust science.
  12. I think Bryson likes the spotlight of being different, sort of the Mad Hatter of the PGA Tour. Unconventional irons, hat and now putting stroke. If you can't be best, be an attention *****.
  13. But it's not just climate change. Look hard enough at "science" and you'll find in many cases it's about money and politics, not science. How did businesses get approval to add tiny plastic balls to tooth paste, face scrubs, etc and no one in science figured out before hand that these plastic balls wouldn't get filtered out at waste treatment plants and kill fish? How about all the drugs that have been released and deemed safe by scientists only to be recalled due to severe side effects. How about pesticides that were developed by science that have been banned. Science wants to be about facts but usually the best they get to is theory based on available data.
  14. Christmas came a bit early, I convinced the wife we needed a condo in Myrtle Beach to visit in the winter.
  15. Looks like there might just be enough time to get your Kirkland Golf Balls in time for Christmas. They are expected back in stock on Dec 20th at 8am.
  16. I use to, but stopped about two years ago after a few putting lessons. My instructor had a reaction similar to @iacas when he saw me do it.
  17. I used to be a personal trainer though I was certified over 25 years ago, I've kept up with weight lifting, running etc. I believe 12-13 is the average consensus age to begin weightlifting. Ideally the workouts should be higher rep and lower weights to avoid injury. I started lifting free weights when I was 12 never had any issues from it. As others suggest, I'd talk to a doctor as they can give you a better idea of where your child is in terms of their growth potential.
  18. I tend to be a realist with pessimist leanings when it comes to humanity and self interest, so point taken. I don't always believe it's the scientists that cave on their scientific morals as much as it is they aren't in a position to do much because of business interests, politics, etc.
  19. I agree that's how it works, but most scientist depend on grant money or are work for businesses that do have an agenda. Science is big business today and many scientists will compromise their ethics to avoid going hungry and homeless. If I came to you and offered you a million dollars to teach me to swing a golf club like Moe Norman or Jim Furyk would you accept even though your primary teachings and philosophy don't focus on individual swings philosophies but common keys?
  20. I agree, common courtesy says rake the bunker, but this was obviously an oversight and not intentional. What was Stevie going to do when he found the guy, what a jackass. If you don't want to hit out of a footprint, don't hit it in the bunker.
  21. If you've read my posts here I'm not a "denier" but I'm not a "believer" either. I'm 51 years old and I can tell you first hand, over the course of my life I've learned science isn't always right. What science claims is "fact" is really "best theory at the time". There was a time when science said it was "fact" that the earth was cooling. Then science said it was a fact it was "warming up" now they've hedged their bets and say it's "changing". The science that predicts our weather is barely 50% accurate, the science that tells us in one study caffeine/wine/meat is good for us tells us it's not in another. Science can't get it wrong so often then tell us on this one issue it's fact. I have read enough "science" to accept that excessive amounts of CO2 is not good for our planet that is having it's forest land reduced and water bodies compromised. I don't believe science has it right but I do believe that there are and will be adverse effects to the future of life (not the planet) if we don't as individuals make some changes to how we spend our time on the planet. I've stated in previous posts that I believe as individuals we have a responsibility to not be reckless with our planet, to not pollute, to conserve when feasible, basic win/win initiatives. Before I go making some really hard or costly sacrifices the world needs to "buy in" to the "science". China and India need to not just stop building coal burning power plants but shut some down, governments need to push to create nuclear plants because they produce the cleanest power. The UN needs to step in and establish policies the world must abide by if this as is serious a problem as science claims. I'm not a kid, telling me to do as they say and not as they do doesn't work for me anymore but as a responsible adult I'll do what makes sense anyway.
  22. A good management team addresses short term and long term issues. At some point those long term issues become short term problems. I see nothing wrong with Ivanka looking at environmental issues, she has young children and the climate change should be a concern for her. I do question her selecting Al Gore as the person to reach out to but that's off topic.
  23. The rules are ignored at some level by the majority of people that play the game.
  24. I've heard nationally. They are selling out their inventory of Callaway Hex Softs.
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