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  1. cleveland ta7's at the moment. great club that can picked up for next to nothing used.
  2. i'm experimenting with the callaway i-mix heads and shafts currently
  3. if hitting a wedge the key for me is to get my weight on my front foot. lots of times though i'll just pull my 7 iron out and use a putting stroke.
  4. there are lots of pairs of matched wedges on ebay. i'd start there.
  5. i've got the fubuki 63 regular to go with my ft-iq and i like it alot. although i think it's mid/high kickpoint. the fubuki 60 regular is low kick point though. i'd try that out before spending a lot on the higher priced options.
  6. typically it's been the lamkin crossline but i've found them lately to get slick pretty easily. may start looking for something new.
  7. i left my 7 iron and 56 next to a green earlier this year. got up to the next hole and when i was ready to chip i noticed they were gone. drove back and didn't pass anyone on the way and they were gone when i got there. next group i could see behind me hadn't even gotten to that hole yet. someone decided to fore go the rest of their round and drove off with my clubs. the wedge i could see someone wanting but taking a mans 7 iron is low. i turn in anything i find. don't need any bad karma on the course.
  8. same here. PW only comes out around 110-115.
  9. i buy the two pack FJ weathersof and rotate them during my round. i take them off between shots and they still get soaked during the summer.
  10. this is what i'm trying to figure out to.
  11. appreciate the help guys. i got something working today on the course and hit 4 or 5 of the best drives i've ever hit. i stepped up to the ball with the same mentality as i would have a long iron. kept my hands out in front of the shaft and focused on finishing with a high follow through. it seemed to really help.
  12. i'm also an 18 handicap and 3-4 holes of par or better is pretty typical for me too. if i can string together a lot of bogies to go with those it's a good round. start through in the others and that's when it goes bad.
  13. i usually rotate between two on hot days. i soak them even if i take it off between shots.
  14. thanks for the tips. RC, you mentioned the hands and I do think that's a big part of the problem. i feel like my arms turn around my body rather than my body turning and pulling my arms with it.
  15. i wear one for everything except putting. my hands sweat pretty bad during the summer and i'm afraid of throwing a club. that and it just feels right now.
  16. when i started out i had a really over the top, steep swing. i worked to correct it by widening my takeaway and keeping my right arm tucked in. it seems now that i've gone too far the other way. i'm drawing my irons really well but my driver is a different story. most of my drives are pull hooks, every once in a while i don't close the club face and hit a huge push. i've tried weakening my grip but it seems to lead to inconsistency. any tips on finding that middle ground? maybe a specific thing to work on next time i'm at the range? thanks for any help.
  17. i usually start at my gap wedge and work my way up hitting at a specific target on the range until i feel some consistency. i have a bad habit of mindlessly hitting a bunch of balls though. it would be time better spent if i hit less balls and went completely through a preshot routine before hand.
  18. last trip i picked up some black widow replacement spikes and a wrench, a box of V1 Gamers for $9.99 and a Ping trucker hat on sale.
  19. the way i've been hitting my 3 hybrid lately makes me think i should put my 3 iron back in the bag, or just buy a 5 wood.
  20. if i'm confident i can stay away from trouble i'll hit 225-230 at a green with my 3 wood. anything outside of that and i'm laying up as close to the 100 yard marker as possible.
  21. if i took my wife golfing i doubt we would get past the first hole.
  22. my typical uses for my 3W are -tee shots on short par 4's where i don't want to get too close. i'd rather hit full GW into the green than a 3/4 SW or something. -bad drive on a par 5 and i need to make up some ground. -good drive on a long par 5 and i want to get on or around the green in two.
  23. i don't carry a club between 3W and 3i but if i did it would be a 5 wood. much easier for me to hit from fairway or sitting up in the rough.
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