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  1. Went to Dicks and picked up 2Nike SV Tour wedges for 59.99 each. I got a 56.14 and 60.10. Not bad, considering I had a $30 gift card to kill.
  2. Went with the bottom right to hold my putter. Loving the bag too.
  3. The OP reminds me of that guy at the golf (fill in the blank) that judges people on how they look rather than how they play..which sadly a lot of golfers are. Also a reason people don't get into golf. Play and be happy with what you have. Sorry to chime in so late but I just finshed my lessons and ready to get at it.
  4. Not bad for 120, I read that the front pocket zippers out just in case you want to personalize it. Which I'm thinking about doing since I know a place that'll embroider my last name for 10 bucks.
  5. I got one too, which color scheme did you get? Got mine from discount golf for 142 shipped new.