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  1. Hi All, Does anyone know if the NIPPON NS 1030H STEEL SHAFTS are for mid to high handicappers? I currently shoot in the 90s and will be switching to stiff shafts. I was told to avoid clubs that may have "pro" style shafts. (though i'm not 100% sure what the salesmen meant). Any help would be greatly apperciated. Oh and I'm looking into getting the Cobra SZ irons.
  2. Hey everyone, Thanks for all the responses but I'm still struggling at the range and at the course. I played a round on Saturday and I shot a 95. I could have easily taken away 6 strokes for horrible drivers/lost balls. I ended up bagging the Driver in the back 9 and going with my 3Hybrid/4Iron off the tee. I was hitting them fairly straight so I decided to keep the driver in the bag. My game this year has come a long way but man this is frustrating. I'll try to video tape my swing but its kind of hard at my range since its SUPER packed all the time. I might end up doing it at my pa
  3. Thanks all! This is what I'm trying tonight these are two nice visual drills. I hope this helps. I'm playing a executive course that has a few very challenging holes. I'll let you know how i do.
  4. Hi Everyone, So I've come to understand that my current slice (w/Drivers/Hybrids/Long Irons) is caused by my arms getting ahead of my body. The ball comes out somewhat straight and then begins to turn late in the shot. This is becoming a big problem now that i'm breaking 100. In the past, it wasn't that big of an issue because it taught me how to punch out of the trees and also punch through a tree line. But now, it is costing me strokes. I shot a 98 the other day but i can say that I had at least 10 layup/punch shot caused by me being in/over a tree line. Does anyone have a specific
  5. The drunk idiot. The course was extremely backed up due to a outting. I was sitting around and waiting for my delayed tee time and I notice a middle aged man driving his golf cart while chugging a beer and looking for his ball. Well, As he's looking left and right he neglects to notice the HUGE sand trap infront of him. The cart plunges into the trap, he jumps out and watches with drunken amazement as the cart flips. He's asked to leave the course. That day the round ended up being 7 hours. Yes...7 hours. I wish I was a member of a Country Club.
  6. Hello All! I'm looking to trade in my Cobra S9 2008 (Graphite Shaft, Reg Flex). I got them at a ridiculously good price because my Aunt works at a ProShop in Florida. I paid way under retail. Anyway, I noticed that Global Golf will give me $165 in credit + an additional $50 (they're running a promo). Has anyone here done a trade in before with GlobalGolf.com? My reason for trade is I originally went to a Golf Smith locally to get my swing speed checked. I was recommended regular shafts. I used to barely carry my 5 Iron 150yards but that has all changed this year. My swing is very co
  7. Hello All! I've been a long time reader of the forums but never really posted until now. I love the site and use it often for reference. Anyway, I've been consistently playing for about 1.5 years (3 years total). I average right now in the low 100s with the occasional high 90s. I'm basically at the stage where you can shoot a 92 one week and then 3 putt your way to a 114 the next. It's super frustrating but I truly do love this sport. I've basically taught myself how to play via the internet and videos. I've had 1 formal lesson (a few weeks ago). I was told I have a decent swing and
  8. I shot a 114 at Eisenhower Red (Senior PGA Course/Middle Tees Played) which came after a 92 at Pelham Bay Golf Course. I'll take your 94 and 98 anyday! :)
  9. My best shot of the week happened at the Eisenhower Red course. I was about 20 feet from the green on the short grass. I used my 9 iron for nice pitch and run. Great swing, great bounce and a great roll. It was a fairly level green and rolled about 30 feet and bounced off the pin to leave me at inches for par.
  10. I'm a Market Data Business Analyst for a large Financial Firm. I wish I could explain what I really do! - haha!
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