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  1. If you get the chance you should jump at it. My work is crazy and I wondered if I could do it too but you find time. It is very rewarding and you learn a lot about yourself as well.
  2. I hit one about 310 once. I was hitting it solid so I was playing from the tips at the local muni. I was on #1 with a bunch of high school kids behind me waiting to start their league play. I hit one of those "I never felt it leave the clubface" shots and it took off like a rocket. It went at least 300 in the air because it cleared a bunker that started at about 280 and was at least 15 yards deep. The kids were all mumbling about the shot and I walked off like I did it all the time.
  3. I was wondering if we had any Cub Scout Leaders in our group. I just took on the role of Den Leader for my son's Wolf Den and I am actually pretty excited about it. I was a Boy Scout when I was a kid and now it is good to be able to be on the other end of it.
  4. Get your weight more forward with your iron shots. You could do this by moving the ball back in your stance or a greater shift in weight. This way you can trap the ball and compress it against the ground while hitting down on it.
  5. Marketing hype or not, the principles that they cover work. And they work in short order. After reading the book and watching some videos I can see portions of the swing that I had stumbled upon in the past but had never put them all together. And I have said before I am not a fan of "marketing hype." Even if all of this was basic swing concepts (which some are) this program lays them out very well. I had seen the commercials a million times and I finally just went out and copied what I saw. Crisp clean contact with the ball, more stability in my swing, the ability to put a high draw on
  6. If Tiger said, during an interview, anything at all about SnT there would be a flood of people buying the DVDs. Probably to a point that they would be back ordered. Even if he never won a tournament again which is preposterous.
  7. Club head speed and consistent contact. Something else you may want to look into is if the range you use has limited flight balls. They will really fool you on distance since they tend to die at their apex. Definitely not your only problem but it could be a contributing factor. Gary
  8. I just got to the part in the book that covers ball position. I have been playing the ball too far back. I will have to adjust when I get to the range next time. I may not be pushing my hips out enough on my drives either. Straight arms!!!! I love the way I can fade the ball now!!!
  9. First off, I have to say that I am very skeptical about "radical swing changes." That being said I was a big fan of the Gravity Golf back in the 90s. I have been watching the SnT demos on YouTube and I went about trying to copy it. So a few days ago I try it on the range and I was making much better contact with ball with the SnT style. It really made a loud crack when I contacted the ball and they were beautiful high draws. So I went and ordered the videos and I bought the book at the local books-a-million. I went out to the range again today and I was able to hit my 4 wood higher and s
  10. I have been stationed at Vandenberg AFB that is not too far from there. We drove up there and I got a picture under the arch and did the 17 mile drive (backwards to beat the traffic). It was great. I am looking at getting stationed out there again and I told my wife that it can be a present to myself when I make Captain. Can't wait.
  11. I have a Nike VR Split in a 2-iron. Hard for me to hit. I like my 4 wood. PM me if you are interested.
  12. I have Tour Tempo. I have only hit balls with it once and it threw me for a loop. At times I could hardly hit the ball. I guess if I can get myself in the tempo they suggest it will be worth it but for now I feel like I just started playing for the first time!!! The long game tones can be beeps or a voice "Swing, Set , Through!!!". Or you have some musical type tones to choose from. Long and short game tones come in 4 speeds. I do really like the short game tones though. One thing I don't like is that if I lock the iPhone the app stops (I have an old 3G model).
  13. I don't get how anyone could say they could not afford a decent pair of shorts. If they can afford greens fees they can buy shorts. I think there is a little bit of "majesty" left in this game so I like to dress like it. I think that is why I would like a CC since they would enforce the dress code. The base course doesn't cause they just want to make money too.
  14. So for those who are CC members, what added benefit do you have besides "prepaid greens fees?" How much less crowded is your course compared to a public one? I imagine you certainly pay a pretty penny for that privilege right? I can see how you would be upset to open it to the public. Being military I get access to the base course and they recently allowed civilians to start playing it for money reasons. I can say that I was less than thrilled. It was hard enough to deal with the retirees who are there all the time. Of course I will be one of those guys eventually! Oh and I don't like
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