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  1. Sounds like the golf gods had a chuckle at your expense nice birdie though, lol.
  2. had time to get nine in today and put up 38 5 one-putts and 4 two-putts for a total of 13. 1 birdie, 5 pars, 2 bogies, 1 double
  3. Eldrick Woods should have some sort of cool nickname. I can't really think of anything good though.
  4. Best shot of the week was actually a putt. I was left with about 33ft. or so after a poor tee shot on the Par 3 8th; just off the green on the fringe. Good bit of right to left break. Trusted my line, made a smooth stroke and the ball tracked perfectly down the break and dropped in the center of the cup for birdie.
  5. Paula Creamy looks adorable with her face paint and such.
  6. another 80 (38/42) today. putter was working real well, sank a handful of key putts to save pars. driver was on point for the most part, wedges saved me quite a few times. overall 1 birdie, 10 pars, 4 bogies, 2 doubles, 1 triple .
  7. 80 (39/41) Played well today. Driver & wedges were on, sank a few good putts. Temp was up in the 90s so I was sweating like a wh••• in church. Overall 1 birdie, 7 pars, 9 bogies, 1 double
  8. Extra bowl of Wheaties that morning.
  9. How funny would it be to see his name on a leaderboard: B. Lumpkin lulz for the whole family
  10. Poor etiquette to not yell fore if your ball is heading toward someone. Even worse if you decide to hit it back at them. Never know what kind of person just hit into you; say you decide to hit it back at him, next thing you know he is coming at you with a switchblade. F***ed up but not out of the realm of possibility in the world we live in today.
  11. Played 18 at a course i've never been to, the first 4 holes were set up unlike any course I have ever seen: Par 5, Par 3, Par 5, Par 5. Shot a 42 on the front but crumbled on the back and hacked my way to a 48. Driver was off all day and I lipped all sorts of putts from all sorts of distances. Undulating greens that were pristine and lightning fast.
  12. Better than 17 straight pars and a bogey. chew on that for a moment.
  13. Congratulations man An ace alone is an amazing achievement, but from 210yds that's just insane. Great shot.
  14. Remaining calm. When you hit a poor shot, it's not the end of the world. Letting frustration get the better of you will only make it worse. Focus on making nice smooth contact with each individual swing and don't worry about adding up the final score until you have completed the round. And always remember: you're out there to have fun, right?
  15. What ever you feel comfortable with. So long as your short game skills are honed; If you are confident with your wedge play to get you close after laying up, by all means utilize it. Develop your own style on the golf course, one that works for your game. We all have different swings and skill levels, so the wise choice is to play which ever way feels most comfortable for you. A good short game will help lower your scores significantly. Also, tell your golf teammate to piss up a rope. There is no such thing as 'playing like a man'. Smart golf is knowing your limits and playing within your c
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