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  1. I would recommend mp53 more forgiving than even JPX 800 pro. I use one. Almost can't tell the difference between mr friends r9 in terms of forgiveness. Heck my friend hits mp 53 better than his r9 and can't believe how forgiving 53s are. And of course it also has that traditional Mizuno blade look
  2. Recently the company was bought by Some south Korean golf company. Builds one of most beautiful clubs in the world. Especially popular among old people like Honma. I have seen this rich dude talking about his Maruman full set and he said he paid more than $30,000 and his driver was plated in gold and had some beautiful classic Japanese art on it. Very popular over in Asia especially in korea and japan
  3. I have these. Very light (95 grams). Very Ideal for slower tempo swings(for swingers rather than hitters). One of the most widely used shafts in Asia. Also very popular among LPGA tour professionals. Plays softer than dgs300 (I use stiff 950gh). High launch. I would say you give it a try with x stiff. Remember, these shafts are very soft. Probably the most advanced lite shafts available as Nippon is known for their lighter shafts.
  4. so did you get your club back yet?? i was fitted to ns 950GH Stiff and my ball launch is way higher... my 7 iron feels like my pitching wedge... do you think i was fitted to wrong shaft?? i thought my x-24 with uniflex (steel) had high launch... do you think i still may be able to change my shaft??
  5. Yeah I got fit by miles also lol. Hope mine comes with right shaft
  6. I a agree with you. I ordered mine 2days ago. My shaft is ns pro 950 stiff. Hopefully they send mine right haha
  7. I just bought my mp53 over ap2 after hitting them both for about 3weeks. Mp 53 was easier to hit and felt better but what do I know... Both are great irons. Just try them both
  8. I will definitely try AP2s tomorrow, thanks for you feedback
  9. i have one... benefit is you can see the alignment because shaft is on the backside... It has amazing feel to it... I put every long putt within 3 feet... I love putting because of this putter lol... I picked this over many SCs and Nike Methods. I tried many different putters over 2 month period and picked this. Remember, this has soft insert... some people hate em... Also.. You will have to spend some time on the practice green.. The thing is akward.. just needs getting used to period...
  10. Hey guys, I got a job in Korea and will be moving there at the end of this year... Golf equipments in Korea is really over priced and I'm looking to change my golf clubs. I usually shoot around low to mid 90s and about 140 yards with my x - 24 7 iron.. My game has improved over the summer and i finally broke 90 2 month ago... I love my x -24 but I just want more feedback from my club... also want something less forgiving. I got a natural mini fade swing. I haven't hit any of these clubs other than MP 53s old version MP 52.. It felt great. I'm leaning towards MP 53 or X forged (this is $500 at
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