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  1. Elena makes it seem like it's all about her putting. She doesn't seem to notice that maybe she lost due to having 20 footers for par. "Yeah that putt should have dropped and I probably wouldn't be standing here (doing interview) right now" Uhh no. How about you hit the green and you wouldn't be standing there right now. She's full of herself
  2. I've had this happen before too. It's like the coating of the ball cover rubbed off onto the grooves. I'm assuming it means you struck down on the ball nicely with minimal turf/ball interaction (likely close to none or none)
  3. Isn't a "power fade" really just a push fade with an in to out path? The in to out is where the "power" comes from
  4. Tiger used to put these until he missed after his putting practice. He'd often make 50+ in a row. You just gotta practice them like everything else and feel comfortable and committed.
  5. Wow he has barely any hip slide and it stops really early. That's nuts. Well, at least in that first video posted.
  6. On the majority of courses I would much rather be hitting 9i from the rough than 6i from the fairway. Unless the pin is short sided and I need spin. But still, being closer is very important. Even with 40% hit fairways, I think B would win.
  7. Golf has more luck involved than any other sport. That being said, bad luck and good luck in golf is usually obvious are rarely does it make or break a tournament winner. Rocco got lucky to hole 4 shots from outside 100y. If he wouldn't have got lucky, they still would have all been fantastic shots, but the fact that they went in was lucky and that's a rare case of where it actually won the tournament for him.
  8. PGA tour pros admit to win they have to be both good and lucky. But that's to win, not to consistently place well in tournaments.
  9. Play something similar but not with points like this. I'll give it a try sounds fun :)
  10. I may have been said that wrong. It's open club face, club face outside the hands. Closed club face, club face inside the hands. That's what I was trying to say. Just try making a club head inside hands chipping motion with an open face. Shank.
  11. I want to invest in a decent full set of clubs that are a pretty full dynamic fit. I know some club fitters aren't as good as others, but I'm not sure on the specifics of what separates a good one from a bad one or a good one from a great one. What should I be looking for in a club fitter? What's included in the most dynamic fitting, like a PGA tour pro would get (or somewhat like that)?. If I am getting new clubs, I want to make sure they are fully fitted the best clubs can be fit. Loft and lie angle are obvious. So is club shaft length and the shaft itself. What else does a very experienced and skilled club fitter take into account for a more comprehensive fitting? I want to talk with the club fitter before the purchase to make sure the fitting fits me for more than just the minimal specifications that say, A Dick's or Golf Galaxy might fit me for.
  12. Remember this golden rule. Open clubface, gotta swing out to in to square it up. Closed clubface, gotta swing in to out to square it up. Most chip with a closed club face and pitch with maybe a slightly open one. So if you are making a pitch shot with a very open clubface (like 70 degrees or something crazy), you will have to swing very out to in to hit it straight. I usually just use my 60 degree and don't open the face and try to make a fairly square stroke. But now that I think about it, it's almost always an out to in stroke when i am trying to get the ball high in the air. Just think about it. If it is open and in to out, you hit with the heel of the club. Closed and out to in, you hit it with the toe. Both are shanks.
  13. Does a club head moving downward, outward and forward typically have a faster club head speed? Just curious as to why it's the most efficient way to swing or the ideal way or whatever. My guess is that it has the least compensations/moving parts? I hit a pull-fade when it comes down to a "stock" shot. or a shot that I might hit under pressure. I don't like that shot because I am flipping somewhat to get into that position of pulling the ball and sometimes thins leak in or shots with no divot. If I close the club head say, 20 degrees by taking a weak left and very strong right hand grip, it actually forces me to get more forward shaft lean and hit a push because if I don't lead with the butt of the club and swing in to out (with that stronger right hand grip) I would shank the ball (20 degrees closed and out to in = shank, forward shaft lean and strong right hand grip opens the club back open). I've been experimenting with this lately so I can actually have a flat left wrist at the top. Because with a cupped left wrist, there's no way I can swing in to out.
  14. Yeah I definitely agree with that.
  15. Curious, where'd you get that number from? There are only 28,000 PGA professionals. I imagine half of them don't play to scratch, although they are all definitely all low cappers (less than me and you). Sure, there are plenty of golfers who don't end up being PGA professionals but play to scratch. But not 100's of thousands. I imagine only 1%-3% of America golfs. So maybe 10 million people. 1/100 golfers playing to scratch, I don't think it's that high.
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