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  1. I'll be there Friday as well. I actually have an extra VIP wristband that's yours if you want it. I think it allows access to some grandstand seating(not the 18th though).
  2. Lately I've been feeling that my arms are staying too far back during my downswing when driving off the tee. I feel like this is what is causing my drives to be push slices(they are usually controllable draws). What kind of little tweaks can I do that my fix this? Slow my lower body turn, since it might be getting too far ahead of my arms?
  3. Super happy to see him comeback in incredible fashion like that to win it.
  4. Yep I certainly did. He looked so solid and under control. Credit to Stanley for snatching the lead.
  5. Strick has had this under control for a while now. As an aside, I had my driver reshafted to the shaft that Stricker uses(the Proforce V2) and it's incredible.
  6. Nice idea and I'll be following your progress. Do you guys always shoot within 1-4 strokes of each other playing 18? That's crazy.
  7. I almost always play as a single, don't have to wait AND don't usually get paired up. I suppose that's in part because most of my golf is played on summer weekdays in ridiculously hot Miami. None of my buddies are big into golf and those that I meet on the course just aren't guys I'd want to play many rounds with.
  8. I don't think Westwood or Kaymer are members of the PGA Tour, are they?
  9. Any updates on what he's up to these days? Still driving around trying to Monday qualify for Champions Tour events?
  10. Thanks jamo, i'll have to research that. It might sway me into buying the collector's addition. I also want to +1 what ND Fan said above. I'm REALLY hoping that players aren't going to be shooting -24 in a single round online. I will ignore online play altogether if this hasn't changed. There should be some sort of "human element of error" where even if your player has max stats and you line everything up perfect, your shot won't always be within two feet of the pin.
  11. Anyone know if the bonus or purchasable download courses are incorporated into the career mode? If the courses are added to career mode for more depth and variety in the tournaments I think they would be totally worth the purchase. Otherwise, I don't really care to buy the extra courses if they are only available for exhibition or quick play mode.
  12. I wonder what these players are getting in appearance fees for playing this.
  13. So I'm working ShotLink on the 16th fairway tomorrow. The first pairing tees off at 8:30. What time would you estimate they might get to me on the 16th?
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