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  1. Fred Couples bar none. Even though he swings flat footed (hence his back problems) he still has the best swing. Ernie Els in a close second.
  2. Save yourself some money and go with the Odyssey. Camerons are so overpriced its not even funny. His latest line of putters look so cheap its not even funny. I have putted with numerous camerons and still have yet to find one thats not as good as other putters I have used. Dont buy your game and go with the Odyssey. Its a great putter and much better feel than the Cameron.
  3. Can I ask you why your going with the Ping Eye 2's? Have you hit them before? Some still argue they are the best irons ever produced and I probably would not disagree. I still have my BeCu's in the closet. If your shooting in the 100s you do not want these irons. Very small clubface. Look into some used callaway X-18's which you can get very cheap. Even some of the newer taylormade irons are very inexpensive. I would not recommend the Pings. I still think you need a forged iron since your still growing. I feel for you about your dad not wanting to invest the money until you get better. I have heard that before and almost feel like starting a donation pool for you. If you have a love for the game, then you really cant put a pricetag on it. However people like golf galaxy can..hahaha. Shoot me your budget and I would be more than happy to do some research and pricing for you.
  4. I dont know how tall your parents are, but Im sure you still have some growing to do. I would definitley make sure you get some forged irons. They can always be bent as you grow more. Cast irons will only be able to be bent a couple of degrees...depending on the maker. Just something to think about. Go hit some irons at your local course. Dont hit them at a golf galaxy, golfsmith, etc. Everything hits great off the mats. Find out what you like, then go on Ebay and save yourself a ton of money. Then take them to your local pro and get fitted with the ones you purchased. Save yourself alot of money and DO NOT purchase from a big golf store or even a proshop. Just my 2 cents
  5. Im a high numbers guy myself. Normally they keep those behind the counter for some reason. If you have a golf shop you know well or even a clubhouse, they should have no problem with you swapping the sleeves. A majority of people do not care about the numbers as they mark their ball in numerous ways so if they got a box thats all 1's, they are not going to care.
  6. If your a 36 handicapper your best bet is to work and pay for your swing. Getting off the Tee with a new driver is not going to turn your game around. Sounds like you also need to work on irons and putting. While getting off the Tee is critical, your mid-irons and short game are more important if you ask me. Getting rid of a slice is one of the easiest things to do. Have a Pro look at your swing for about 5 minutes and he will give you numerous things to work on. Most of the time its being too far away from the ball or an outside-inside swing which can be worked on at the range.
  7. I always walk and so I have used the TW tennis style shoes and even the newer nike shox style golf shoes. I purchased a pair or the Adidas tour 360's early this year and its by far the best golf shoe I have ever owned. Black goes with everything, waterproof, and comfortable as can be. The only thing you need to look for in a golf shoe is for style and waterproofness (its a word in this case). As far as shoes adding distance to your drives, more balance,etc... give me a break. If someone ever tells you that they have no idea of what they are talking about and should be beaten with a 9 iron. As far as the guy who was talking about playing in tennis shoes because of over swinging.....that guy knows what hes talking about. Sandal style golf shoes will also help with this. You need to spend money to get good golf shoes. The quality of leather, being waterproof, etc... all equals spending $150 and up.
  8. Its all what the person can do with the club. When I was a broke college kid i bought some callaway knock offs. It didnt matter so me what I was hitting because I learned how to play those particular irons. You could strap a rock to a stick and use it as a club and get better with each shot. The only thing that clones will not do is cost you a lot of money. Clubs are a status symbol for 95% of the golfers. I see so many chops at my club that have $2000 in their bag and a handicapp that matches my putts per round (i dont one putt every green). So take it for what its worth. If your strapped for cash....get some clones.
  9. FahooGolfs hit the nail on the head. Those 3/4 shots I find will cause my to try to "pepper" the ball just right. Thus I find myself pulling away from the ball and really overrotating my top half. I hit with spin milled vokeys and do the same thing every now and then. The best advice I can give you is what my buddies tell me. "you stay down and hit it, and we will watch it"
  10. Close your stance just a tad. See if that helps. This happens to me regularly. I hit 13 fairways the other day...was on fire. Yesterday Im pushing the ball and at times a little slice. Close your stance a bit and slow your swing down. As mentioned above...I think your hands may be a little late.
  11. Watch one of Micklesons flop shots and tell me that is not skill. If they want to bring more skill back into the game then they need to quit making the courses so long and bring in more trees and traps. Make shots more risk-reward. But to answer your question...a lob wedge is a must for me. It is by far the most deadly club in my bag. From 60yds in.....watch out. It is also helpful for short sided sand shots.
  12. I will say that I purchased the sky caddie this past summer. What a difference it makes. I had always relied on old markers and the 150yd pines. If you actually just go walk the course before or during play...get your own measurements (where you consider front,middle,back) then you cant go wrong with these. You will have your own measurements to where you know you need to hit the shot. Alot of times your eyes decieve you. I have sat at the 100yd marker many times and said...man..no way is that 100yds. Sure enough it was or was not.
  13. You will not regret adding the Bridgestones. Some are even going for more than the Pro V1's on Ebay. Thats where I buy all my balls. I cannot justify the price at the proshop. I just picked up 50 Pro V1's for $52.00 including shipping. All are in almost new shape. Sure they have some markers on them..but oh well. One thing you will find with hitting the Pro V1's is that after the first hole..your going to have some marks on then.
  14. DT Solo's are junk balls. If you want a forgiving ball with lots of feel start hitting the Pro V1. I switch off an on between the Pro V1 and the Bridgestone B330S. Bridgestone is longer off the T, but the Pro V1 has more feel around the greens. I am a 4 handicapper...so take it for what its worth
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