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  1. Most of the time prefer casual golfing. There's nothing quite like smacking the ball around with your buddies making fun of their awful swings and shots; but also there is nothing quite like going absolutely crazy (in an excited way) when the worst golfer of the bunch hits a 250 yard drive right down the middle while everyone else is looking for their ball(s) in the pine needles. On another note that I am a very competitive person so once those competitive juices get flowing, there is no stopping me. I'm a very serious person when I am being competitve and that's not usually who I am. I
  2. What time did you go to bed? Did you even see the ball drop? I might have still been awake celebrating when you teed off...... But still, I would have loved to golf that morning especially in Florida. The only thing I need to golf that early is my clubs and an ice cold Arnold Palmer.
  3. He has a nice swing and he seems like a great guy. He is very quiet as well which makes him a mystery for fans, and as fans we like that about a guy. He is easy to cheer for and isn't cocky and jusat has fun playing the game.
  4. After all that build up I didn't get to play a full round of golf. I had things going on after school so i couldn't get out to the course till 6 which is about an hour before it gets dark this time of year. Also since the sun was setting, the warm temperatures of the earlier day had totally decreased to around 35 degrees. So me and my buddy only got 2 holes in and they were just alright. The course wasn't even open but the owner said if we were crazy enough to play in these conditions, then just go play for free. It felt really good to feel the ball come off the driver and watch the ball trave
  5. As a young golfer i like the white club heads. I think it's a good change of pace rather than the same old black drivers. I think it will be popular for a little bit but then it will just be another club. Maybe someday every driver will be in either white or black. Imagine in a few years Orange and red and pink Taylormade clubs.....
  6. This week it has been surprisingly warm in northeast Ohio and I've been working on my game. I have been taking lessons with this guy that videotapes my swing and helps me get my swing back to perfection for the past 3 weeks and I can tell my swing has really improved. My buddy's family owns a golf course up here (Skyland Pines) and they have a heated range. We went up there on Tuesday when it was about 40 degrees out and it was great! My swing has really revolutionized since last fall after only 3 weeks. Today it is 55 degrees and it will be my first round of 2011 with the new swing and I am k
  7. My goals for 2011 is to break 90 consistantly and at least once break 80 through 18. Never to shoot 100+ is also a goal but sometimes you have those days especially if you play as much as me. Through 9 holes i would like to break 40 more times, hardly be in the upper 40s and never be in the 50s. Another goal would be to use my 3 wood more often, 2 putt every hole, and to stay more calm and collected after a bad shot. Trying to not get in bad habits is also a big goal for me.
  8. No unconventional golfing styles doesn't bother me. I think they are very interesting actually. One of my friends has the opposite grip and i don't mind it. It's just weird how much better he putts classic style but he continues his funky way. I highly dislike the huge grips even though they are comfy.
  9. I love golf and i love my clubs but im nervous about playing in 30 degree and below weather. Is there any way i could lose pop off my club or the shaft becomes too brittle and snaps off? Also when is it too cold to play and you just seem ridiculous.
  10. I know a guy exactly like that is his name Jake? He will skip it out of the water five times and land on the green. Or it will be the smallest things and we just go nuts but we never admit it when we have 1 or 2
  11. Well said. Its all fun and games slidding down a hill with a cart until the cart flips and kills every player inside, then its hilarious.
  12. Yeah exactly they act like its devils dip.
  13. You can't take away carts because that's half the fun most of the time. (for most hackers)
  14. Golf if such a love-hate relationship. I golfed with him at the course we are members at and his swing was back and he was excited about playing for the team and in the tourney. I dont understand how this happens in golf because he literally was at rock bottom. I bet if we were keeping real score for him he would have gotten a 130. But then last night he got an 88. Hopefully he can stay confident about his game and keep with it through tryouts and the tourney. Im sure he will have more awful rounds, just like everyone, but hopefully its not as bad.
  15. Thanks guys for the replies. I'll talk to him about his behavior. I have to admit some of the things he does is pretty funny. Hahaha yes he took a tumble and it was freakin hilarious! He was reaching down to get a ball and I accidently turned a little fast and i was going full speed and he just hit the dirt haha.
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