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  1. New area, haven't lived here since I spent 2 years in Costa Mesa when I was 18. Got a job at Mission Hospital: Laguna Beach, will be living around Aliso Viejo. Looking for new people to golf with in different areas. Don't know anyone around the area really, especially anyone to golf with on a regular basis. I'm sure there are tons of people here that are from the area. Anyone looking to fill foursomes, or any other onesomes like myself looking.. Let me know.
  2. Still, missing the point of the statement. When you watch someone with "stack and tilt" you KNOW they're stack and tilt. When you watch the rest of the players out there you don't go "oh he has a 1 plane / 2 plane / ect swing" You basically just look at the mechanics and the outcome. Regardless of if it's a 1 or 2 plane swing, it's the same "looking" swing for the most part. Simply saying it's a numbers game. If the whole field of players was S/T and there were 5 or 6 two-plane swingers. Based of numbers alone, S/T is going to win most of the time. Right now, since S/T is by FAR the min
  3. The normal 2-plane swing that most golfers use. Slight weight shift to rear foot, stationary spine, proper release, ect. I know no two swings are alike but you get the picture. Read Hank Haney and Ben Hogans book. The swing outlined in those 2 books, I would consider, a "traditional" swing,
  4. It's a numbers game. How many active PGA pros use S&T;? 2-5% if that? How many active PGA pros use a "traditional" swing? 80-85%? How many active PGA pros use a "different" swing? 10-15%? How many pros use Jim Furyks swing? 1 So if there are 120 players in a tournament and 100 use a traditional, 4 use S&T;, 15 use different swings, and 1 Jim Furyk,,, The numbers outnumber greatly outweigh the rest. If a certain player doesn't win a certain week, is that play not as good as the rest? no. Now if you took 100 S&T; players, and paired them up
  5. Could be a swing flaw. I used to have a severe problem with kinda casting the club. My right hand would take over right before impact and I would hit the ball clean, however, it would be coming on an upward swing so i basically was adding 10-15degrees on all of my clubs.
  6. tsdnorton

    Mini Tour Play

    Maybe we should meet up and grab some lunch or something. I'll also be playing at Boundary Oak for the Monday Q for something fresh. I'm staying right outside the SJ airport attttttttt... Mind blank... I can't honestly remember the hotel at the moment haha. But shoot me your contact info if you want (or I'll send you mine) if you'd like to meet up for some food or grab a drink after the round.
  7. Got back earlier this afternoon and boy was that a blast. The weather was BEAUTIFUL for both days and the conditions were fare. The greens are incredibly quick compared to my local courses. But it was nice to play some courses that were in great condition. Shot a 70 at TPC Summerlin and 69 at Painted Desert. It was so much fun. I found painted desert to not be NEARLY as hard as Summerlin or LV. Everyone told me it was incredibly tight and a great course management challenge (I know they used to have the Nevada open there) but I found it to not play as bad as everyone said. I had a rough couple
  8. I carry 10-15 range balls in my side bag for pricks like this. I wait until they're about 225+ out on my home course and start firing my 4 iron out at them (knowing itll stop almost dead at 205) I've had a couple instances where a 4some was playing slooooooow. Drinking beers, running their carts amuck, hitting 3 or 4 shots at the green. And they wouldn't let us play through. I try calling the proshop for a marshal and most of the time the marshal comes and talks to them and they run their (I payed to play blah blah blah blah) mouth. So I just have fun with them.
  9. tsdnorton

    Mini Tour Play

    Ben you doing any upcoming Monday Q's?
  10. Haha it's funny you say that. I've talked to him about the whole PGA Championship thing and he really is pretty calm about it. I even said the same thing, someone HAD to throw his ball back out. But he really just takes it as a "it happens" thing. Takes it really well. With all his back surgeries lately I'm surprised he can still bomb is like he does. He's a small guy, but oh my... Tossing it out 300+ every drive like it's nothing. He uses his pings well lol. I'll take some pix and stuff and post when I get back.
  11. Have my Monday Q coming up here in a few weeks for the Something Fresh tourney. So I talked to Bob May and told him what was going on and what not with my game. He told me to come out and practice / play with him this week in Vegas. So I'm going out to play Painted Desert, TPC Summerlin (his home course), and TPC L.V. and practice with him for a few days. Trying to work out some shots with my short game and what not. But just thought it would be fun, get to go play with him and a few of his buddies (I think Bill Lunde may be joining us depending on what happens with him this weekend) and then
  12. This. I've NEVER played at a course where marshalls treated anyone like that. Out of the 40+ courses I've ever played at. I've never had this happen.
  13. I'd average under 15 putts a round.. got knows how many lipped puts I get. And how many chips I have that barely role left or right of the hole... I mean people would be chipping it in ALL THE TIME.
  14. If they took a mulligan on your shot... couldn't you play off his shot?
  15. Mike W. God knows he needs something... after that elbow surgery he has really fallen off the map and likely losing his card. Wonder if a show with Hank would help?
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