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  1. Yeah... flushing shots dead center! 😁
  2. I tried flaring out my left foot today, and it did make a difference.
  3. Mine is a year old, and it's worked out great. I did use 2 1/2" pipe, so it's really sturdy. The only things that have broken is the cable ties that I have used to attach the net to it, but I buy them in bags of 1,000 because I use them to attach the desks to each other in my classroom... which obviously isn't happening any more this school year.
  4. Did this for about ten minutes. Started with two dimes, but I lost the target dime in the yard. Can't wait to find that with the lawnmower! Started using a ball, and was highly successful. Hit the back dime once, and it popped straight up, which means I clipped it with the bounce of my wedge.
  5. They've canceled The Open Championship, but they've rescheduled (tentatively) the Masters and U.S. Open, right?
  6. Locally: Sugar Hill is open for play! Please take a look at our updated precautions moving forward: - Sanitizing and hand wiping all the carts before and after each use. - Instructing customers to leave the pin in. - Removed all water coolers from the golf course. - Removed all rakes from bunkers. - Added foam noodles in the cups so there is no need to touch the flag. - All doors are open to limit touches. - The restaurant is open but only for to-go orders, so we are encouraging golfers to call ahead. *Additionally, if you wish to have your own cart, it will be an extra $10 fee.
  7. I know this is nearly six years late, but I just saw this. I will have to try this because I have arthritis in my knees, and I just had three rounds of Gel-Syn injections under both kneecaps.
  8. Wow... your club seemed to devolve into some type of chaotic dystopian nightmare pretty quickly.
  9. I took a video from in front of me through the net to get a look as my hips and shoulders at impact, and I still have a lot of work to do. My hips look like they are square to the target, and my shoulders look like they are even a bit closed. I've been trying to work on my impact position without a ball indoors in order to break this habit.
  10. Same here... I was hitting shots fat, thin, and even a few of the dreaded "s" words. It feels out of sync, but that's a problem I'm going to have to work on, because my current swing features hip slide forward, but very little, if any, hip rotation.
  11. Sorry for cutting off the very beginning. I was editing in my phone and managed to cut off my position at address. I was very conscious NOT to look back at my takeaway, so that's good.
  12. To be honest, I'm not sure... but I'm about to go out to the swinglab and work on it, along with today's drill.
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