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  1. I used to live in Texas and while I was in college I worked at a golf course. I left my clubs in the trunk of my car all the time and the epoxy did weaken. I had two heads depart the shaft rather unexpectedly (not at the same time!) and then had to hunt them down in the weeds. I suggest that you grab the grip in one hand, the club head in the other, and give it a good twist. See if you can feel any movement or hear the epoxy crackling. If not, you are probably ok. But, if you live in a hot climate, you are on borrowed time until you launch one. If you change your grips every year then they
  2. Top Flite Gamer....awesome ball for $20 a dozen! I posted my thoughts on this ball in another thread a couple of days ago if you care to look..I can't find the link though! I normally play ProV1x but decided to try the new Gamers and was very impressed. I think you will find a great value and great performace in this ball. Javaman
  3. Short answer: AWESOME BALL!! Long Answer: I normally play ProV1x but decided to try the new Top Flite Gamer due to some good experiences I had with their higher spin balls in the early 1990's, when Lee Trevino was playing them on the senior tour. It was kind of odd for me to change balls like that, but I just had a feeling and went with it. My buddies were laughing at me when we teed off as the greens we were playing were firm and fast. The general consensus was that the Top Flite was going to go BOING.... over the green and into trouble. They were WRONG!!!!! I play off a 3 handicap
  4. In the May Golf Digest there is an article on page 138 entitled "Focus on Your Faults" and it deals with, among other things, tracking your personal stats when playing. The author has his own program called ShotByShot that "..breaks down a round into specific areas and interpolates a player's performance in each." I am wondering if any of you have your own unique system by which you track your own stats, and if so, are you willing to share with the rest of the community? Also, how do you use it towards improving your performance? Please share with us! I used to track my stats on GIR, Putt
  5. I have broken par 3 times. Once I shot 70 (-2) by hitting 17 greens and making zero putts of any length, and twice I shot 71 (-1) just by being steady and not making any mistakes. Also have a handfull of even par rounds. I have been under par for 9 holes a million times with my best at -3 twice, once with a bogey and once with two bogeys. Actually I have a -1 for 9 holes in my last two rounds, I just usually fall apart and do something stupid. Hey, if I was any good, I'd be rich!
  6. I look after a service company in the petroleum industry, currently based in Indonesia. I have been fortunate enough to play in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia recently. Great golf in Asia, and usually good weather too!
  7. Where I live we always have a caddy, so I prefer to walk with a caddy. I don't ask the caddy to club me unless I know that particular caddy, and more importantly, if they know me. I do ask for a read on the green now and again, but by and large I just let them take care of the bag and I will do my own thinking. I know that having a caddy is very, very expensive in most parts of the world, but if you do ever have a chance to walk with a caddy I highly recommend it. It can make for a very enjoyable game.
  8. I read his Short Game Bible and his Putting Bible and I think they are both excellent. The 3 x 4 system works reasonably well for me though to be fair I have not spent enough time on the range working on it. I think once I spend more time on it that it will really help lower my scores. In fact, I am about to take one of his 3 day scoring schools later this year. Has anyone taken one, and if so, do share your experiences. Thanks in advance.
  9. I live in Indonesia. The only question about weather we have is rain, or shine? 90 F every day. Played on Wed, playing again tomorrow. Life is good!
  10. I have one goal, and if I achieve that, everything else will take care of itself: Course Management (young players, say it with me now, COURSE MANAGEMENT!!!!) I paly off 3, and until last year I had never shot level par. Then one day I did it by playing smart golf (COURSE MANAGEMENT!) In my last 6 rounds I have two under par and one was even par. My game is steady, I do nothing exceptionally well, but I also have no major weakness (except my brain.) Now, instead of trying to make a birdie on every hole I play, I play the hole to ensure a par, and a birdie is a bonus. I know I wil
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