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  1. Sorry, id never help anyone get their club out of the tree by standing on my shoulders, go find a ladder
  2. Steak and baked potato and salad and pie for dessert. Sometimes simple is better. And if someone doesnt want steak, give grilled fish or chicken to those a bit more health conscious.
  3. I love all the high tech ideas of how to speed up play. Will never happen at many of the courses i play at. A lot of them dont even take debit cards as they dont want to spend money on the machine, cash only. Most golf courses dont want to spend extra money on gadgets that dont make money and potentially turn people away by policing pace of play. I like the idea of making people pay more to play the back tees. Im sure most would say give me the front tees for the lower rate and as soon as they were out of sight of the clubhouse, play whatever tees they like. You gonna have someone watch every group and make sure they're not doing that, very unlikely. Beepers with gps, lights on the cart, get real. Seriously? I was playing the local lighted par 3 course last night and there was a group of 8 people playing together, all most likely drunk acting stupid, driving up near the greens and bumping the carts together like 4 year olds. I probably should have called the clubhouse and turned them in and got them all thrown out as they were quite annoying anytime i was on a hole near them, loud and obnoxious. People like that dont even belong out there, thats part of the problem. I played 18 holes and a few more(its unlimited play) before they even finished 9 holes, i was playing alone but still wasnt rushing or anything. Ive seen other groups like that out there and almost got hit by some moron hitting their driver to the wrong green(picked the ball up and put it in my pocket as it landed about 20 yards from me) just to see if they could though that night I was happy to pick up about 15 balls that those idiots left behind so I silently thanked them for being lower on the food chain. Those kind of people will never follow any rules of etiquette but you have way too many of those on public courses, who couldnt spell tee if you spotted them a t, e and another e.
  4. except when your birthday in in February like mine, if its cold enough its free to play at some courses around here as the clubhouse is closed but if you want to walk they dont care if you do, most people dont want to so maybe you might see one other person on the course at the same time as you during the winter, almost like having your own private course.
  5. Probably making better contact with those clubs and thats why they're going further. Mines usually the 8 iron, sometimes ill hit it farther then the 7 because its easier for me to hit.
  6. I feel like im in a similar situation now, last 3 times playing ive simply struggled. I wish i had another hobby but everything else id like to do is too expensive so golf is my primary leisure activity. Ill try the take a few days off approach and see how that goes. I go through these stretches every few months and im sure its a minor glitch in my already flawed swing but its a flawed swing that i can shoot in the high 80's with on a good day(and putting well) and im ok with that. Going back to shooting 100 again is like going back in time to my first few months playing but im confident ill get it back. Last year when a similar problem happened, i really contemplated quitting the game altogether but i know i would miss it and would come back and then would be playing catchup to get where i was when i quit.
  7. Ive been struggling badly the last few days with my driver. Same issue i had at about the same time last year. For some reason I cant seem to get any elevation with my tee shots, hitting really low shots that go straight into the ground and killing my distance. Same with the 3 wood as well. So bad that i even went to hitting my 3 hybrid off the tee but which works on shorter par 4's but leaves shots way too long into longer par 4's and par 5's. I dont remember how i got past it last year or what i did, think it was just a slight error in ball position or dropping my right shoulder too much or something like that. Its just crazy, started the back 9 on Saturday and havent been able to figure out how to correct it since then. I felt bad physically saturday and I thought that was affecting my swing but now i realize thats not to blame. Im not a great player by any means but it seems like im not doing anything differently and I had gotten fairly consistent with my driver up to this point this year. I did buy a newer driver recently but I went back to the old driver(still have both in the bag) and have the same problem so its not the new club either. My irons are off a bit as well since then but nothing as severe as the horrible shots coming from my driver. Funny part is I will still making bogeys for the most part(shot a 47(+11)yesterday even with horrible tee shots though i was getting help with hard fast conditions as the ball would get extra roll even with those horrible shots, even started out with 2 pars as one hole was a par 3 and the next was a short par 5. I think its mostly mental at this point, might simply step away for a few days, I play pretty often but I need to play often to maintain any sort of consistency. I need at least 3-4 times a week and at least one range session. If i went out and only played on weekends like a lot of people or even less often Id be horrible. Maybe the hot weather lately is affecting me possibly but that never seemed the case before. And i may go out next time and get back on track who knows, maybe just mentally and physically burnt out and need some time away.
  8. Looks like he's ready to be pro, school can always wait. He can always go back to school and get that meaningless degree when his career is over., he's only going to school to play college golf, his career will be the PGA tour. Look at someone like Michelle Wie. She is professional but is trying to go to Stanford and play on the LPGA tour at the same time. If she would just realize that school isnt that important at this point and focus only on golf, she would be the female version of Tiger Woods, the old Tiger that dominated. She needs to fine tune her game and she would win multiple times each year and would be the #1 player within a couple years.
  9. I remember on one episode of the barkley haney project, barkley says if you have a house on a golf course you should expect to get hit. I guess if you're a guy the size of barkley and you do it, i doubt the owner would say much anyway if he didnt know who barkley was.
  10. Thats why i never take the closest parking spot on a course with a green close to the parking lot. If i hit one over im at least going to hit someone else's car.
  11. I was playing at mcleansboro golf course on the 2nd hole, a par 5 and the green is just short of the clubhouse and parking lot. I hit my 3rd shot hot over the green and bounced around in the gravel parking lot and went right under a truck parked out there, no damage but close call. At colonial golf course in sandoval also on the 2nd hole which is also a par 5 ive hooked my 2nd shot left before into the open door of the members cart storage shed but didnt hit anything important.
  12. Im about 5'11" and weigh around 195-200. I woudnt mind losing a few lbs, i think a good weight for me would be about 180. Im 37 and have been roughly about this weight for probably the last 10 years. I bought a bag boy sc 180 push cart from rockbottomgolf for $77 shipped(great deal) about 2 months ago as I have decided to start walking more this year. Im sure some of the more expensive models are a bit lighter and fold up a little smaller as I noted those were a couple of the concerns that people had with this model(about 20 lbs) but it folds up small enough to fit into my mid-size cars trunk with plenty of room to spare for my bag so thats good enough for me and you dont really notice a couple extra lbs except whenever i have to remove it from my trunk and carry it inside to make more room in the trunk. It is a huge improvement over using the cheap old 2 wheel push carts most courses offer and hopefully will last for many years and then ill probably buy another similar model when it does wear out. You are showing good maturity in realizing you need to do something different at your young age about your weight, too often many people weight until it is too late to decide to change their lifestyle, unable to prevent the health problems that will result. Dont get discouraged if results dont come as quickly as you would like, just keep at it and you'll get there. Good luck.
  13. Ive used ezlinks.com. There are only a few courses in my general area, down near Carbondale, IL with only a few tee times a day and its prepaid and you have to book at least 24 hours in advance or those tee times wont be available. Its nice to use once in a while on weekends, the discounts are quite substanstial, sometimes 50% or more. They even allow you to name your own price on some of them just dont try to go much lower than the advertised price or they will reject your offer and you'll have to try again. You also need to call ahead and make sure the course isnt closed during your tee time, ezlinks will go ahead and issue you a tee time without making sure the course isnt having a tournament or scramble. Golf now also has discounted tee times though i have yet to use it to this point. Many courses in my area have discount days during the week or twilight rates after a certain time of day, usually 3 pm.
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