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  1. Fat wedge. Less than a hundred yards, and the ball goes shorter than the divot.
  2. Well... this post didn't age well. 3-0-0 in this competition.
  3. The only time I'll move my ball is if hitting the ball as it lies could cause damage to my club, myself, or someone else. I play hilly courses in Georgia, and will frequently be faced with a rocky lie that has been created by water run-off. I see no reason to damage a golf club, or worse, myself or another person with flying rocks, just to honor the rules of the game. When I do move my ball in these cases, I pull it backwards to a non-rocky lie.
  4. Day 49 Worked my way through the entire bag into the net focusing on impact. Really hit the ball solidly with every club in the bag. After hitting full shots into the net, I worked on pitches, flop shots, and chips in the yard. We are on fall break on Thursday and Friday, and while I won't have a chance to play on either of those days because of appointments, I plan on going to the lighted par three course after work on Wednesday.
  5. Day 48 Hit seven irons into the net, emphasizing getting into a powerful impact position. Before I hit any shots, I did a drill where I got into my impact position, and then just "threw" the ball into the net.
  6. Day 47 Worked on takeaway and impact positions with the weighted club. After that, I moved into slow motion full swings with the weighted club.
  7. Day 46 Late night of professional development means a session with the weighted club. Worked on my takeaway and impact position.
  8. The only time my wife has ever been on a golf course with me, we walked up on a ten foot gator sunning itself on the bank of a pond.
  9. Day 45 I took my weighted club out back and took some slow motion swings with it before working on my impact position with my seven iron into the net. I hit a few shots squirrelly, but overall it was much better than yesterday's session. The last few shots were really solid and my impact position was tour quality. Okay... maybe not "tour quality," but way better than my usual impact position.
  10. Day 44 Worked on my impact position hitting into the net. I didn't hit everything as crisply as I would have liked. Shanked several, thinned several more, and hit a whole bunch fat. Really disappointed, but I know that it's a process breaking my swing down into its components. I did hit a few shots right on the button, so I have decided not to sell my clubs and take up bowling.
  11. I'm originally from Tampa, so I'll have to make a trip to play here when I get back down there.
  12. Day 43 I worked with my weighted club on takeaway and impact positions in a mirror. Trying to get my shoulders and hips open through impact.
  13. The three guys playing in front of me waved me up to play through. After dumping my tee shot about five yards short of the green, I had about 60 feet left to the pin. I took out my 8 iron and hit a little running pitch that landed on the front of the green and tracked straight to the hole, hit the pin, and stopped about nine inches from the hole.
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