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  1. Morgan Hoffman on Players Tribune

    Can’t imagine what a punch to the jewels that must feel like. Hope the best for him.
  2. When does the PGA Tour season start for you?

    The Masters for me, though I'll still tune in here and there and watch for a little while in the meantime. But it wont occupy my Sunday afternoon either.
  3. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    They would still play, as they continue playing the remaining matches once its clinched on Sunday as well.
  4. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    I'm somewhat curious why, it's not like they lack talent. Theres plenty of talent on the international team. I almost think it's just that it plays such a huge second fiddle to the Ryder Cup
  5. 2017 Presidents Cup Thread

    Very impressed by team USA, certainly building a good roster for future Ryder Cups with the obvious Spieth and Reed, but also Keopka and Johnson, Thomas and Fowler. Good playing today. Good golf.
  6. Whatever happened to.........?

    Not at the club... lol.
  7. Whatever happened to.........?

    when i was growing up, I lived about 3 minutes from the golf course that hosted the PGA Tours BC Open, now hosts Champions Tour Dicks Sporting Goods Open, but my parents used to buy me full week Mon-Sun passes and drop me off the the morning and pick me up late in the afternoon, loved just walking around and watching. Anyway, one year, there was all this talk about this "incredibly talented, next big thing" a "child prodigy" or something (idk I was like, 14 maybe) and he received a sponsors exemption I believe into the field and I went and watched him play for a while... but yea, he never really made it..... Ty Tryon. Idk if he was really a "one hit wonder" but he does fit with the question "whatever happened to...?" Lol.
  8. I have a pair of Oakleys that I've had for probably 4 years, and a pair of Ecco's that I've had for probably 6 years. Should always have a pair of white golf shoes and a pair of black lol. But they're still going strong. I play 20-25 times per year.
  9. Jason Day Ditches Swatton, New Caddie

    Not that I don't agree that a change of scenery can be a good thing, but I mean, c'mon, these guys are hitting the shots, not the caddie.
  10. Awww, screw putting practice

    Right there with you, lol. Why potentially waste any good shots on the range lol. My best rounds often came with no warm up
  11. 2017 Player Of The Year

    Allow me to clarify... keeps him from winning more. As he could just as easily have 5-6 wins this year vs the 3 he's had.
  12. My Nike Vapor Flys came as 4-AW, I think years ago most manufactures finally figured out that most of us weekend golfers can't hit a 3 iron or even a 4 and so they starting including a set matching gap wedge which they all call A wedge. My last two Nike sets have been that way, 4-AW. Now I hit my 5 iron ok and am not afraid to use it, but I hit my X-Hot 5h far more consistently so I haven't put 5 iron in my bag in well over a year. My Vapor Fly 4i has never been hit lol. Anyone need a nice 4i thats +1" and 1* up? Lol.
  13. 2017 Player Of The Year

    Jordan has a bad tendancy to make bad bogeys at horrible times that keeps him from winning like today.
  14. 2017 Dell Technologies Championship

    Lol Rory's not making it. Hope Phil does.
  15. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Well, after shooting 82, 85, 90 and 88 my last 4 rounds, I shot 100 yesterday lol. Although, I was playing just well enough to get into the 80's again until hole 16. I finished quintuple, quad, quad no lie. A brutal finish that I'm just not please with at all. All I needed was like +1 or +2 on the last 3 holes to shoot in the 80's again. Frustrating because I feel like my game is progressing to a point where 80's can be a somewhat regular score instead of like 3-4 times per year

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