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  1. I believe if it was in Mexico, it would most likely have been a crocodile, not an alligator, just nitpicking
  2. I go to a range which has an assortment of used balls, I always just figured the range buys used balls for cheap somewhere..none are marked range or anything. There are some nice balls in the buckets, usually a few pro v1's. I've never taken any, most of them seem to be in pretty rough condition.
  3. I've been really loving my irons lately, but for whatever reason I seam to completely mishit my iron shots on par 3's. I tee the ball very low, right at ground level just to give myself a good lie, but I usually end up doing a scold shot and it goes good distance but real low and runs. It's really frustrating since I feel great hitting them off the fairway/rough, but I must do something differently when on the tee box. Anyone have any tips for this? I'm assuming I am trying to lift the ball up when on the tee box instead of hitting down on it.
  4. Stream is laggy for me, anyone else?
  5. Haha yea, thought that was funny..I mean, he must have tried out an R11 before, right?
  6. When you mess up a chip shot and it goes 2 feet :( Also, messing up the next shot after a great drive..it always seems to happen.
  7. I've never seen someone get mad at someone behind behind them on the tee, a lot of people do it to help keep an eye on their ball. I play a lot with my dad and his older friends, and they like me to keep track of their drives.
  8. It's because it is more fun, laying up may be the smart play, but unless I am in a tournament, I go for it...tin cup style.
  9. The sentence after that on WIKI "Generally speaking, a sport is a game based in physical athleticism . Activities such as board games and card games are sometimes classified as " mind sports ," but strictly speaking "sport" by itself refers to some physical activity. "
  10. I'm currently using a Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS, and while I liked it at first..I think it's time to try out something else. The head is just too monsterous, and I'd like to get a regular shaft instead of the stiff shaft I have on it, since I've slowed my swing down a little. I'm basically looking to spend $80-100 on a used driver off eBay or Craigslist, and looking for some good ideas. I was thinking of going with a R7 or a 09 burner. I sometimes have a tendency to slice the ball every now and then, but nothing too severe.
  11. Bubba is an interesting person, he has one side where it seems like he is the nicest/funniest guy ever..then this other side where he turns into a complete ass.
  12. Would love to see Daly win. Anyone see Anthony Kim out there? Completely blew up, shot an 81 I believe and got DQ'd for putting in a wrong score.
  13. Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, the most beautiful golf course by far that I have ever played. The green fee is an insane $500, which we luckily didn't have to pay.
  14. Everyone has their own opinions on what a sport is, so at the end of the day you can only go by definition..and golf is a sport by definition. My friends actually just had an argument over this, and one of the points was that you don't have to be in great shape to be good, which is true to an extent (even though most the best are in excellent shape) but then I guess that would mean baseball isn't a sport either, considering the weight of some of the pitchers and DH's out there..
  15. I think it matters a little bit, I remember when I first switched from my wilson starter putter as a kid when my father bought me a whitehot putter, and thinking of how amazing it felt. The only putter I truly could not make a putt with was a Scotty Cameron Futura putter..that thing was absolutely awful.
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