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  1. he still struggles with the same damn problem... he just makes bad bogeys at bad times. I feel like he hardly ever has a bogey free round. I get that guys make bogeys, but he just makes bad ones, at bad times, and seems to always make at like minimum 2-3 per round.
  2. ehhh not quite, at least, not off this tournament alone. 7% of that is probably going to his caddie... that's after he pays his taxes too lol. And given his status prior, he probably had to pay his way to Augusta.
  3. He probably is, he’s boring to watch. He shows zero emotion. It’s almost like he’s bored himself out there
  4. If HM runs away with this... talk about a snooze fest of a final round. The biggest robot on Tour running away with The Masters... a lethal combination for a persons interest level.
  5. Even Tom Brady? When? Please, for the love of god, tell me when. 😂
  6. I always laugh when something like this happens and all the interweb know-it-alls start speculating... "he'll be in a wheelchair for the next 12 months!" - over a broken leg and fractured ankle? He will not be in a wheelchair for a year, he's not paralyzed. "He needs to retire, no need to risk his health!" - what, given his injury history already, could he possibly do playing GOLF that would debilitate him permanently? And yes, I'm well aware of how golf can screw up a persons body given the amount of muscles used... but still, coming back and playing golf, at worst, could only likely resul
  7. You just described nearly every player who has, at any point in their career, been a consistent top finisher for a period of time...
  8. Hard to play at the level Tiger played at for as long as he did. Everyone seems to think the next young gun to win a major is gonna rattle of 10-12 of them over the next 15 years... it's clearly not that easy. Once Tiger started to stumble, Rory was "next". Then Jordan... then JT, now Collin and Wolff and Bryson. Someday the game of golf will likely see another Tiger, but right now, there's just entirely to much young hungry talent. But they get hot, then cool off, then get hot again whereas Tiger just... didn't cool off for 12 years or so.
  9. Unreal golf by DeChambeau. Even crazier to me than his single length irons is that he plays graphite shaft irons (not sure I know of another tour player that does) and the grips look like they’re the size of those jumbo putter grips... just, a crazy equipment setup
  10. No idea how Wolff did what he did today, these friggen guys play a different game than the rest of us... insane
  11. If he wins I’m gonna enjoy those salty tears of yours. If he doesn’t, so be it. I don’t hold 7 year grudges on young athletes who display a little overconfidence, even if it comes out as cocky.
  12. Duvals issues were injury though, Jordan hasn’t had any of those. I’d say more like Ian Baker Finch... just not quite a decline to that degree
  13. Still hanging onto that top 5 comment from what... 7 years ago now? 🙄
  14. DJ plays a different game when he's on. I don't think there's a golfer on the planet that can match DJ when he's at his best...
  15. noticed that myself, never seen him do that half takeback like JT before in his routine... then today at Wyndham, wasn't doing it. His fidgeting does seem to have gotten worse the last couple years, at least he's not grabbing the towel 10,000 times anymore 😂. Curious what someone else with far more knowledge on the golf swing thinks though of the commentators remark today, I believe it was Trevor Immelman and Aaron Oberholser who both agreed that if he just switched to playing a cut off the tee, it would solve a lot of his issues.
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