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  1. it would probably bug me a little. i'll never ask to him a someone elses club. i'll express interest in it and sometimes they'll offer but would never just flat out ask to hit it.
  2. shot a 40 on the front at my home course. lowest score yet. i'm kicking myself about a 3 putt one one hole and laying the sod over on another approach. take away either and I break 40. typically i'm scrambling and doing a lot of chipping around the greens but today i only had to hit 2 chip shots. every other green i hit from over 100 out.
  3. i don't really look at my hands but i do like the look of white on a grip. i'm using the new decade multicompounds that are 1/2 white.
  4. footjoy rain glove. they last so much longer than regular gloves.
  5. regripped my driver and 3 wood, pack of epoch tees and a cheap trifold towel
  6. usually just a couple of sleeves. i rarely lose a ball at my home course. i've played the last 3 full rounds with the same noodle easy distance.
  7. Sorry about that. It is indeed regular. Thanks for catching it.
  8. for sale I have a Callaway FT-5 I-mix driver, 9* neutral head in i good condition with Fubuki Tour regular shaft in excellent condition. Comes with two headcovers and tool. $60 shipped and paypal'd.
  9. I much prefer to walk when I play and have been thinking about making the switch from stand bag to using a pushcart for sometime. Yesterday was beautiful outside so before I headed out to the course I stopped by Dicks and looked at the carts. With the time change and fact that i can play after work now i felt it was time so i picked up a clicgear 3.0 in black and headed out to the course. I unboxed it in the parking lot because i couldn't wait to use it. After 9 holes I can safely say this maybe be the best golf related purchase i'll ever make. It was one of the most enjoyable rounds I've
  10. i've used skydroid on droid x the last few times i've played at my home course and am really impressed with its accuracy. the battery life on my phone however is not as impressive.
  11. For sale or trade I have a Mizuno Fli-Hi CLK 17* hybrid with a stiff shaft and headcover. Club is in good condition. Can provide pics. Looking for $40 shipped and paypal'd in the CONUS or to trade towards a fairway wood. Looking specifically for something around 15* with a stiff shaft. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
  12. we'll find out here in a few hours. going to take advantage of this warm weather. i've only swung a club once since november so i'm not expecting too much.
  13. my only golf shoes are all black dryjoys so i have no choice. you just have to pair them up with some black ankle socks and you're ok. any other socks and i'd say no.
  14. 46* pitching wedge and then 52*, 56*, 60* wedges. the 52 is dialed in for 100 yard approach shots, i have the higher bounce 56 for the sand and a lower bounce 60 that i use for a variety of shots. i practice with my 60 a probably depend on it a little too much but i love it.
  15. my home course has very thick, punishing rough and i'm not the most accurate of drivers so i find myself in it quite a bit. during the winter it thins out and the course plays a bit easier until you get to the greens, which are harder and faster during the winter. another reason i find i can shoot better during the winter is there are less people out on the course and i can play unimpeded. my head stays in it and i score a lot better during a 3.5 hour round rather than a 5 hour round.
  16. i play around with half sets and typically my scores don't suffer much on my home course. i enjoy being forced to hit shots that i'm not familiar with sometimes. i think it teaches you to be a little more creative. a typical set for me would be driver, 20* hybrid, 5i, 7i, 9i, 52*, 60*, putter.
  17. hopefully a player's card to my home course. also could use a couple boxes of balls.
  18. my advice would be to spend less time on the driving range and more time actually playing. i'm the opposite way. i go to the driving range and can't seem to focus. i just mindlessly pound balls and they seem to fly all over the place but when i get out on the course things come together.
  19. i feel the same way. they're starting to look like nascar drivers.
  20. for the money? i'd say those old nickent 3dx ironwoods. you can get them for really cheap.
  21. i may have to send them an email and see if i can get that same deal. the ball pocket zipper on my vaporlite was a pretty poor design IMO and has completely broken off. the legs don't extend all the way when you sit it down and the fabric is ripping in a couple places, all after 2 seasons.
  22. i would have a hard time choosing between titleist, ping and mizuno. probably go with titleist.
  23. i just treated myself to a new set of mizuno irons as well. a used set of mx-23's 4-PW with S300 shafts. i've played about two rounds with them and am still trying to get used to the added distance they give me. i'm carrying them about 10 yards further than my ta7's which is odd seeing that they have the same, if not more loft, and i'm going from regular to stiff shafts.
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