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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Posted a 94. Pretty good for my neophyte hacking skills but man, I'd love to be shooting in the 80s on a regular basis...
  2. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    I'd go with Tiger on this. He may still be trailing in majors but his total victory tally, especially at his age, is ridiculous and his win percentage dwarfs anybody else's. Now if he can only get back to pre-divorce form...
  3. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I work in Direct Marketing. List brokerage and online lead generation.
  4. Scratch Golf

    I gotta say, I LOVE my EZ-1 irons. Probably the best feeling forged GI club I've ever hit. I previously gamed the MX-200s which I really liked but Scratch kicked them right out of the bag. Are they worth $1000+ for a stock set (choosing from one of their three standard grind options)...I guess that depends upon how much you like them but for me they've been worth every penny. Converted me from my ho'ing ways (at least for irons - drivers are a COMPLETELY different story).
  5. Another vote for the G15 - just an incredibly easy to hit 4W and it's plenty long. If you are looking for something on the cheap, give the G10 4W a look. You can find them for under $100 used and it's also a great stick.
  6. 4 Wood??

    A 4-wood is a great idea if you are really interested in say putting an extra wedge in the bag. The gap difference between a 3W and 4W for me is almost non-existent: I suspect the trade-off in loft is probably evened out by the fact that I hit a 4W a little more consistently. But definitely get that driver right!