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  1. 160ish yard par three 16th. Hit my tee shot fat and it landed in the crusty, ground-under-repair bunker. Took my drop, and pulled my 54° wedge and hit a gorgeous little flop that almost hit the pin. Of course, I missed the putt for par.
  2. Sugar Hill Golf Club - Back Nine - 49 All the good from last week was washed away in a sea of double bogeys. I have a mental block when it comes to the 14th hole. I piped a five iron to just short of the 150 pole, because after that, the fairways stops and the hole plunges down into a ravine, and then rises back up to the green. I top my approach shot EVERY time. It's just mental weakness at this point, and I'm going to have to get over it.
  3. Last Thursday at my Spark Golf match, I opened with a double bogey. I hit a five-iron high off the face, leaving myself a little over 200 yards across a ravine. Then I topped a three-hybrid into the lake at the bottom of the ravine. I dropped and hit my fourth shot onto the green and two putted for double bogey. Normally, I would have probably folded like a Dollar Tree lawn chair. But I didn't, and I managed to go three over for the other eight holes to card a 41.
  4. I have several sets of Ping irons, which all have different color codes. After some experimentation with the various lie angles, I have determined that blue dots are the best for me. (I'm 6'5") My question is this; is it possible to bend i500s from green dots to blue, and as they are flattened, will this impact the loft? If I'm not mistaken, when you bend irons more upright, doesn't it take a little loft off? If this is true, this would be ideal, because the i500s are Power Spec, and I would like them to be closer to the standard loft. Furthermore, are there local Ping fitters a
  5. The course I play at most frequently has local rules that deal with this. There are some areas that have really deteriorated due to the hilliness and poor drainage, and most of the bunkers are water hazards, so you are able to take relief in a lot of these situations.
  6. After watching my piped three wood roll back down the hill toward the tee, leaving me with about 150 yard shot, up such a severe slope that I could not see the flag (and the ball had just rolled about 75 yards down). I pulled my six iron and lined up to where my partner said the flag was on Saturday. I hit the pin.
  7. Sugar Hill Golf Club - Back Nine Shot a 41. Last Thursday, I shot a 49. I started with a double bogey, but after that I went bogey, par, bogey, par, par, par, bogey, and par. I struck the ball really well for the most part, and really only mishit five shots. I also really played well around the greens, and putted well. Of course, all of this glory was overshadowed by a guy on the other team in our foursome getting a hole in one.
  8. Congratulations! That is an achievement that I've never had. Oh yeah... and... ROLL TIDE!
  9. For me, it was the entire ninth hole at my Spark Golf match. It is a downhill, dogleg right - which slopes violently to the right into a ravine - before a 90° dogleg left which climbs up to the green, which is probably about 25 or 30 feet uphill. Piped a driver about 260 yards down the left side, which took the slope and got down to a flat stop in the middle of the fairway. Next shot was a smoked 3 hybrid into the moguls at the base of the hill that the green is perched on. I had about 120 yards left, and I hit a nine iron that, if it had carried another two feet, probably would have k
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