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  1. second time playing ever shot 112 on 18 holes is that decent? felt like i was awful?
  2. Just bought a odyssey white hot xg 2 ball set putter and my first pair of golf shoes adidas mens tour 360 4.0
  3. Played only my 2 full round at crabapple in Erie at shot 107 I was pretty happy with it
  4. yeah ive been to the range each time after my lessons and and seems like the distance always changes, meaning it gets longer.. when i say i have no idea how each club should be yardage wise i really mean no clue
  5. yeah i feel ok the last whole off the day was a par 3 177 and i drove it over the green in the air into the woods, just wsnt sure if it was meant to be played like that and what the yardage is like?
  6. SO i just started golfing maybe 3 weeks ago, already took 3 lessons and feel way better about this great game, my question is My friend just gave me a brand new taylor made 2 hybrid 17*, can i use that off the tee or iam better off getting a clostout 3w, the reason i ask if becasue i dont know much about the club he gave me, and also i dont have a driver as of yet,
  7. yeah after my lesson i went into the shop and looked around, they had last years nike 3w on sale for 50 bucks brand new
  8. well its not that i dont want to learn i just dont know what to get first? driver, 3w, wedge?
  9. yeah i was going to buy used or last year closeouts, but after gofling for a second time with a friend that plays d1 at ohio state, he told me not to get either a 3wood or driver and get a wedge, he said that because right now im only play par three course cause im just starting out...that sound about right?
  10. i was looking something like this for my first driver Callaway FT-iQ I-Mix Driver my first says he can get it for 100 bucks for me? would this work?
  11. I have a set of Taylor made rac 3-pw and a Taylor made hybrid 2
  12. Would the Nike drivers be an example of the big heads? Those are they only ones I've seen that look really big
  13. Ok I still think golf gax still has Nike 3w for 69.99 with 15 loft would that be ok
  14. so i just started playing golf last weekend with some friends, it was my first time ever now im hook! just got back from taking my first lesson today, my question is i dont have a 3w or driver yet, which do you think i should get first and why?
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