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  1. when i had my regular cab tacoma i just kept threw them in the bed and never gave a second thought to them flying out or getting damaged in any way.  my concern was somebody stealing them when i had to stop by the grocery store on the way home from the course.  i would also pull them out of the bed and lock them in the cab when i went in anywhere.  it was a pain.

  2. i carry a taylormade r9 17* 4 wood as my only fairway wood.  i used to carry a 3 wood and 5 wood but never really found myself needing to differentiate between the two so i just simplified and split the difference.  it's not very realistic for me to worry about specific yardages since i'm not planning on hitting fairway woods accurate enough to put it on the green.  i tee off with it if my driver isn't cooperating or on short par 4's and use it for second shots on long par 5's.  i've cut down to 12 clubs so my setup goes 10.5* driver, 17* 4 wood, 22* hybrid then 5 iron and down.  works pretty well for me.

  3. I'm 30 and in good shape and I proudly use a push cart.  I haven't run into any haters at the places but my younger friends all still want to carry their old high school bags it seems.  I've yet to convert anyone.

    Another of my favorite advantages for using a push cart is that I find it makes playing in the rain much, much more pleasant.  My clicgear holds the umbrella for me and I can stay under it at all times until I'm ready to make my shot.

  4. i agree that those are great clubs but if the OP is looking for more forgiveness a bobby jones hybrid is probably a step in the wrong direction.

    Originally Posted by Mr. Desmond

    Bobby Jones-Jesse Ortiz Workshop Hybrid - if you don't hit the ball all over the face, a great club because of its versatility. If you call the Hayward CA HQ, you'll probably talk with Jesse, and you can discuss shafts - small upcharge for a decent shaft. They're priced now in stock shaft at $85. A great club.

  5. I bought a Ping IWI Anser sight unseen from ebay last week and I've noticed that when I hold it in my natural putting stance the face looks slightly closed.  It had been re-gripped.  Does this just seem like an issue with the grip being put on slightly out of alignment?  Hopefully that's the case but it seems like the last few Ping putters I've picked up off the shelf have had a similar issue.  Is there any method I can use to assure that the grip is perfectly aligned when I replace it?  Thanks.

  6. I've got a set of Ping M/B wedges in 52* and 58* lofts.

    Grips are nice midsize Golf Pride multicompounds in red.

    Heads and shafts are in very good condition.  Lots of life left in them.

    Heads are missing the rubber inserts but it never bothered me.

    $70 shipped and paypal'd in the lower 48.

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