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  1. My buddy has a set of those, and they are sweet. I bought a used Bushnell Phantom, and I am looking forward to getting to know my yardages a lot better.
  2. Since nobody seems to be hitting good shots, I'll share again. Wednesday, whilst breaking 90 for the second time this week, I hit my shot of the week. On the par four eleventh at Riverpines, I wound up in the greenside bunker, with a pretty severe downhill lie, and about 20 yards to the pin. I had about fifteen yards of bunker to clear, so I couldn't get cute with the shot. I hooded the blade on my 58° a little bit, and thumped the hell out of the sand. The ball landed about a yard over the bunker in the fringe and the bounded onto the green. It finished about ten feet past the hole, and I burned the edge of the hole with my par putt, but that bunker shot was magnificent.
  3. One of the courses I've been playing lately has a pretty simple dress code; 7. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  4. Welcome back. I took a look at your country club's website. Looks cool, and your goal should be going after that course record!
  5. Based on that, I think that member #1 probably smokes them. You probably play them to about even - win one, lose one - over several rounds.
  6. My game is coming together. Off the tee, I am improving from round to round. There is still room for improvement, but I think I just need to get confident with the driver. With my irons, I am literally hitting the ball better than I ever have. My miss is now a thin shot, rather than a weak chunked shot that leaves me a full shot short of the green. However, most of my irons are pure, or as close to pure, as they have ever been. Today, I was striping four and five irons into greens protected by water without fear. My short game, while not getting me up and down for pars yet, is allowing me to limit the damage. I have played my last two rounds, on difficult, tree lined courses, without a single triple bogey. My last triple bogey was forty holes ago. The putts that I am missing are burning the edges, and I stuck several five-to-ten footers right in the heart of the cup. My lag putting is improving with every round, and my confidence with the putter is rising. My course management is improving as my swing is improving, because I am becoming more confident in my abilities. When I am over a shot, my thoughts have shifted from just staying out of trouble, to actually focusing on targets. My next step is to really get a better handle on my club distances. As my swing has improved, my distances have increased, and I've got to figure them out so that I can avoid the debacles like happened on the 17th today. I tried to lay-up with a seven iron, but hit it into the woods. If I put that one into the fairway, I make par, instead of double bogey. My handicap is falling as my confidence is rising.
  7. Me too. The courses I cut my teeth on in Tampa (mall) and Tuscaloosa (cross country running course) are both gone, and the par three here in the Atlanta area that I wanted to take my kids to has been closed to build houses.
  8. Actually, I lied earlier. I hit a punch shot from the trees a little fat on the ninth hole, and I hit a toe-y eight iron on the par three sixteenth.
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