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  1. Right Hand 34" Great Condition - very small paint chip/neck on toe of putter. You can BARELY see it at address. (pictured below) Id rate it 8/10. Stock TM Putter grip. Comes with headcover $65 shipped or best offer.
  2. Never Compromise Milled Series 4 #9 putter. Right Hand Good Condition Needs new grip Comes with Headcover 34" Above says it all. Pics can be emailed immediately. $45 shipped OBO.
  3. Will trade everything except for wedges for golf balls.
  4. All Right Hand. All prices are including shipping. All prices are OR BEST OFFER. I can send pics of every club to any cell phone or email, just PM me if you want pics. Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy 3 wood. 15* - great condition. One small group of ball scratches at topline. Nothing major. Headcover included. $50 shipped. Adams A3 4 hybrid 22* - good condition. No headcover included. $25 shipped . Nike VR Forged 2010 Wedges - great condition - 56* and 60*. Brand new Lamkin grips on them. $80 shipped for the pair. TaylorMade Tour Ghost 880 putter - great condition - small paint nick on toe. Not able to see at address. Headcover included $65 shipped. Never Compromise Series 4 Milled putter - #9 style - good condition - Needs a new grip. Headcover included - $40 shipped. Take the entire group of clubs for $210 shipped and I will throw in a dozen golf balls.
  5. Selling a MINT Ping G15 3 iron. Condition: 9.9/10 (It has seen a max of 5 balls!) Shaft: Regular flex AWT steel shaft Grip: Standard Ping grip Black dot, standard loft and lie! $60 shipped to your door.
  6. Their customer service is top notch and I have not found any place much better. Great products, prices and customer service = great company!
  7. Well guys, its time to purchase a backup set for the beach house. Do not want to spend a boatload, so I am trying to keep it around $300 or so. Deciding on a few different sets: Cobra S2 2010 Nike Slingshot TaylorMade R7 XD TaylorMade R7 TaylorMade Burner 1.0 Wilson Di9 I know it is alot of sets, so I am hoping to get some feedback on them. I am about a 15 handicapper, so I am not good by any stretch of the imagination. Looking for forgiveness and quick high ball flight. Thanks for any feedback!
  8. Like new Nike VR 2 hybrid, stiff flex, Adila voodoo graphite shaft! Been hit a max of 30 times. Gets the ball in the air very quickly. $65 shipped to your door.
  9. Selling a slightly used Golf practice net. I do not get to use it enough, so I want it to be in someone's hands that can really get good use out of it. Easy set up ready for hitting practice in minutes. * Shock-corded fiberglass poles, protective sides to stop wide shots, and backstop safety feature. * Golf net storage bag and ground stakes included. * Durable long life nylon mesh net with backdrop target. * Free standing and easy to set up. * It's your take anywhere golf driving range in a bag, it's light weight and small in size when closed. * Don't wait to go to the driving range to practice with your golf clubs. * Great for outdoor use. Can be staked into the ground on windy days. * The instant golf ball hitting net's massive size and backstop safety feature mean no more "past balls." * The Golf Practice Cage folds for easy storage into a portable duffel bag included at no extra charge! * Save time and money avoiding golf ranges * Dimensions 10' W x 7' H x 5' D $70.00 OBO -> SHIPPED WITHIN THE US!
  10. My personal set up: 10* driver 2-4 hybrid 5-9 49* (PW) 52* (GW) 58* (LW) 62* (HLW)
  11. Slightly used Ping G10 9* driver. TFC 129 Regular Graphite Shaft Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip - really good condition. OEM Headcover Condition: 8/10 - no major scratches, no dings or chips $100 shipped in the US
  12. I just have a pocket on my bag full of balls. I tend to put two in my pocket at a time.
  13. Just bought some G10's. I was in between the 10's and 15's. Hit both of them right much and didnt notice enough difference to pay the extra cash. The forgiveness is unlike anything I have hit before. I absolutely love them. Anyway you go with Ping, you will not be disappointed.
  14. I use one and absolutely love it. I am a big throw it in the trunk type of guy. I keep extra balls, shoes, hats, towels, brushes, etc... etc... in my trunk locker. I have a Colts one and it has really kept my trunk alot cleaner.
  15. I may be in the minority... However, I would be freaking ecstatic and I would be screaming regardless of a mulligan or not. That is an impressive feat no matter if you used a mulligan or did it on your first shot. Hats off to you kid, that is awesome... and thats a shot that many of us will never hit in our life time. Who cares if you wrote 1 or 3 on your scorecard, that was an awesome shot that you may never hit again. Job well done. You werent playing for money, in a tournament or working on getting an official handicap, so mulligans make the game alot more fun for you and your family/friends. Way to go bud.
  16. Played Saturday and Sunday. Shot 79 Saturday and that was quite possibly the best I have ever hit the ball. Felt like I couldnt hit it bad if I tried to. Shot 83 Sunday and it wasnt a pretty 83. It was one that felt like it was a 95. Thank goodness for a decent short game.
  17. Shorts for sure... there is nothing like putting on a nice pair of golf shorts and a polo in the summer time. I for some reason feel like pants restrict me. Not a clue why, I just feel "free" in shorts.
  18. Thanks Justin!! Funny you say that... I just purchased a couple new Ping G10 hats and a Ping shirt. And a few rounds are always thrown in there.
  19. I want to throw a curveball in this. I would stick with my beloved G10's... and I would pay for a nice pack of like 20 course playing lessons and perfect what I have right now. I could certainly get custom Scratch iron's... but guess what, those dont help me from hitting it fat, slicing or hooking the ball.
  20. Sand... Sand... Sand... oh and did I mention sand??? I would say driver... but the best golfer in the world cant hit his driver, what makes me think I can pure it??
  21. Lamkin Permawrap Classic cover all of my irons!! LOVE THEM!!!!!
  22. Ping Anser 4 for time being. Going to pick up the new Taylormade Maranello Ghost tonight!!!
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