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  1. Yes it is 7 par3's and 2 par4's. Most par 3's are in the 150 range with one about 90 and two about 200 the par 4's are both 270 a piece but the fairway is as tight as most the 3's. The double bogey was a drive that went into the woods and required me to chip out then get up and down but I missed the green from about 40ish yards on the first par4. Handicap is a 9 hole handicap from a weekly 9hole league at a full length course.
  2. Honestly, divot duty is something we assign to the retards who cant handle simple tasks like raking sandtraps and operating some basic machinery. My boss and former pro/professional greenskeeper has absolutely nothing wrong with people playing 2 sometimes 3 balls on our course. Most of them keep pace with 2somes and 4somes infront of them and we dont consider each divot they take as insulting our hard work. This guy is blowing hot air and I have no idea who he may know that works on a course that feels the same way he does.... If I saw a scratch golfer hitting 3 shots I'd be watching how w
  3. Sigh... Worked on a course for years I've seen quite a bit. 1) Two old ladies drove a cart right into a brook. Literally its the only brook on the members only course and they both knew damn well exactly where it was. They both climb out un-harmed and walk right up to my friend and I who saw the disaster and demand we remove said cart from the brook. Laughing hysterically, we met with their demands and called the pro to report the damage. 2) Driving behind two coworkers as we remove debris from a wooded fairway area. The other two were in our 'suped up' dump cart, the both
  4. Hey guys, At about a 24hcp all of a sudden yesterday I shot 3 over on 9 holes it was an executive course with par 29, but no bull-shit I swear. Not really sure how I should handle this as its probably the best round I've had/will ever have. I played with an older gent I know who told me to try chipping with a 9 iron as he saw my first couple practice shots flubbed with a sw on the practice green. Also to keep it "low and slow" on the backswing, those two things are really the only thing different that I focused on as opposed to my normal round. Chipping with the 9iron in particul
  5. I'd say have a pitching wedge and sandwedge. The 60* is more of a specialty club imo and you can pretty much do everything you can with a LW with a SW. If you are very new the LW is not necessary and adjusting for it might just be worse than learning to play one club better.
  6. God, I really hope the capitals dont win. Not because I dont like OVI, I do. I cannot stand Dale Hunter, disgrace. That and the style of game they play is awful it made that 1st round the most boring 7 game series I have almost ever seen, No forcheck, no pressure in the neutral zone just simply corwding 4 players infront of holtby and praying to win games 1-0. Yeah great hockey. Go FLYERS the only team lef tthat still at least tries to play offense.
  7. Honestly I have the opposite problem as you do. At around a 22-24ish HCP I can cream the ball with my driver. I've clocked a few over 300 this year and probably average around 270 or so. But when I drive a ball on a 350 par4 and I have less than 100 to go I still can struggle to get the Pars. I really wouldn't worry about distance, i've always been a big athletic hockey player so for me distance came first and I'm trying to work out control. I think that if I had control first and figured out distance I'd be in a much better spot. Dont worry about what other players are doing, last nigh
  8. Congrats Man! I just joined the club. I played my first real round of golf IE not with my hacker friends last week. I played with a 7hcp, 15hcp and 25hcp. When we walked up onto the first tee box there was probably about 15-20 people watching us and the other three guys state their handicap for scoring and ask me what mine is. I say I have no idea so they just give me an 18 for a stroke a hole. I was pretty nervous and then the 7hcp boosts one about 290 straight down the fairway. I step up and managed to put a good drive about 250-260 down the fairway and walk away shaking
  9. Script errors visible on that page. DO NOT! Give them card information
  10. Ive resisted the troll bait till now. But his was fantaztic I especially love how humble and modest the OP was in describing his exceptional golf game. I wonder what he thinks of the I 3 Irons?
  11. Is what I wound up having to yell at someone doing the "grazing buffalo" walking down the fairway of my hole looking for their ball. It was literally 10 minutes that this guy was wondering down our fairway walking back and forth looking for his ball. It was also blatantly obvious that the 10 minute delay to tee off on this hole was due to his groups slow @$$ play. Of course after I yelled it he tried to wave me on to hit standing exactly 240-260 yds away from the tee dead in the middle of my fairway, to wich I replied "Drop OR somethign! YOU GO!".. He dropped hit and wandered off.
  12. Honestly I dont get that deal. Is philly rebuilding? doesn make sense to me. I was seriously worried about philly next year but now IDK what to think.
  13. I have a repressed memory that just came too. When I was like 10 or so years old, my mom thought that Golf Lessons would be a good way to keep me away from the N64 in the afternoons. So I had my junior clubs and we were in a group lesson with about 20 kids or so. It was a brutal 100+ outside and I was sweating alot. Of course I didnt have a glove or anything and the instructor wasn't ever around much. I took a huge swing with my iron and SWOOOOOSHHHHH it goes flying out of my hand. About 150ft behind and 30ft in the Air. It landed on the aluminum roof of the Tractor barn behind m
  14. Somewhere he's in a mental asylum re living the 400 10ft putts he hit on his basement rug and the horror he felt when he tried a real green and had no idea why his "practice" hadn't helped.
  15. At the course I used to work at their is the main road to the clubhouse that runs inbetween the first and second holes. I had just started golfing so I was pretty horrendously bad. The club had just hired a new Landscaper to a hundred thousand dollar contract to maintain the Condos on the property and right as I hit my tee shot on the first his brand new fully decked out Ford F250 comes rolling down the road and my high slice is heading right for it. I had visions of cracking the windshield but luckily my ball landed right in the bed of his truck and im not sure if it bounced out
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