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  1. I’m always surprised to find Zach haters, I mean what could he have possibly ever done to earn hate lol. I wouldn’t say i have a villian, just guys I don’t want to see win, but I do actually like Reed and Poulter. The Kuchar caddie thing really made me lose respect for him
  2. I’d ask the same about Ian Woosnam... dude just stop already lol.
  3. TV broadcast for The Masters has ALWAYS been 3pm Thur-Sat and 2 on Sunday. As long as I have been watching anyway. The only tournament where you can literally watch from the first tee shot to the final putt is The Open... Augusta National is very stingy on giving a ton of TV time.
  4. I think my big issue is Kuchar supposedly stated an unspecified bonus for placement or whatnot... wins, and gives the guy what, .3%??? He lost me as a fan, cheap ass.
  5. Yea I agree there. A lot of times their play is to even hit the ball OVER the gallery and not just down the gap they created and lined up both sides over. I don’t think I’d ever want to stand there... these guys are good but not immune to hitting a skull or downright awful shot It was in Columbus, 2002, and it was a 13 year old girl. But like you said, it takes a serious accident for something to be done. Baseball even has a lot more netting than it ever used to.
  6. I was at the Travelers Championship this year when Russell Henleys errant 2nd shot on a par 5 on the front 9 started coming our way on sunday. I was near the green and he was in the fairway well back, I could just see him hit and when I saw the flight path of the ball I knew it was coming for us lol, so I told my friends I was with to watch out and I also heard the marshall right near us yell “incoming guys everyone heads up!”. So if there were nearby marshalls along the fairway lines as there usually are I would hope they were yelling. As it was said you can’t really hear the player yell it with all the other noise from the crowd and whatnot. When Henley came walking towards his ball the first words out of his mouth were “is everyone ok did I hit anybody?????” And we assurred him nobody was hit. I can’t imagine what an awful feeling it would be as a player to hit someone and I’m sure Koepka feels terrible and will feel worse when he finds this out. I feel terrible for this fan. But we also must keep in mind that while spectators get hit an incident like this is extremely rare and one of the hazards of attending pro sporting events.
  7. Glad I had to work today, I’ll just delete my recording when I get home. Nice choke job USA. Same old song and dance... can’t hit fairways, can’t hit greens, miss short putts like its our job, wash, rinse repeat
  8. He is an abomination in singles matches. 0-6 now
  9. Typical Team USA Ryder Cup choke job going on. Can’t hit fairways, missing tap in putts like it’s our job while Europe drains 20 footers like they’re gimmes and never misses a fairway. What a joke.
  10. Just throw everything out thats on paper once that first tee shot whistles through the air.
  11. So, no Spieth and Reed pairing, at least not in the first set of matches. Interesting considering their past success as a team. I hate the time difference when we’re in Europe, I’m not gonna get home from work until 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, this sucks!!!!!!!
  12. Alright, throw Bradley out of the picture entirely, I’m standing by my opinion that Spieths play THIS YEAR and this year ALONE do not give us the best chance to win the Ryder Cup, especially not compared to the level of play displayed by literally everyone else on the team who made it on points. If you do not agree thats fine, I’ll love it if he proves me wrong, my confidence level isn’t there with the game he’s showed this year.
  13. Loved some of the comments made. Which major lol. Would you rather win $10+ mil or $1.85... all about the cash! Lol. And I had better things to do than finish dead last 😂
  14. Incorrect again, I said Jordans putting this year has been beyond bad, and that Bradley has played well lately, aside from a bad final round a couple weeks ago he also was in the lead going into the final round. I asked the question as to whether or not Jordans current level of play gives us the best chance to win the Ryder Cup. History aside, his greatness aside, based strictly on his play this season as a whole. 1 good tournament? The stats iacas brought up aside, Bradley has made more cuts than Jordan this year, had more top 10’s, and also has Ryder Cup experience with a solid record... even better than Jordans (granted a slightly smaller... not by much, sample size). I fail to see why I am so crazy to ask the question... does Jordans level of play this year give us the best chance to win?
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