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  1. Thanks guys, zen or punch the guy out, that's two opposite ends of the spectrum. Is there a both option ;-) I'll try the zen and the bubble. Yesterday I was able to ignore idle banter of a group waiting at the tee behind us waiting on an overcrowded course with a lazy marshall not speeding up play.
  2. Thanks, I think I can do the bubble and will try it with the next annoying partner out there. Thanks!
  3. No his name wasn't Gary. I think there are a lot of "Gary's" out there ha ha (apologies to persons named Gary who are not obnoxious on the course). I would like to say that this guy was the exception but it seems like I ussually wind up with a guy like this in tournaments (curse of being a higher handicapper is being paired with persons who have no clue about golf etiquette (sp) and they really throw me off. People that annoy me on the course are always going to exist and it's not them, it's me. I need to figure a way to ignore this but right now, I'm just at the point where I'm comfortable
  4. Hey everyone, Any good tips or sources for not letting someone ruin your game? I shot in 102 last night (ussually in the low 80's) because I let someone get under my skin. Here's my story... A guy joined our threesome last night that would just not shut up. Either he was blabbing while we were hitting, he YELLED "put it in the cup" on one of the guys backswings on his putt, etc. He finally stopped after we reminded him, a little less politely each time. What really got me was that guy never stopped his own negative "self-talk." Any shot he made, even if it was decent
  5. Thanks for the tip on Surrey, hotel recommendations and car rental info plus the map.
  6. Looks like Vancouver is the place to go. I'll be checking for flight & hotel prices!
  7. I checked into things a bit and there is no golf that is a reasonable days drive from sk or ab to the US. Time to start thinking of what I can do for indoor practice.
  8. Hope it turns around, bad habits seem so easy to keep and good ones easy to lose.
  9. My last set were calloway x-18's that I bought from Calloway pre-owned and I traded them in recently for a hardly used set of ping g-10's, web fit to me with brand new grips. I only paid $280 for the pings after trade in on the x-18s. I only buy used from reputable dealers. What concerns me about used clubs is people who buy the to good to be true deals and get a set of counterfeits, find out that you get what you pay for and then try and sell them as legit clubs.
  10. Not sure if this will be helpful or not but I was having the same problem until I was fitted for clubs last month. The guy fitting me pointed this out and said something to the effect that I was strenghthening the grip to compensate for the improper lie of the club face when addressing the ball. I have no idea if he was full of it or not but crazy things were happening that I couldn't explain (i.e. shifting my grip on the back swing, massive hooks, etc). I use a neutral grip now (with the fitted clubs) except when drawing or fading and my handicap has dropped by 2 (to a 14...actually it's a
  11. Assess a one stroke penalty when playing with a wannabe golf pro who hands out unsolicited tips during a round (i.e. I noticed your grip..., back swing..., have you tried..., you should draw this tee shot by...) Nothing messes up my game more than a tip during a round so the one stroke penalty stops them in a hurry.
  12. Thanks everyone, I'll keep checking back. I will probably wind up calling Billings, Havre and Great Falls. I was in a hockey tournament in great Falls 4 years ago in february. Left Canada in 30 below (celcius) wether and Great Falls was 14 celcius. There was no snow to be seen and people were on motor bikes. They said it was like that most of the year. I'm skeptical but a weekend of golf once a month through winter would be worth the drive and hotels. If I find out anything I'll post it here.
  13. Well my course is closing in two weeks but I would like to still get in a round or two a month this winter, does anyone know of any course that keeps the greens open all year in Montana or North Dakota? For that matter, how far south of the Canadian border (alberta / saskatchewan) would I have to go to find an open course with greens (not temporaries, I can do that at home)? Rumour has it that Havre and Billings has a course that stays open but these seem a little northern for that to happen. Any leads are appreciated.
  14. Thanks srjorion and ks8829 for taking the time to respond. My problems are resolved. I was chatting with a friend at work and he had the same problem after switching from standard to custom fit clubs. Basically, he demonstrated what my swing looked like with a standard club and what it needs to look like with a 1.5 club. He told me to move closer to the ball and take a more straight up and down swing (rather than swinging around), and pull my arms up closer to my body. He said it would take awhile to get used to. I hit the driving range after work and tried this and was hitting off the
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