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  1. I play the Rife Hybrid 2 bar and really weighted it down. It rolls the ball awesome and I think I got much better feel after adding all the weight. By far the best putter I have ever laid my hands on!
  2. Ok I have pretty much bought all new clubs in the last year or so. Now the strange thing about it is I have Stiff and Regular shaft clubs in my bag. Driver Callaway FT-5 10.5 Stiff flex, 3 & 5 woods Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Stiff flex , Cobra SZ Irons 4-GW steel Regular flex, Cobra SZ SW and LW steel Stiff flex. I seem to just hit them better this way. I guess it's my tempo or swing speed with different clubs. I guess the sand and lob wedges are what really sticks out to me. Same shafts and grips as the Iron set just in a stiff flex. But I can hit much closer to the pin with the stiff
  3. I just purchased a Callaway FT-5 draw driver in a 10.5 I was told by the range pro at my local course it was one of the drivers I should look into in my price range. So I bought a used 1 in very good condition from Golfetail.com for less than $60 I am sure I didn't get hurt on the price. But I am kinda uneasy about buying a club I have never hit. Your thoughts?
  4. I recently purchased a set of Cobra SZ irons 4-GW. $300 at TGW I have shaved several strokes off my game with these irons. I get the ball up easily and they fly straight even on miss hits! Great reviews, If your gonna hit some clubs don't buy until you hit these!
  5. Friday July 30th I broke 90 for the first time in my 3 years golfing. A 89 I was pumped! I was a par making machine! Even managed to stroke in a couple birds. Had one bad hole on the day a +4 on hole 6. I've come a long way! I must give much of the credit to the new Cobra sz irons, and Rife 2 bar putter I purchased just over a month ago. I get the ball up and straight much better with the Irons, and my putts are much more consistant. Shaved several strokes off my game just having clubs that fit and work for me. To think at 1 point I thought I'd never break 110. Guess breaking 80 is my next goa
  6. Srixon Soft Feel for biggest part of the year. Just seems to be working for me.
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