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  1. I personally just like to wear a collared shirt and golf pants when the weather permits it just because I feel like I look best in them and they are the most comfortable. But I've worn t shirt and cargo pants to a public course before just because it was bloody hot out and I had to decide between stopping at home or getting 18 in with a decent warmup.
  2. Reading requires effort D:
  3. OP I'm sorry but seriously, if you're playing off of a 7.5 handicap then pacing out the exact yardage to the flag is not going to make any difference compared to using a laser range finder or sprinkler head. Hell, you could probably estimate it by sight and it wouldn't make a difference. Unless you're honestly going to say your 54 yard shot is definitely different than your 57 yard shot or your 52 yard shot. Then you cannot justify holding up the course to pace it out. The same logic applies to reading the wind and deliberating over aiming for 4 minutes. You just aren't going to be accurate enough to have it end up mattering in the long run. The pros actually do have the capability to land it where they are aiming with great accuracy a great percentage of the time and therefore should read the wind and the break and the yardage. How many times out of 100 can you land the chip pin high and spin it stopped a few ft away? THe pros can do it far, far more than you and therefore should get a very exact yardage. 5 hours for a 4 ball is ridiculous, nobody in their right mind would need that much time to play a round unless they were having to constantly wait.
  4. 1. Flushing the ball dead center and having it land on the back edge and roll down into the rough 2. Being 220 out on the second shot of a par 5 and putting it in trouble. 3. Putting for birde... now for par... now for bogey 3 putts 4. Getting greedy when you have a good round going and losing strokes. 5. Being unhappy outside on a good day because of a bad golf game.
  5. I'm lefty in most everything but golf. I was given lefty clubs and righty clubs to try and righty just felt better. My golf pro says it's the ideal way to be and no way in hell am I starting back from scratch haha.
  6. Game

    The Tour Championship

    hopefully those will overlap too haha
  7. Yeah I agree with motteler... Tiger woods is at a point in his life where most good golfers of old STARTED winning majors. So your argument that he's getting too old is moot imo
  8. Is there any way to watch the actual broadcast coverage when it comes on? I'm sick of watching 18th hole coverage online and I don't have a tv
  9. I can but it was rainy and said to trust the yardage book over my eyes so I did. Like I said, noob mistake
  10. i made this mistake just a few weeks ago.. made me feel so stupid. I was playing the castle course in the rain and I couldn't be bothered to check a sprinkler head for distance so I looked at the yardage book and found a mark behind a bunker that I figured was pretty close to my ball. It said 120 yd and on the stroke saver tips it says "This green is deceptive, trust your yardages". So I pulled out the P wedge took a full swing with good contact and watched with a smile as the ball went 80 yards past the back of the green because I picked the wrong bunker to use for yardages..
  11. I have been complimented a few times but one really sticks out for me. I blocked my second shot on a par 5 right into a sand trap about 100 yards from the green and took my 53* and caught the ball cleanly out and made it spin stopped about 4 ft from the hole. I was pretty happy as I made my birdie but I was alone and didn't think anyone would have seen it. All of a sudden some lady who I didn't know came down from the restaurant overlooking the 18th just to tell me how impressed she was with my sand shot. She told me it looked just like it does on tv. It made me feel really good that some stranger would walk all the way down just to compliment me.
  12. Got paired up with these two guys who showed up to their 9am tee time still drunk from the night before. They yelled some priceless things at their shanks such as SUCK DONKEY D*** right as another group walked by. I was so embarrassed to be playing with these guys... To top it off at the 17th hole one of them chipped it over the green on a few ft chip and just started an incredibly offensive impersonation of what he called his "Roy the Retard impression" Terrible round. Please, if you go golfing, don't show up wasted and have 10 more throughout the round. I hope he didn't drive home
  13. So I am just returning from a Scotland golf trip and I noticed that for the most part I started my rounds very, very well and shot almost all pars on the front and then turned into bogey golf on the back. Fore example, I had 7 straight pars on the front of the Jubilee course until one of my tee shots with my 3 hybrid blocked right and I ended up with double bogey due to a short game failure in the links grass. After that I just lost my confident swing and even timing. So my question is: Do you guys ever lose that nice even swing feeling after a bad shot and if so, what do you do to get back in the zone?
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