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  1. yes... If the Ryder Cup is still ongoing at 6:43pm, the competition will end and the score will stand as-is. All completed matches count, and any incomplete matches still on the course will be halved. And that has nightmare written all over it.
  2. In Dallas, we've had even the most prestigious and least played course lose some greens. Our greens are holding up well...just around the edges has browned out some. We have bent grass, which is perfect most of the year, but suffers in high heat. Bermuda tends to be perfect now and then is worse in the winter.
  3. I tend to play better in tournament golf because I focus more. The key is to have a routine and stick to it. I get to the course at least an hour early, get ready, hit balls for 30 minutes, putt for 10, a few sand shots and then chips and one last drive before heading to the tee.
  4. David Price is one of the best in the biz. It wasn't his job to remind him how to act in a bunker. However, I've had David as a RO for my group and at times he was proactive and at times he just watched. I think if it was less chaotic and he was able to be near the situation he would have been proactive. However, it's not the RO's job to move the people, it's the marshalls job. Anyone who blames David for this is ignorant of competitive golf and RO responsibilities.
  5. a 6.5 index who shoots a 71 is a pretty salty player if you ask me. I should fly you down to Dallas for my member-guest! I've been under par quite a bunch being a +1 now, but it takes a different mindset. Too many times you have to pretend that par is almost like bogey and play for birdies to go low. There is a movement to think of par as 54 and improve on that. The closer to 54 you shoot the better you get a going low. It's too easy to be content with par and then you miss it all completely. Sort of like zeroing in on the target instead of just trying to hit the fairway. The more you
  6. Maybe you've played it too often or it's too easy for you to get on so it's not was big of a deal, but for those of us that get 1 or 2 shots at it in a lifetime, it is like a religious experience....calming, energizing and electrifying all in one to walk the fairways and see up close all of the nuances of a great golf course. It was similar to my first time at Augusta when you see it all in person and realize how hard some of those shots are that you take for granted when watching a pro play it.
  7. correct...basically it comes down to this...if someone told you they would give you $1000 to break 80. Would you choose a par 72 or par 71 course given similar rating, length, etc.? Most on the pgatour.com site were saying it would be harder to break 80 on a par 71 so they would take a par 72 since it is easier. In reality, my home course is like this...a few years back we redid our course and changed a 530 par 5 to a 484 par 4. Is it easier to shoot par? No, but it is easier to break 80 now.
  8. But Golfro, that was my argument all along...it's easier to shoot 59 on a par 71 than a par 72 because you have to make less birdies on a par 71. The other guys were saying it's easier on a par 72 because you have an additional par 5 so another birdie chance. That is akin to saying that adding 40 yards to one of the par 4's makes it easier to shoot a certain score, which is completely backward. I am talking about score here, not 13 under vs. 12 under.
  9. actually, no, it's not one less stroke...it's the same score. It's under par vs. par, but the same score.
  10. So, Harry...does that make us also internet message board losers? LOL
  11. how is it easier to get a 4 on a 500 yard par 5 than a 500 yard par 4? It's easier to score 1 under par, but the score on the card is the same. My argument is not whether it's easier to shoot "par", but easier to shot a particular score. You are correct that to shoot par it is easier on a par 72 (rating, lenght and slope being equal), but you would also shoot a higher score...a 72 vs. a 71. I'll take a 71 on a par 71 any day over a 72 on a par 72. However, I would rather shoot a 59 on a par 72 than a 59 on a par 71 since I would be 13 under vs. 12 under.
  12. So, on the pgatour.com website, there are people trying to argue that 59 on a par 71 is harder than a par 72 because you don't have as many birdie/eagle chances. Is it just me or is that the most backward argument ever? I think it matters what the relative course rating and slope is...who cares about par. Shooting 59 on a par 54 par 3 course isn't as impressive as shooting 59 on a par 90 all par 5 course. A 500 yard hole that they call a par 5 isn't easier than a 500 yard par 4 to shoot a 4 on.
  13. I'll second uttexas' comments above. For public courses, the Tribute is the best. Near the airport, you can get a membership at Hackberry or Timarron pretty easily. They are ClubCorp owned, but good tracks for a good price. We're members at Bent Tree and love it since they have a good junior membership and we're under 40. My favorite though is Preston Trail because of the exclusivity. Dallas National and Brook Hollow aren't in the nicest of areas but have the layout to die for. Vaquero is also plush. All $200k clubs though.
  14. what majors are not stroke play?
  15. it has nothing to do with secrets and such...most of that is hype. What makes him the best swing/ball striker is the stats that back up his near perfection hitting fairways and greens. we're not talking about overall game here...that is where Tiger and Jack distance themselves. Your topic is pure swing and results...which is where Hogan distanced himself. He continually played near flawless golf tee to green with his swing and was able to repeat it over and over again. That's why I would put his swing above anyone else. He consistently kept it on plane and would hit shots consistently wi
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