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  1. Has any one tried this, and did you like the result? I plan to cover one of my home office wall with a mural. Thanks, http://boysthemebedrooms.com/golf/golf-bedrooms-golf-home-decor.html
  2. I am in the Miami for a week (till Thursday of next week). Where should I play? Doral is a little bit too expensive for me. I prefer a course that is around $100 or less. My hotel is near the Airport. Many thanks,
  3. It was a down year for American golfers in 2010. Was it an anamoly or you think this is the trend that European golfers will dominate for the next few years?
  4. Wow, probably 80% of putts left short by the Americans. I have never seen that from the pros before.
  5. Product Testing Manager of Sun Mountain should be fired. They made great push carts but this incident is a major embarassment. Probably cost the company several millions dollars.
  6. NEWPORT, United Kingdom – The opening hours of the Ryder Cup brought embarrassment for the United States’ team, even though the first day’s fourballs matches were severely delayed by bad weather. In a development that left U.S. captain Corey Pavin red-faced, the American team was forced to ditch its official waterproof clothing and replace it with new gear purchased from the clubhouse store at the Celtic Manor course. “We are disappointed with the performance of them, so we fixed it,” Pavin said. “They weren’t doing what we wanted them to do so we went out and bought new waterproofs.” A
  7. Can't find rating and slope for the course. It could be that Europeans don't use the system? But here is the official scorecard. http://www.celtic-manor.com/download...=cms&docID;=652
  8. I have read many reviews and they all say that the PS3 Move is much more precise in replicating actual movements that the Wii. I will compare between the Daly's and Tiger's game to see which one is better.
  9. you are right, those look like the same hole. Number two is definitely correct. Number eight is probably wrong. You can check this link and compare the holes, http://www.celtic-manor.com/golf-course-RyderCup.aspx
  10. I will buy the PS3 move package and this game. It seems more realistic than the Wii. Anyone else?
  11. HOLE 1: PAR 4 | YARDS 465 HOLE 2: PAR 5 | YARDS 610 HOLE 3: PAR 3 | YARDS 189 HOLE 4: PAR 4 | YARDS 461 HOLE 5: PAR 4 | YARDS 433 HOLE 6: PAR 4 | YARDS 422 HOLE 7: PAR 3 | YARDS 213 HOLE 8: PAR 4 | YARDS 439 HOLE 9: PAR 5 | YARDS 580 HOLE 10: PAR 3 | YARDS 210 HOLE 11: PAR 5 | YARDS 562 HOLE 12: PAR 4 | YARDS 458 HOLE 13: PAR 3 | YARDS 189 HOLE 14: PAR 4 | YARDS 485 HOLE 15: PAR 4 | YARDS 377 HOLE 16: PAR 4 | YARDS 499 HOLE 17: PAR 3 | YARDS 211 HOLE 18: PAR 5 | YARDS 575
  12. Post your driver distance (carry + roll) and handicap here. My average distance is 230 and my handicap is around 14. I wonder if I can get to single digit handicap without being longer from the tees.
  13. Like it or not but MW attracts viewers. She might not be eloquent but I wouldn't say that she is unintelligent. You have no idea how much pressure she went through and you think you can handle it better than her. Just look at Erica Blasberg, she buckled under the pressure of high expectations and took her own life. How about Ty Tryon?
  14. -7 after first 9 holes and leading by 4. Hope she wins this tournament too. This is good for Michelle Wie but also good for the LPGA tour.
  15. Any one in San Diego wants to try Torrey Pines North? Usually I shoot around 86-90 from the blue tees.
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