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  1. bwdial

    TV Sports Theme Songs

    NFL Films - Classic Battle
  2. bwdial

    What Is Your Favorite Movie About Each Sport?

    Football: Rudy Baseball: Eight Men Out Basketball: Hoosiers Hockey: Slap Shot Soccer: The Damned United... though Bend it Like Beckham for Keira Knightley in a sports bra Auto Racing: LeMans Bowling: The Big Lebowski Surfing: Endless Summer Golf: The Greatest Game Ever Played Boxing: Cinderella Man Other: Seabiscuit
  3. bwdial

    Favorite Sport/Team Besides Golf

    College football is my first passion, and as an alum, with a daughter in her junior year there, the Alabama Crimson Tide has always been in my DNA. My dad was born in Alabama, and much of my family lives there, so I grew up an Alabama fan, even though I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Speaking of Tampa, I grew up a Bucs fan through thick and thin - mostly thin - but I have dropped them ever since they drafted Winston. Done. Now that I live in the Atlanta area, I have become a Falcons fan, but there isn't the depth of commitment and I often find myself rooting for individual players from Alabama in the NFL. In the "other" football, it's Atlanta United and West Ham in the Premier League, or the Championship, as it looks like we may be playing in next year. Also, I am passionate about the United States National teams - men and women. As I am typing this, I'm watching the World Endurance Championship from Mexico City, and I am bummed that Porsche is pulling out, although the IMSA 12 Hours of Sebring immediately followed by a 12 Hours of Sebring for the WEC is a fascinating proposition.
  4. A buddy of mine had tickets to the Alabama/FSU game, but not just any tickets, tickets to his company's corporate suite. Great chicken and fixins, plus all the Makers Mark and Woodford Reserve I could handle.
  5. Way to go Justin Thomas! ROLL TIDE!
  6. bwdial

    Leave the Driver in the Bag?

    I love hitting driver, and it's probably the surest stick in my bag.
  7. bwdial

    What's Your favorite club and why?

    Driver and putter. Driver is a Ping G25 that I picked up almost new for a little over $100. I find the driver - especially this Ping - to be the easiest club to hit in the bag. It's forgiving on mis-hits and goes forever. My putter is an old school Ping Anser 4, and I just roll it well.
  8. bwdial

    Describe Your Bad Shot/Great Result Moment

    I hit a five iron on a par three that was about 170 yards. My right foot slipped out from beneath me a'la Padraig Harrington, and I caught it thin. The ball hits short of the green in a swale and ran up onto the front edge. Hole in one.
  9. Michael Bradley was abysmal, and the rest of the team just looked too rushed. Yes, Argentina is great, but there were so many times where U.S. players tried to pass the ball on the first touch, or worse, just hoofed it up the field when they weren't under any real pressure. Argentina didn't really have to work to gain possession. They just had to sit back and wait for us to turn it over.
  10. The success of MLS and their academies should begin to make this path a lot easier. Christian Pulisic is a prime example of the increase in skill in American soccer. Kid's 17 years old and he plays for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga and he's not a German born son of an American serviceman; he grew up in Hershey, PA.
  11. Soccer isn't limited to just the men's or women's national teams. MLS is televised on ESPN every weekend and games average over 21,000 in attendance. The women's professional league has no major network coverage and averages about 5,000 in attendance. In fact, the highest attendance at a women's game this season was still below the men's average. The USMNT has never gotten to a World Cup final. The USWNT has won three World Cups. However, the competition in the men's World Cup is off the charts compared to the women's. During the last women's World Cup there were a couple of double digit scorelines, as well as several in the 5 or 6 to 0 games. The Ivory Coast had a -20 goal differential if I remember correctly. That's over the course of three games. Yes, the USWNT is more successful than the USMNT, but do not assume that success creates a ton of buzz around the women's professional game.
  12. The police chief in Marseilles is blaming 150 "well trained" Russian hooligans for the melee. I know that hooligans in European football have a well-earned reputation for A Clockwork Orange style "ultra-violence," but every time I hear or read the word "hooligan" I think of the late, great Bill Hicks. If you are offended by a little profanity, please don't click the link. Hooligans! As for the growth of soccer, it will continue. MLS has provided a stable, well-managed professional league that has steadily gained status in regard to other leagues around the world. Having the USMNT going deep into tournaments like Copa America will help to continue this trend.

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