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  1. Does anyone know if there is anything else out there besides 1iron, Pinhawks, Tommy Armour EQL, or iMatch SL's?
  2. First of all, the Pinhawks are out for a little bit. They were popular and sold out quickly. He is getting another run in a little bit though I think(May 10th). I would also wait and get his Pinhawk SL Hybrid at 20*, 265 grams, 62.5 lie. You may not need a 3 hybrid if you go with this set up. Good luck
  3. Wow. I have nothing to recommend for your set up but I am super super jealous!
  4. Does anyone know what's up? I have a fairly fast computer and internet connection. This is the slowest site I've ever been on for a forum. I'm just wondering if anyone else has the same problems?! Thanks, Red
  5. Does anyone have any comments on the Dynacraft Avatar series hybrid irons? Full set 3-PW, AW, SW I just bought the components and am hoping to put the set together sometime in the next week or two.
  6. I think Wilsons are stock 1/4" longer than other major brands. Sounds like you are really diggin the Wilson's. Go with your gut!
  7. I've been playing the FG17's, Circa 1980, and love em. I hit them better than the shovels I've been told are "easier" to hit.
  8. I lose most of my strokes off the tee and on the green. I am not confident in those departments. I don't know how much SL irons have actually lowered my HC(I've never kept one). All I know is that with SL irons there is a feeling of confidence when I step up to the ball with the 4 iron through 9 iron. Confidence is king. If I can post a link on here to another golf forum, you would find nearly every review possible for SL irons-- good and bad.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Deryck Griffith Personally, I think the single length irons is band aid solution. I have traditional 3-PW irons and my swing is not by any means "drastically different" throughout the entire set. Sure, my 3i may flatten out on the backswing more than a PW due to the length but my "swing" per se isn't different. I still have to hit all the proper positions with my body, shoulderes, arms; hinge correctly and transfer my weight correct (ie. to the left foot at impact). If I don't execute those positions correctly, a singl
  10. I built them with my limited club building knowledge. They are solid. Nice sole design. They have a thick topline which most people like but I do not... That is really their only downfall and it is just a personal preference. The 5* loft increments are a great idea. The offset is perfect. Give them a shot-- they are worth it.
  11. Like I said in an earlier post, I do not consider these 5 baseball players to be the top five ever. I simply wanted to get people's views on how they would rank each baseball player. Each player is unique in his own way. It would be nearly impossible to rank the top 5 ball players of all time. There are simply too many factors. I didn't want steroids to be considered but clearly that is an unattainable request.
  12. Well, certainly people can't look past the roids. Who was to say that Williams or Ruth or Aaron didn't use roids. I say it is very much possible that they did. Or at least something like them. I was asking for rankings based on offensive and defensive production alone. I understand that steroids tainted the era. But pretend like they never existed. Do your rankings change? One thing that impresses me big time is the record that Bonds holds for intentional walks in a season. It is 120. That is unreal. I don't care who you are and whether you've used steroids or not. That is f'n ri
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