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  1. Who has had the greatest Impact on golf?

    I have never heard of any golf course "Arnold proofing" their layout. One is 31 the other 77. I guess only time will tell who had the bigger impact. However love him or hate him, you have to respect him for bringing so much to this game. Tiger has not done bad for himself nor the game. Again just my opinion. BTW, my hats off to you. You really do have the best golf forum on the net!
  2. Who has had the greatest Impact on golf?

    Being hated means nothing! Muhammad Ali had and still has haters, but it doesnt take away from him being being the most influential athlete in history. Bill Gates has haters and i think he has got a little (but just a little) influence in the world. Nike Golf offers products head-to-toe and revenues have doubled since 1996, according to a company spokesman. Sales topped $600 million for the fiscal year ending May 31, making Nike the sport's fourth-largest equipment company, trailing only Acushnet, Callaway and TaylorMade-Adidas. with those types of numbers, I doubt its the haters that are buying ALL THAT TIGER WOODS GEAR. MAybe he does have some fans after all. And with regards to no one doing Palmers workout because he is old. What about when he was in his prime? No one performed his workout routine because he never had one. no one did. Tiger implemented a workout routine and nutrition program that every pro and amatuer alike would love to get their hands on. another element he brought to the game
  3. Who has had the greatest Impact on golf?

    I agree that he is in a league of his own when it comes to class. Im not arguing that. But class is not the only determining factor when it comes to being categorized as the most influential person in the history of the game.
  4. Who has had the greatest Impact on golf?

    To touch on a point that has me rather troubled, inner city kids are not just black. Don't know why you brought up the race card but they are white as well as hispanic. And for you to say there are no success stories since no inner city kid has made it to the pga tour (except for Tiger and Vijay both of which are part black as you put it) is an insult. My sons instructor at that "little" first tee clinic as you put it, is from the inner city. He is a scratch golfer and while he is not a pga tour golfer, he is INDEED a SUCCESS as he has achieved a level of play some of us can only drean of. All while giving back to the community and allowing kids from the inner city as well as from the burbs to participate in this great game we all love. And like him I am sure there are many more black, hispanic and white kids from the inner city that are as "succesful" as him and quite possibly influenced by Tiger. Mr. Iacas, as per your own article on why there are no blacks on the pga tour, it's not because Tiger has not been a great influence but rather as you article states (great article btw): http://thesandtrap.com/extras/swing_...erican_on_tour "A high percentage of African-Americans in this country live in the inner cities. Regardless of race, it's difficult to get to a golf course from the Bronx - far more difficult than it is to find a basketball hoop. Inner city high schools are far less likely to have golf teams. Outreach programs, Tiger's efforts, and the First Tee are noble efforts, but the simple fact remains: golf requires a lot of space, and space isn't something you're likely to find in the inner cities of America." And Tiger still manages to influence those inner city kids in spite of all those difficulties onner city familes face. Even if those inner city kids dont play golf as long as or at the level that Mr. Palmer played, Tiger has influenced some of them enough to get them off the streets even if it is for a while. Sports star Michael Jordan says: Tiger... will succeed and expand across all racial barriers.... I admire him... for establishing a new plateau, a higher ground, if you will.... I really do believe he was put here for a bigger reason than just to play golf. I don't think that he is a god, but I do believe that he was sent by One." Even a panel at Duke University is to Examine Tiger Woods' Cultural Impact: http://www.dukenews.duke.edu/2007/03/tiger.html From his workouts and his nutrition, he has even changed that aspect of the game. I dont see anyone mimicking Arnold Palmers workouts. Yet everyone on tour has taken up working out. Even Phil and Vijay. Thats INFLUENCE!
  5. Who has had the greatest Impact on golf?

    So are you saying that because no inner city black kid has made it, tiger hasnt made an impact?? Because its a white dominated sport, that Plamer was more influential? He has made an impact on people, equipment, AND the game. at the course i dont see anyone wearing palmer hats, but you sure as hell see alot of Nike and Tiger hats.
  6. Who has had the greatest Impact on golf?

    With all due respect. Are you kidding? TIGER! He took a sport, considered by many to be "an old mans sport" or a game you play when you retire, and created an international phenomenon. Love him or hate him he put the sport on the map. My sons eyes light up in a way mine used to when seeing Dan Marino or Cal Ripken when i was kid. I never spoke about golf. At my sons golf clinics, EVERY kid talks about Tiger. Every PARENT talks about Tiger. Not to say Nicklaus, Palmer, Hogan and others werent instrumental. But the kind of impact Tiger has made to the game? not even close. Who would have thought so many inner city kids would be playing this game? On a side note I am a HUGE Nicklaus fan. But you have to give credit where credit is due. He might not be the "best" but he IS the most inlfuential. Just my 2 cents.
  7. driver for my son

    Hey guys thanks for the help. The launch monitor is a great idea actually. i'll get him in there and it will give him more of a sense of confidence since the club is being built just for him. and that i think is a big factor in his inconsistency with the driver. he sets up thinking he is going to hit it bad and its all downhill from there. and at 10 years old, im sure he is consumed with that thought. im hoping i can break him out of it. i have called a couple stores and they think im on the right path, but suggested i make sure i do it right. they dont see a problem with the bigger club head but they told me to go in and they would help me figure out the shaft options. Lets see what they recommend.
  8. Slow Play Promise and Petition

    I actually enjoy going out and playing a 9 hole in a couple hours and going back the next day and playing the remaining 9 in another 2 hours. It also helps that the course is down the street from me. im A.D.D. so i dont have much of an attention span. 4 hours is still way too much for me. But i'll definately help the cause!!!! signed!
  9. driver for my son

    Hey Brit, Thats a great idea painting over the "adies". My son would kill me if i asked him to use anything that says ladies on it. lol. As for buying my the Ping or Callaway, my son already has a junior set. but the driver is a driver/ 3 wood and i figured i could get him my friends club and cut it down or replace the shaft and use the driver /3 wood as just a fairway club. i figured it would be easier for him to make contact with the ball off the tee having a larger faced club so he wouldn't be so frustrated and risk losing interest. just trying to keep the game as interesting and fun as possible. he takes lessons from a pro and they can work with the new driver. I dont know it was just a thought. i'd hate for my golfing buddy to quit on me!!!! lol.
  10. driver for my son

    Hey guys thanks for the replies. i haven't seen the Ping Moxie but my son has hit the new Callaway x for juniors. The driver is 360cc and looks beautiful. he hit really well with it. as for cutting the shaft, I figured the shaft wouldn't be the same. so how bout changing the shaft? i can take it to golfsmith and have it changed to a junior shaft. what do you think? Thanks!
  11. Hey guys! need a little help here. my 10 year old son ( 4'6" tall) is having a hard time hitting his driver. he gets really intimidated teeing off so he will usually go for his 5 iron to tee off. i have told him he needs to get comfortable hitting his driver as he can't continue to shy away from it. I dont want him to get frustrated either and give up on golf. SOOOOO.......... I am considering getting him a mens driver and cutting it down for him. I figure if the club has a bigger face, he will make contact more often. (However, i also know that i will increase the weight of the club by using a mens club head). A buddy of mine has a left handed 400cc driver ( my son is left handed also) with a senior flex shaft that is in excellent condition. He offered to let me have it since his dad doesnt use it. I figure: if it encourages confidence then it can't hurt and if it doesnt work, i spent nothing. What do you think? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!
  12. None at all! 5 different brands in my bag.
  13. Food and beverages during your golf round?

    Grey Goose minis and some chewing gum!
  14. Golf engagement gift

    Dude, you got big time brownie points for that one! Great job! congratulations and good luck. now that your done stressing with the proposal, now you can start stressing over planning the wedding! LOL. Again, Congrats!