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  1. on my home course we have 2 par 4's that run parallel to each other with a big hill across both of them. i pull my drive in the left rough between the holes but below the top of the hill. i pull out an iron and am standing behind my ball lining up the shot when i hear the ping of a drive from the other hole where the group behind me can't see me. in my head i say, "what are the odds?". the ball comes screaming over the hill and hits the shaft of my club right below the grip on the fly and bends the shaft almost in half. if it would have been an inch to the right or left it would have hit
  2. well they're underway at the Greenbrier. got my tickets for Saturday and am hoping for some good pairings to follow. I'd really like to watch Tom Watson play. anybody else going?
  3. i'm in the same boat after dropping a wedge out of the bag. thinking about adding a 5 wood with a cut down shaft that could be my "make sure you hit the fairway off the tee box" club.
  4. the 10 is part of the name of the club, not how many there are.
  5. Bolle makes a similar product. Its supposed to make certain colors stand out more than others. For golf it makes white stand out and they have a pair for tennis that makes the yellow ball stand out.
  6. the sweet spot on my anser is a little towards the toe. if you're rolling it on-line like that then just go with it.
  7. i keep stats sometimes but my best rounds have come when i just wrote down my score after each hole and didn't add it up until the end and kept track of no other stats. i find this way lets me just think shot to shot and not focus on the overall round.
  8. I enjoy every round of golf I play, regardless of my score. Even if i shot ten over my handicap at my home course I would get something out of it.
  9. never thought about a putter grip but I will say that I prefer larger grips on my wedges. i feel like i have better touch with them and like the extra size when choked down. feels more like a regular grip that way.
  10. i love my clicgear 2.0. never had a problem with tipping. in fact i typically just let it roll down hills on its own and catch up. you can even adjust the alignment to insure it rolls straight. it folds up smaller than any push cart i've come across. either way you go you're going to start enjoying playing golf more. i've got some funny looks from playing partners with their carry bags but after a few holes of watching me they start to come around and start asking questions about them.
  11. we we're holding steady in the mid 90's this evening but i wasn't giving up walking my thursday nine. i waited until 6:30 so it would be a little cooler but it wasn't by much. all you can do is drink a lot of water and try and put it out of your mind.
  12. any time my driving starts to get sketchy i just go back to focusing on a smooth tempo. everything else seems to work itself out if i have my timing right.
  13. let's see here Cobra S2 Driver & 3 wood - $220 Bobby Jones Hybrid - $30 Mizuno iron set - $150 Vokey wedges - $150 Ping putter - $100 $650 all together. not bad for what I got.
  14. for sale is a Ping G5 10.5* driver with the TFC regular flex stock shaft. new white multi-compound grip, headcover included. $60 shipped and paypal'd in the CONUS.
  15. For sale I have a pair of Titleist 906F4 fairway woods 15.5* and 18* with Graphite Design YS-6+ regular flex shafts stock grips, both headcovers included. $120 shipped and paypal'd in the CONUS
  16. Mizuno CLK Fli-Hi hybrid in very good condition 20 degree, Stiff Exsar shaft w/ new white multicompound grip Headcover included, $40 shipped and paypal'd in the CONUS
  17. if you're thinking of getting a cart i would just get a lightweight cart bag. no need to fool around with legs if you don't need them IMO.
  18. can you pinpoint what is causing your blow up holes or is something different each time? eliminating penalty strokes for OB/lost ball is the first place i would look.
  19. if you figure it out let me know. i had this shot today and hit under it and it went about 2 feet. i threw down another ball to practice it and bladed it across the green. not my finest moment.
  20. same grips on driver - pitching wedge which are new decade multicompounds. on my gap, sand and lob wedge i use lamkin midsize grips. i like the larger feel on those because i so often choke down on them.
  21. if i'm sitting down in bad rough i'll typically just hit a high lofted club to a safe layup distance in the fairway. if it's sitting up and i'm going to have a go at the green i typically don't club up as i will instinctively swing harder since it's in the rough. i'm more of a sweeper so i really have to focus on getting steep.
  22. i don't use any alignment marks on my ball when putting. i visualize the line, pick a spot on the green in that line and give it a go.
  23. when i walked with a carry bag i routinely took half the clubs out of my bag and i scored just the same, sometimes better. now that i have my clicgear i don't mind lugging 14 around. i could probably play to my handicap on my home course with 5 or 6 clubs.
  24. i don't want it dinged up and i don't want it dinging up other clubs in the bag.
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