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  1. A couple of weeks back, TST put up a Twitter contest of sorts to win a TaylorMade "Love" headcover. I came across the contest maybe 3 hours after mentioning to my wife that for my first father's day, some incredibly gaudy headcover would be appropriate from Theodore, our son. Well, she went to work and came up with this. Granted, it was this tweet that officially won the contest, but the point remains that my son literally played an integral role in coming up with my first Father's Day gift. More appropriate is the "Love" moniker for the headcover. To
  2. https://twitter.com/RMPhillips22/status/208968069022892033
  3. Are multiple entries allowed or frowned upon? The sentence doesn't really finish in the original post...
  4. Well, this was a mistake. I told the wife I thought a head cover would be an appropriate first father's day gift, and then allowed her to read over my shoulder about this contest. While I imagine I will be disqualified for not having a picture of me enjoying my R9 TP Superdeep, I did end up with several photos like this below. Theodore, 8 month old son, with 9.5 TP Superdeep XS Alpha RIP.
  5. Recently departed with a Bridgestone J38 10.5 with a Motore F1 S 65g at 45.5" to pick up a set of irons on trade. Turns out it may have been a good thing, as I was never reliable, often leaking balls off to the right, and just did not enjoy playing with it. R ounding with only a 3 wood was considerably more enjoyable. With a tournament coming up this weekend though, I ran off to a local shop to play around with the launch monitor and some of their stuff. Smooth easy swing 90mph; getting hips into and what I would consider pushing my limit physically was 110mph and still re
  6. Went to golf store #1, bought a set of white grips. Went to golf store #2 a few minutes later, traded the irons the grips were for. Now looking for green multi compounds for the new clubs so these have to go. ~$84 plus shipping would help me recoup everything. $75 shipped via USPS work for anyone here? Also willing to add cash to trade for green multi compounds. Scratch that; see a site selling for $75.60 plus shipping with 13 strips of tape. $70 shipped now.
  7. Somewhat concerned I may have been had by the golf shop. The issue is that I was looking for a playable set of irons when I bought these. Now it seems these have an incredible playability factor, but everyone I ask says I am a fool for taking them to a course instead of hanging them on the wall.
  8. Mizuno USA says they have no information other than it is a JDM "somewhat" limited edition iron based on a relationship with Augusta National. Due to a language barrier, I have no idea how to get in touch with an English speaking member of the Mizuno Japan customer support team. Anyone have anything they can add?
  9. Remember "par" means "par," not average. Do not get too bent out of shape on scores, just look at it as a metric for development in the future. Enjoy yourself, and kudos for having 97 posts and counting before every going golfing. What gives there?
  10. I cannot seem to edit the initial post, but I have a hypothetical for everyone. If someone bought the aforementioned irons, and came home with a 3-SW (9 clubs) set of these with all matching serials and in near mint condition, what might be a fair price? Also...what the heck are they specifically? I do not think they are from the MP-29 line as they do not show any relief near the toe in the short irons. Note the sweet white alignment sticks in the putter well. Courtesy of this wonderful site.
  11. I'll concur with this; you are bound to eventually find something that sticks with you forever. For me, it is the putter listed in my sig that was a gift from my grandfather. No matter how many Buttonbacks and Redwoods I have owned, they have never gone more than two consecutive rounds in the bag.
  12. Edel makes absolutely beautiful items; the level to which they are willing to take their customization is absolutely phenomenal. That said, I like to switch clubs around more often than I actually play it seems...anything custom fit is going to mean I take a much larger hit financially when it comes time to trade the custom weighted, belly style mallet for something else. A Scotty Stitchback/Buttonback? Keep them in good shape and they are suitable for commodity trading.
  13. Friend that owns a rather large and successful golf shop gave me a heads up that he just took a 3-SW set (9 clubs) of Mizuno MP-29 Masters Edition in on trade. Said they were only released in Japan, and that they have the Masters emblem on the back of the club head. Anyone seen such a thing...or even heard of it? My Googling abilities have been put to the test, and I could not come up with a single photo. If they are indeed that rare...which would seem that they are...I may be picking them up just as a collector's item. Thoughts? Photos? Anyone?
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