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  1. A-FRIGGEN-MEN!!!! I've seriously considered reteaching myself to putt right handed. Ive only been playing for 3 months so if I was ever gonna do it, now would be the time.
  2. I just bought the 50 ball bucket. I mean how can you beat it for 35$ dlvd?
  3. id like to know in general if this is a solid ball because I was looking at the bucket of 50 myself
  4. I gotta Karsten Series Vintage Echo 2 that I am putting for sale on here soon. I like it, just need to upgrade to a mallet.
  5. Just bought this in EBay brand new w/headcover for only 21.50$! Figured for that price I couldnt pass it up since I've been looking for a new putter anyways. Thanks
  6. No1CeltsFan

    Ufc 117

    end of the year card is GSP vs. Koshcheck - UFC 124 in Vegas November supposedly could be Silva vs Belfort or Silva vs. Sonnen 2. All I know is UFC 118 better be good cuz I got some great seats for it and I cant wait to see BJ win his title back.
  7. No1CeltsFan

    Ufc 117

    one of the better ppv cards on paper ever and it lived up to it aside from Fitch v Alves. Junios Dos Santos is flat out scary. Chael Sonnen cemented himself as the # 2 Middleweight in the world. Anderson Silva displayed the heart of a champion in every sense of the word. Hughes submitted one of the best BJJ practioners on the planet. I mean what more could you want? It was awesome!
  8. I have one single ticket, not a pair, to ufc 118 in boston on 8/28 the ticket is located in: Balcony 315 (1 section of center, unreal view) row 2 seat 4 i paid 215$ for it, which amounts to 200$ face value + 15$ in ticket master fees. I will take 205$ via paypal or 200$ via cash if you are in the boston area. Im not sure if this thread violates board rules, if it does i apoligize ahead of time.
  9. Im going golfing for the 1st time Wednesday. I'm gonna play 9 holes w/my Dad, Uncle and their boss, who is my old boss and a friend of ours. Since it is my first time out on a course, I am just looking for a few things on etiquette that I should know going in. Thanks
  10. top of the grip, to the very top of the club head is just over 43"
  11. height = 5' 8.5" arm span = 5' 8.75" elbow to wrist = 11" shoulder to elbow = 10.25" leg 35" or so
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