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  1. Pine Hills Golf Club: Winder, GA - 7 rounds Lanier Islands Legacy Golf Course: Lanier Islands, GA - 3 rounds Collins Hill Golf Club: Lawrenceville, GA - 3 rounds Sugar Hill Golf Club: Sugar Hill, GA - 2 rounds Riverpines Golf Club: Johns Creek, GA - 1 round Stone Mountain Golf Club - Stonemont Course: Stone Mountain, GA - 1 round Bobby Jones Golf Course - Magnolia Course: Atlanta, GA - 1 round Chastain Park Golf Course: Atlanta, GA - 1 round Sadly, just 19 rounds.
  2. The problem with this is that it's not really information, but rather disinformation. Most of what I've seen is crazy conspiracy theories that are simply sowing the seeds of mistrust. Meanwhile, I've had several eighth grade students of mine out for extended periods of time due to COVID. One girl tested positive in late October and was unable to return to school until after Thanksgiving break. She has not been the same. Another student tested positive last week, and she won't be back until January. Right now, the positivity rate in my county is over 20%.
  3. I saw something on Facebook about them testing some new drivers, so I guess they are getting back into the driver game.
  4. My first set of clubs were a set of MacGregor Golden Bears bought at Oshman's Sorting Goods at Westshore Plaza in Tampa. The set was comprised of three woods (1, 3, and 5) and eight irons (3 - PW). They were blades, but I don't think they were forged. I added a Northwestern sand wedge and a Ray Cook heel-shafted putter. All of it was carried in a black Spalding bag.
  5. Well, that sucks. I always loved listening to his voice.
  6. My kids - all four of them - shag my foam golf balls when we go for walks. I take a nine iron and rip shots that they field like outfielders. Drew, my athlete and most avid golfer, has a running total of 49 catches. Caitlin has caught about five. Will tracks them pretty well, but he hasn't caught one yet. Emma just watches.
  7. The Gentlemen My wife really loved this movie, but it was a bit slow compared to other Guy Ritchie films. The "gang" activity seemed kind of forced. Scramble for par.
  8. Nope. I use my 58° and 54° a lot, but neither one more than the other. I also use my PW and GW, as well as my 9 and 8 irons. That said, my short game was a hot mess yesterday, but I haven't been on a course in a while.
  9. Second hole - 269 yard Par Four - Stonemont Course @ Stone Mountain Golf Club. After bunting a three wood down the middle of the fairway, I hit a nine iron to the front edge, leaving myself a sixty-plus foot putt for birdie. I took my time and got the line and speed almost perfect, leaving a nine inch tap in for par. That would be the only highlight of an otherwise miserable day of ballstriking.
  10. I shot 107. It was on the Stonemont course at Stone Mountain yesterday, which I had never played. It was also the first time I'd been on a golf course in a couple of months due to a back injury. I started off pretty well, with a bogey on the first (the hardest hole on the course according to the starter), a par, followed by another bogey. Then I went double, quad, triple, double, triple, double to round out the front. Overall, I hit nine fairways, but my approaches were dismal, and my short game was a hot mess. I also three putted a lot, and just generally found myself out of sync fo
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