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  1. A-FRIGGEN-MEN!!!! I've seriously considered reteaching myself to putt right handed. Ive only been playing for 3 months so if I was ever gonna do it, now would be the time.
  2. I just bought the 50 ball bucket. I mean how can you beat it for 35$ dlvd?
  3. id like to know in general if this is a solid ball because I was looking at the bucket of 50 myself
  4. end of the year card is GSP vs. Koshcheck - UFC 124 in Vegas November supposedly could be Silva vs Belfort or Silva vs. Sonnen 2. All I know is UFC 118 better be good cuz I got some great seats for it and I cant wait to see BJ win his title back.
  5. tyvm appreciate it
  6. 100% i have.
  7. one of the better ppv cards on paper ever and it lived up to it aside from Fitch v Alves. Junios Dos Santos is flat out scary. Chael Sonnen cemented himself as the # 2 Middleweight in the world. Anderson Silva displayed the heart of a champion in every sense of the word. Hughes submitted one of the best BJJ practioners on the planet. I mean what more could you want? It was awesome!
  8. I have one single ticket, not a pair, to ufc 118 in boston on 8/28 the ticket is located in: Balcony 315 (1 section of center, unreal view) row 2 seat 4 i paid 215$ for it, which amounts to 200$ face value + 15$ in ticket master fees. I will take 205$ via paypal or 200$ via cash if you are in the boston area. Im not sure if this thread violates board rules, if it does i apoligize ahead of time.
  9. Im going golfing for the 1st time Wednesday. I'm gonna play 9 holes w/my Dad, Uncle and their boss, who is my old boss and a friend of ours. Since it is my first time out on a course, I am just looking for a few things on etiquette that I should know going in. Thanks
  10. about 31.5"
  11. top of the grip, to the very top of the club head is just over 43"
  12. height = 5' 8.5" arm span = 5' 8.75" elbow to wrist = 11" shoulder to elbow = 10.25" leg 35" or so