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  1. Chris223

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Looks like hieroglyphics to me 😂
  2. Chris223

    2018 John Deere Classic

    So... its against the rules to switch golf ball STYLE during a round but yet you’re allowed to put a new ball into play... every single hole if you wish? Dumb. EDIT: Ah, after googling I see its only a sub rule adopted for professional tournaments mostly. side note... good on Danny Lee! Mad at his putting so instead of breaking the putter he gave it to a kid after completing his second round and then his caddie tossed him the cover and said “you’re gonna need this too bud”. Well done Danny.
  3. Chris223

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    I agree its probably 10 years later than we would have liked BUT they’re both still capable of playing some great golf and I’ll still watch. Its not like they’re total has beens yet, heck Phil won a WGC not more than a couple months ago
  4. Chris223

    Zach Johnson & Rule 16-2

    Ridiculous rule. He hit the ball 3 times to put it in the hole. Birdie. Enough of this stupid crap. I get not allowing someone to wait all day but c’mon.
  5. I always wear pants also. I have always worn them for work and everything else so its just normal and comfortable for me. When its hot out... its not my legs that tell me its hot out. Which is more uncomfortable in hot weather and makes you drench sweat faster... a long sleeve shirt, or pants? If its 90+ I will typically stay inside for the day and not risk the sun exposure with my skin. Another reason I wear pants, one less part of me exposed to the sun
  6. Chris223

    Your First Set of Clubs

    First set was Dunlops from Play it Again Sports lol. Dunlop irons, Dunlop driver and I think a Knight Golf putter lol. Next set was Rawlings RXP... I really did like those. Always got a lot of looks “Rawlings??? Didn’t know they even made golf clubs”
  7. I agree its the person hitting it and not the club but I also believe there is something to be said of your confidence level with a club. Before I hit a club I am thinking about buying, it has to have “the look” I’m after if you will, not style, but if I hold it like I’m about to hit a golf ball and it just doesn’t look good to me I don’t pursue it because my confidence wont be there. Especially the case with irons and wedges for me.
  8. Chris223

    PGA Tour Players are Whiny Spoiled Babies?

    I don’t think the guys on tour finishing dead last every week by just making the cut are exactly rolling in dough. Could be wrong, but after paying for travel and caddie expenses I can’t imagine they take home a lot. I would say the percentage of tour plays this thread takes aim at is a very small percentage
  9. Chris223

    PGA Tour Players are Whiny Spoiled Babies?

    I disagree with almost all of this. Jordan saying “c’mon wind” because it doesn’t move the ball where he thought it would doesn’t make him a whiny baby. Its not like he goes on a 5 minute tangent about it. He talks to his ball, how is that whining? I also rarely see a player not at least acknowledge the gallery clapping for them after finishing a hole. I mean almost everything you’re saying makes someone a whiny baby is something... probably 90% or more of golfers do. Can’t remember the last time I had a fried egg in a bunker that put a smile of joy on my face
  10. Chris223

    Are you a brand snob?

    Not a snob, and most of my bag has come from my local Dicks (not a lot of choices for buying golf equipment around here). I would always entertain something else if I had more specialty golf shops around. Otherwise I just have my preferences, I like Taylormade for fairway woods but never a fan of any of their drivers that I have hit. Like my Callaway drivers and hybrids but have never seen a set of their irons I liked. Love my Nike irons and the Nike Irons I had prior, so I play what feels good and looks good. Love my Vokey wedges especially my 60. Putter is a Taylormade but its a putter and a good one I spent money on once and don’t plan to spend money on a putter again for a VERY long time. My next set of irons well, I’ll be a free agent at that time since Nike wont be an option anymore. But I figure I’ll be almost or over 40 by then since I just got my Vapor Fly’s last year
  11. Chris223

    2018 Travelers Championship (Hartford)

    I would imagine thats from celebration. Lol. I don’t follow afterwards but I don’t think the media demand is quite the same for the US Open champ as it is for the Masters champ. good to see Jordan play well, hope he keeps it up and Zach they’re are two of my favorite players on tour
  12. So long as the cover isn’t cut I use it until I lose it typically. Balls don’t wear out so just keep playing them unless you cut the cover or it gets scuffed really bad. The balls I use though will get some good scuff marks on them as I hit down hard with my wedges.
  13. Chris223

    2018 Travelers Championship (Hartford)

    Are you assuming they’ll miss the cut lol
  14. Chris223

    2018 Travelers Championship (Hartford)

    Going on Sunday for the second year in a row, very pumped it was a blast last year. Love to see so many big players in a field that plays right after a major, speaks volumes to the tournament staff
  15. Sorry I can’t help but laugh at the fact that everyone is still arguing like children in here and its resulting in what? Continue, I’m gonna go discuss more relevant topics elsewhere on the forum, you seem to have an answer for everything.

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