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  1. Actually I did, lol, I followed Jordan around the course today as soon as he made the turn. It was awesome.
  2. Excellent suggestion on Frankies! Was awesome sir. What a great round to go to as well, was nuts when Jordan sunk that bunker shot!
  3. It was somewhat of a joke since we're talking about Phil but not entirely. I agree putting above all else is what wins, lol, Jordan Speith is proof of that, he isn't draining 10 ft putts like tap ins anymore and as a result, he's missing cuts and only occasionally in position to win on sunday
  4. Well... and putting it in the fairway which, Phil also doesn't do very well lol. there is def more to this though. I have a feeling it wasn't the mutual split they're making it out to be though I also think that one little disagreement at Sawgrass didn't break up a 25 year marriage lol
  5. Heard about that last year, its the only reason Rory and Speith are there lol. It's a start. It really should be any regular event must be played in at least every 4 years by every PGA Tour card holding player. But considering the top players wind up playing what, 20-23 events since I think majors and the like do not count towards this, several of them have to add an event. People don't want to watch a bunch of guys they've never heard of on Sunday
  6. Mahan fell off the planet after he flubbed that pitch at the Ryder Cup lol it seems.
  7. I thought it was interesting how Rory after the announcement was all like "I'm good, got about 3 years worth of balls and a few fresh sets of clubs" but lol, as soon as Taylormade gave him some massive stacks "well I think it's the best move for me" LOL. I liked seeing that Fleetwood was still using his Nike clubs. some of these pros act like they can tell the difference but they can't I feel like it's all in their heads. Love my Nikes also, had Ignites, went and got fitted for a new set of Vapor Fly's after they went clearance and I am in love with them. Wish Nike still made clubs personally but I understand the decision, 16+ years and only gained I think they said like a 4% market share.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions we'll look into it! Really excited to go there Sunday. Watch Spieth and Rory miss the cut because I'm going tho lol!
  9. I like Azinger but a few things bother me. Theres like 2 or 3 things that he has to constantly talk about (such as "well Joe the great players control their breathing just look at them SUCKING IN SOME AIR") I mean omg every putt shown he has to talk about breathing breathing breathing. Then, he always seems to say over every shot "this part of __________'s game is his strongest, by far his strength" (said player always then proceeds to hit a TERRIBLE shot lol). He also seems to say that about every shot of every player whether they're driving the ball, hitting a wedge, bunker shot lol, if they're hitting that particular kind of shot at that time that is their biggest strength lol. I like Azinger but just some stuff from him bugs me. Buck was actually fine though I much prefer CBS, Finch, Faldo, Kostis and McCord please. And I can't believe people don't like the swing analysis part of CBS's coverage, I love BizHub Swing Vision segments! It's not like it takes up much time, and it's a poor argument to say "less features more golf" when they do it like once per day, lame excuse
  10. Its sustained dominance which seperates the current crop from comparisons to Tiger. What did Tiger go, 9 years without even missing a cut lol. Here's Jordan, Rory, Day and Johnson missing cuts every 3 or 4 events it seems. 2015 Jordan looked like Tiger, then 2016 Day looked like Tiger, 14' was Rory, its just so unbelievably impressive that Tiger played at such an incredible level for so long
  11. I don't think Phil has given any indication about wanting to do that, he strikes me as someone who still has a hunger and desire to compete and win tournaments and majors. Hard to do that if you play a light schedule.
  12. Good thing someone created another thread for this tournament, mine was getting loney lol ☹️ I've got tickets and am going to the final round, super stoked. Haven't been to a Tour event since The BC Open in 2005. Now watch Speith and Rory miss the cut so I don't get to see them lol.
  13. This is shocking. Would have figured they'd be together til Phil couldn't play or bones couldn't carry anymore lol. Kinda dissapointed actually I always enjoyed listening to their conversations about shots
  14. Theres like 20+ guys within 4 shots. This is nuts.
  15. Boy, still haven't forgiven him over a silly comment made years ago when he was a lot younger less mature and riding a high off a win?