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  1. He was my favorite player back then. Don't remind me. Still, he has some excuse, injuries derailed him. Jordan isn't injured.
  2. Jordans cool streak though it working on it's 3rd straight year lol.
  3. not everyone who does has the option either. I on the other hand, have the pleasure of dealing with people every single day at work.. lots and lots of people. still surprised they pulled the plug on it so soon. Would have thought Augusta would at least wait it out another week or two
  4. Yea well unless my company decides to tell me that they're offering unlimited paid time off until this passes for me to stay home that's not an option for me or 99% of the working population.
  5. So you're saying the regular flu is significantly less of an issue? Over 40,000 people in the US die from it each year...
  6. Not a fan of Lowry. Anyone but him. Westy, Holmes, Koepka even and I’m not a huge fan of him either
  7. He hasn’t fallen THAT bad
  8. Is there a bigger scratch your head story in golf than Duval?
  9. It wasn’t good at Pebble lol.
  10. Congrats to woodland. Dude needs to get a look for Team USA, seems pretty unflappable to me under pressure
  11. Woodland uses graphite shaft irons, don’t see that often
  12. Nobody is infallible. Accept the fact that this was a frustration vent and move on, it happens... it seriously is not a big deal. Twitter just has to find something to trash anyone and everyone over and THAT is whats ridiculous
  13. Heyyy now, I resent that. BC Open is my home course in my hometown!
  14. This is such a non-issue to me, this happens every week, multiple times on tour, caddies know it comes with the job, this is being blown out of proportion because it’s Jordan Spieth
  15. I’m always surprised to find Zach haters, I mean what could he have possibly ever done to earn hate lol. I wouldn’t say i have a villian, just guys I don’t want to see win, but I do actually like Reed and Poulter. The Kuchar caddie thing really made me lose respect for him
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