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  1. I think they have had some supply chain issues, but from what I understand, they are trying to get back into the driver business.
  2. Current bag setup: G400 9° Driver w/Alta Stiff Shaft G20 15° 3 Wood w/Alta Stiff Shaft G400 19° 3 Crossover w/Alta Stiff Shaft G30 Irons - 4-GW w/DG S300 Shafts Glide 3.0 Wedges - 54°/12 & 58°/10 Select Squareback Hoofer Bag
  3. My wife bought a laminating machine. I might have to give this a shot. Two of the courses I play with some regularity have yardage books, but Pine Hills (which is a goat track) does not, and I will be taking my kids there to play because it's cheap and wide open. The front nine is pretty straightforward, but the back nine has a lot of water and forced carries, which would be made a lot easier with a yardage book. It would also make it easier for me to set up tees for the kids to play from.
  4. I pulled a muscle in my back a while back, so I've not been able to test them out until recently. I took them to the course with my four kids, my wife, and Ping G30s, and played nine holes. As excited as I was, I have to say that they were not able to push the Pings out of the bag. They just weren't as forgiving, and felt a good bit heavier, which seemed to slow my swing down. Whatever distance gains the hot face got me, seemed to be lost. I was consistently longer, and more accurate with the Pings. I may look into getting them reshafted with graphite shafts, but that's not going to happen for a while.
  5. My cousin had an Otey Crisman putter. It was cool to play around with, but I couldn't get the speed right on the course.
  6. Futuristic... but not apocalyptic.
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